The Best TV Shows To Follow In 2019

It is almost the mid of 2019 and there are various TV shows that are turning out to be a hit. To help you keep a close eye on the ongoing trends we have compiled a list of some shows for you. These shows do not require you to make special arrangements or buy subscriptions from your cable TV operator as you can watch them for free. .

You can stream many of these shows using Spectrum internet service as it is fast and reliable. For details on pricing and other packages, you can visit With that being said, here is a list of the TV shows that we highly recommend for you to watch: .

The Code

Cast: Anna Wood, AtoEssandoh, Phillipa Soo, Raffi Barsoumian, Luke Mitchell, Dana Delany, Justine Cotsonas, Derek Klena, Wayne Duvall, Brian O’Neill, Cotter Smith and others. .

Genre: Drama

This series gets viewers a little insight into the life and career of the brightest minds working in the American Armed Forces. These individuals tackle the toughest legal situations that take place within the U.S Marine Corps. Working as prosecutors, defense lawyers and investigators, the idea is to serve the country with integrity and selflessness. The active duty marines and attorneys have sworn to serve their country so that military justice prevails on both, home and foreign soil. .

IMDb Ratings: 5.3 / 10

The InBetween

Cast: Harriet Dyer, Paul Blackthorne, Justin Cornwell, Andres Joseph, Chad James Buchanan, Sean Bolger, Ian Hawes, Sarah Abbott, Anne-Marie Johnson, Grace Lynn Kung, Cindy Luna, Michael B. Silver, Adam Stafford and others.

Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi

Cassie Bishop was born with a gift, which according to her is a curse. She has the ability to see and communicate with dead people. Using this gift, she helps the dead figure out their problems, which were left unresolved when they died. Whether she likes it or not, this is her destiny. Cassie uses her abilities to help her father, a detective and his partner, Damien Asante, a former FBI Agent. The three team up to solve the dark and puzzling murder and come across some seriously challenging mysteries and cases. .

IMDb Ratings: N/A

The Red Line

Cast: Noah Wyle, Howard Charles, Elizabeth Laidlaw, Noel Fisher, Aliyah Royale, Michael Patrick Thornton, Vinny Chhibber, Emayatzy Corineald and others.

Genre: Crime, Drama

The Red Line is an eight-episode original series that follows the stories of three different families living in Chicago. The storyline describes how the three families heal from the series of tragic events that take place simultaneously. The first story involves the accidental death of an African American doctor who is killed by a white cop due to a misunderstanding. In the second story, Tia Young tries to stay clear of the news involving the unfortunate incident. Her life gets torn between her political ambitions and the risks she takes to comfort her daughter whom she has given up for adoption. The third story revolves around Officer Paul Evans who has to face the consequences of his actions and undergo legal complications as well as public hardships. All these individuals discover that it is not possible to ignore the genuine issues caused by racial discrimination. They discover an idea that states each of them should explore how their backgrounds and internal biases affect the way they act. .

IMDb Ratings: N/A

In The Dark

Cast: Perry Mattfeld, Keston John, Morgan Krantz, Casey Deidrick, Kathleen York, Lindsey Broad, Sammy Azero, Leslie Silva, Brooke Markham and others. .

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Murphy, a blind and drunkard woman, has little or no respect for people around her drifts.. She has two friends, Jess and Tyson. The latter is a teenage drug dealer who saves her from an act of violent mugging. One day she goes out for a walk with Pretzel, her guide dog, when she stumbles upon a dead body, which she discovers is Tyson. The body disappears before the police arrive on the scene. Nobody seems to investigate the matter. This leaves Murphy with a mission to find out what happened to her friend and solve the mystery behind the murder. .

IMDb Ratings: 6.7 / 10


Cast: Natalie Morales, Neil Flynn, Jessica Chaffin, Nelson Franklin, Leonard Ouzts, Kimia Behpoornia, Tracie Thoms, Will Greenberg, Patrick Gorman, Warren Burke, CyrinaFiallo.

Genre: Comedy

The series is about Abby, an ex-Marine Sergeant who turns her backyard into an unlicensed bar with her own set of rules. She has regular visitors who adhere to these rules. This makes the bar an ideal place that offers cheap drinks and a lot to laugh about. The thing that makes this place special is Abby herself and her rules that include no use of cellphones and losing a challenge means that one has to drink a Limey. .

IMDb Ratings: 4.7 / 10

The Village

Cast: Moran Atias, Ethan Maher, Ben Ahlers, Dominic Chianese, Nadine Nicole, Warren Christie, Frankie Faison, Daren Kagasoff, Jerod Haynes, Lorraine Toussaint, Michaela McManus, PejVahdat, Grace Van Dien, Aimee Carrero.

Genre: Drama

When it comes to race, age and culture, everybody is a different person. The people living in a Manhattan apartment building find out something about their lives. They discover that their lives become complex and compelling along with their connections amidst each other. This proves that you can face the daily challenges of life when you share them with your family and close associates. The story portrays the life of different individuals including a pregnant teenage girl and her single mom, a war vet, an officer with a strange love interest, a woman who is having a secret life and a lawyer. .

IMDb Ratings: 7.3 / 10

People all over America are admiring the aforementioned TV shows. Not only do they have an interesting storyline but a fascinating cast as well. Many other shows are going to be released soon. Watch out for these shows and stay tuned for further reviews. .

Author Bio: Nathan John works as a content editor at Local Cable Deals. He has seven years of experience in content writing and marketing. He writes about movies, TV shows and celebrities.

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