The main problems of old people and how to solve them

There is currently an increase in the proportion of old people in the total population of countries as life expectancy has increased. In this regard, society is concerned about the problems of seniors. Much attention is paid to their social status, social position, role, and place in the family. Issues of medical and social rehabilitation, social services, provision, and guardianship of the seniors are being resolved. If you are concerned about the problems of your old loved one and are thinking about quality senior care in Nassau.

5 main problems of old people

There are five main problems of old people in modern society:

The problem of losing the meaning of life

An old person draws conclusions about the meaning of life based on how he relates:

  • to life in its course in time;
  • to himself as a member of society.

When old people say that they do not see the point in life, they give arguments based on certain conclusions or their sequence. Below are the reasons why old people may be dissatisfied with their situation.

  1. Attitude towards the present.

The patient may believe that no significant/interesting events are happening in his life, or he does not take part in some important matters, although he is quite capable of doing this. It may seem to him that everything that happens in his life is insignificant.

  1. Attitude towards the past.

Your loved one can think: “All the most important things are gone, and the present and the future are meaningless.” Or a person analyzes the path traveled and finds it meaningless: “For what purpose did I do this? What does it matter now? What was the use of it at that time and today?”

  1. Attitude towards the future.

An old person can think: 

  • “There is nothing ahead because I will be gone”.
  • “I can’t know for sure what the world will be like in the future, and I won’t be able to see it. My activities may not make sense because they will not benefit future generations. In many years, no one will need it.”

The problem of feeling unwanted by loved ones

A person is surrounded by other people throughout his life. Among them, one can always single out those who are especially close. Emotional relationships with such people are of great importance. As a rule, relatives are the closest. But not only. The inner circle may include friends, neighbors, colleagues, students, etc.

Through communication with loved ones, a person is convinced that he is a person. Relationships with different people are built in their way: they open up to someone, on the one hand, showing certain qualities, to someone on the other.

Thus, if a person has enough communication with other people, he receives enough emotions, then in these relationships, he asserts himself and grows as a person.


With age, the body as a biological system weakens, and it is not always possible to completely defeat the disease that first struck or aggravated again, as resources become less and less. Old people often develop complications. More time is needed to heal and restore strength sufficient for independent living than before. The picture of the disease becomes more complicated. The total deterioration of health is a serious modern problem for seniors.

Inability to maintain a normal lifestyle

Old people’s health problems and loss of strength are not the only reasons why they cannot lead a normal life in old age.

The inability to move without outside help, limited mobility, and fatigue (physical and mental) are often supplemented by such a problem as the lack of demand for old people. Relatives may reject them.

As a rule, the prerequisites for the occurrence of this problem in the seniors and disabled are as follows:

  1. Internal: for example, a person can become seriously ill. When the disease turns from an acute form into a chronic one, the way of life has to be changed. Often it is necessary to reduce physical activity and social activity.
  2. External: for example, a person retired, lost his job (he quit or got laid off), and cannot find a similar one.

The problem of dependency

Another problem of old people is their dependence on others. The older a person is, the more dependent he is on others.

It is very difficult to come to terms with your helplessness for those who led an active lifestyle, always did everything themselves, and were ready to help. Such people in old age do not recognize themselves as a person, because they believe that they cannot fully express themselves (conduct independent activities, fully interact with others). Often they are aggressive towards themselves, consider their body a “traitor” and reproach it for this. It seems to them that life has lost its meaning and is now useless. Old people are especially worried when they realize that they cannot live the way they used to.

Asking for help from both relatives and social workers is not easy for them. Old people believe that by asking for help, they will confirm their inability to take care of themselves. They are waiting for attention from those “who are obliged to do this,” because they, too, “did their duty all their lives.”

How to solve the problem of loneliness in the seniors

The effect of loneliness on the human brain is similar to the effect of chronic stress. Loneliness also has a bad effect on the endocrine and immune systems and can cause the development of various diseases.

Many people in a state of sadness, anger, and disappointment want to be alone with themselves. Restoration of peace of mind also usually takes place in solitude.

But when emotions are experienced, the need to communicate again arises. People want family and friends to support them. To combat loneliness and health problems, there are mutual help and support groups, and services that help find friends. Excellent therapy – sincere conversations, live communication. 



It is very important for an old person to keep in touch with their family and friends, as well as to feel the importance in someone’s life. If you do not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with an old person, we recommend that you contact Galaxy Home Care. The company will help you find a companion for your relative who will become his friend and will hold interesting conversations and accompany him on walks.


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