The thought that gave me the arrogance to work-out during a crop top

work out crop top

The thought that gave me the arrogance to work-out during a crop top. This week I visited the launch of Firm ABS’s new collection which may be in collaboration with Liberty London Fabrics. It had been probably one of the simplest events I’ve been to! We did a Barre Body class within the Sydney CBD and my goodness, it had been a challenge! it had been such a blessing to be invited to the present event and be sent some gorgeous gear from the FIRM ABS gym wear new collection. However, it frustrated me that as I used to be opening the gift from the Firm ABS I used to be thinking ‘man I hope that they need to include a single, not just a crop’. I used to be scared of people seeing my Mum-tum or being captured during a photo next to women with flat tummies or washboard abs. I didn’t want to be the ‘chubby’ fitness blogger. Silly, right! I used to be so thankful once I saw the singlet, but I surprised myself at the event when mid-way through the category I assumed ‘stuff it, the shirt’s coming off. Here’s what lead me to possess the arrogance to work-out during a crop top.


Firstly, I used to be so thankful to reach an area filled with smiling welcoming faces. The stunning girls that hosted and attended the event really made me feel the right reception. it had been so beautiful to be connected with like-minded, relaxed, and down-to-earth women who share an equivalent outlook.


Boy did I work out an unexpected sweat! What a workout! It’s like Pilates on steroids and I’ll absolutely be back for more of an injury! Below are a number of the photos of our workout to offer you a thought of what we got up to.


I sweat such a lot that I found myself thinking – ‘man I wish I had an honest enough bod to require my singlet off.’ I didn’t have the arrogance to figure call at a crop top. This frustrated me that I even was thinking like this! What an unhelpful, untrue thought. As I used to be contemplating this, I looked down on my matt which had the slogan ‘I MOVE ME’. That’s once I thought – you recognize what, that’s exactly right! I move ME. I move MY body! My AWESOME body that keeps me alive, allows me to like those around me and luxuriate in movement! I’m not here to be comparing myself, fearful that I’m not ok. I’m here to maneuver and fully enjoy the strengthening benefits of exercise – mentally and physically.

I figured if I actually wanted to push the fear and negative body image out the door, then I needed to only roll in the hay. So, off came the shirt and you recognize what, I had an excellent time. I used to be cooler and that I check out the photos from the day and think you recognize what, I don’t look that bad!

If you would like to be ‘that girl’ that wears a in work-out a crop top, all you would like to try to do is take your shirt off. There’s no requirement for abs, just an honest dose of self-love and acceptance. I promise you’ll enjoy it quite worrying you’re not ok – I did!

Now I’m not saying that I’ll be walking through the gym in crop tops all the time now. However, if there’s a cute crop and that I want to wear it – I won’t be letting comparison and fear hold me back. I MOVE ME. I would like to be ME and proud of my body. Not twiddling my thumbs on wearing something because I would like it to be like someone else’s. My body, like yours, is wonderfully and fearfully made, and that we need to consider it like that at the beginning of the category.


From the studio to the road we went and therefore the gear certainly had us feeling 1,000,000 bucks, Perfect for looking stylish at a restaurant too.

The food was amazing, the people were amazing and therefore the gear was amazing. My mind felt empowered and that I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all day! I hope this post has inspired you to maneuver your body and love the skin you’re in – you’re AMAZING, loved, and delightful even as you’re.


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