The Most Efficent Way To Add Space To Your Vehicle: A Rooftop Cargo Box

Space is often at a premium when you are on the road, especially if you’re pulling a track car and all the gear needed to keep it tuned up through the day’s events and surprise obstacles. Not only do you need to handle all your personal gear for the trip, you also need space for your tools and extra parts. That’s when a rooftop cargo box is likely to be your best solution.

Easy Fitment on Most Vehicles

There are a lot of choices when it comes to cargo boxes, and that means most vehicles will be compatible with the right combination of brand and size. If you already have cross bars or a cargo rack on your roof, adding a box is simple because many of them mount to those existing features. Even if you don’t, there are options made for you that use high-performance straps to secure the cargo. That makes them easy to remove when you get set up at a campsite, so you can have easier access to everything you need, whether it’s your camping gear or the tools to tweak your carburetor.

Types of Rooftop Cargo Box

Rooftop boxes come in sizes between five and twenty-five cubic feet, but most options that are designed to be universal come in at the 15 to 20 cubic foot size. This allows them to make full use of the rooftop space on most small cars. When shopping, you need to decide what kind of box and fitment you are looking for.

Hard-Sided Boxes

Cargo boxes made of heavy-duty plastic are very popular for their endurance and ease of use, since most have an easily removable top that grants you full access to the contents and a lock system to secure items when you are not with your vehicle. The downside to this choice is that most of your options require either existing rails or a cargo rack for installation. If your vehicle has no side rails, cross bars, or rooftop rack and you want a hard-sided box, you might have to retrofit things with an add-on. You can find third-party rooftop racks and bars from the same people you trusted for your Holley Sniper EFI kit.

Cargo Bags and Waterproof Soft Boxes

Most of the designs that are built to work without the need for rooftop hardware are soft-sided bags and boxes that are made with a durable waterproof material similar to what you find used for high-quality wilderness backpack rigs, large event tents, and soft-sided suitcases. It is thick and often padded, and you can usually find options that are lockable for a little extra security. Soft-sided options are the ones that lean into cargo straps the most, allowing them to be secured on any vehicle.

Additional Upgrades for Long Trips

In addition to a cargo box, you’ll find there are a lot of creature comforts and extras that make travel easier. From mini-fridges that run on a vehicle’s battery system to organizational accessories that make it easier to find what you need when you open your cargo box, you can make roughing it a lot smoother. Check out your options today.

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