The rise of online movies/shows in the past few decades

rise of online movies

The OTT platforms which are also known as the Over the Top platform are growing in the country and so is rise of online movies. It refers to any sort of platform where a  person can access various movies and television content. With the help of the Intern,e,t there has been rapid growth in the OTT platform all around the world, especially in India.

There has been a rise of online movies and streaming platforms in the past few decades. The new shows and movies are streamed on these online platforms so that people around the world can watch shows and movies, whenever they want to. This has been helpful for people who otherwise thought their life has become boring and mundane. Now they can watch entertainment at their convenience and enjoy the show with their families. This is why there has been a massive rise in the platforms. 

OTT platforms especially in our country- India have been growing fastly in terms of customers because of several factors. Digital growth has been on the rise in recent decades. There have been many opportunities online that people in India have benefitted from. They play a big role in engaging the use of these platforms so that people can stream diverse types of content from all over the world or worldwide. The platforms are mainly youth-oriented. The young population has led to the growth in the viewership of OTT platforms as well. 

There has been growth in other types of online platforms as well. For instance, education has also become online. Notes are easily available on such platforms. The online teaching sites in India play a major role in promoting the education of the students. Teachers and students can promote the classes and help a student by giving proper feedback to them. 

Here are some of the reasons why online platforms and rise of online movies can be seen in the past decades. 

Different taste 

It is seen that different types of people have different choices. They also have different types of opinions. For instance, if there is a person who has five members in his/her family then they’ll all have different choices regarding the online platforms. If the person lives with his parents and grandparents then more varied taste is seen. The person would like to watch his favorite television shows. That person’s father wants to watch the news while their grandparents wanted some nice shows. If the family has a television, it is then next to impossible to be able to meet up with their needs. One of the best options is to use any online streaming platform, which they can see anything on the gadget.

Convenience for others

The best thing about the online streaming platforms is that it is not like the normal TV set at all. It allows a person to watch it anytime and anywhere. We can watch the content anytime. We can also watch our favorite shows at any time as well. The reasons are that the shows are already on the web which a person can watch anytime and anywhere. People can watch the show anytime. The only need is a mobile phone and an internet facility. There are also shows that can be downloaded at any point in time. A person who has any sort of mobile phone can access the platform at any point in time. One just needs to create an account on the favorite platform. This way they can use it any time. 

It is also seen that certain TV shows, as well as films, are showcased on online platforms before they are put in the general idiot box. It is henceforth, that the first show lovers of films or any web series can watch their show at any time before it is shown on tv. This is therefore the right way to give new love to their passion.


After the pandemic or COVID-19 arrived, the cinema hall was the first one to be used.  Since they were closed due to lockdown the shooting of the films outside was closed. Many serials were closed too. One of the main reasons out of others is to provide new content and web series to the customers.


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