The best board games


Gaming is an indispensable part of human life. Some people prefer team games like soccer and volleyball, others like virtual entertainment. Some people can hardly imagine life without online casinos such as Microgaming casinos Australia. Others give preference to board games.

An important advantage of board games is that the game process is equally interesting and exciting for both children and the very old. Most board games seem to be simple. Nevertheless, it is necessary to carefully consider the next step and assess the risk. Each party of the board game contains attempts at distraction, bluffing, and attempts to help or disrupt other players.

Although hundreds of new board games with colorful designs and innovative themes are produced every year, the “classic” board games are still the most popular. We have compiled a rating of the most popular classic board games in the world for you.


This game is popular all over the world among young children as well as solid entrepreneurs. First, each participant gets tokens with letters. Everyone tries to put together a word from existing letters. To win, you have to use the most letters and put together the longest word. Then the points on the used letters are counted.


The game “Twister” is mostly played on the floor. Nevertheless, this game is one of the best board games. “Twister” does not require players to work mentally, but physically. While playing, you test your endurance, body flexibility and agility. Both young and old can participate in the game Twister. “Twister” is very popular in the societies of different countries.

On a solid surface one spreads out the playing field on which the circles of different colors are painted. The presenter spins a special roulette and tells the players which limbs each player should put on the circle of which color. As a result, the players are intertwined, which creates a relaxing and fun atmosphere. Anyone who falls leaves the game. The last participant remaining in the game wins. There are some people who find Twister too “vulgar” because of the physical proximity. Nevertheless, this game is enormously popular.

The mini version of the game, Finger Twister, is less common.


In poker, it is said, you don’t play your cards, you play your opponents. Observing the other players is a very important factor in poker games. Besides, there are probabilities that should guide your actions and, of course, it also takes a good portion of luck to win. In our free online poker games you can practice all these disciplines and become a real card ace. 


This game has been popular for several decades. There are many Monopoly versions such as “Businessman”, “Manager”, “Classic Monopoly”, etc.

Players get play money to move tokens through the board and buy businesses and real estate. The main goal is to collect as much money as possible, overcome competitors and become a monopolist on the board.


The board game “Mafia” is exciting entertainment for large companies. Success depends on your ability to come up with an alibi or uncover the mafia.

In Mafia there is a moderator who distributes roles to the participants. In the game you distinguish main characters – mafia and ordinary citizens. The additional characters such as detective or soul saver can be used according to the players’ wishes.

The identity of each participant is secret. The goal of the mafiosi is to kill all other characters without being exposed. The goal of the other characters is to expose the mafia. Each player declares his suspicions and a vote is taken. Mafia can be played almost anywhere, because the game process depends only on the players and their skills.


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