The Art of Minimalism: Modern End Tables for Streamlined Living Spaces

Having items that link with one another, whether via pattern, color, or even the historical period and style that characterize them, is essential for creating a space with a coherent, well-designed vibe. However, having furniture that connects is different from purchasing furniture that matches.

End tables are one of those small details that can be found in any magazine-worthy living room. Looking attentively, you will find an end table supporting a light or a lovely dish. Coaster sets can be found in real homes, demonstrating the genuine use of an end table.

Below, we’ll share some tips for choosing modern end tables for your living space.

Mix and Match: Discover the Perfect Fit


A brass and marble coffee table can complement wood or painted end tables. A gorgeous rosewood coffee table looks magnificent when coupled with brass end tables. The materials might be entirely different as long as the styles complement each other.


Ensure that the height and depth of the end tables placed on both sides of the couch closely resemble the height and depth of the sofa’s arms, if possible. The same is true for side chairs. It not only looks nicer, but it also makes reaching for goods on the table simpler when sitting on the furniture. If you can’t locate something that fits perfectly, go smaller rather than larger.

If they’re going to be used as bedside tables, they should be roughly the same height as the mattress. Again, a little lower is preferable to a little higher if it isn’t possible. In terms of depth, 24 inches is about as deep as you want. Anything more profound might make getting in and out of bed more difficult. Equally essential, ensure any table you want to utilize by your bedside has enough room for the items you’ll keep nearby while sleeping, such as a book, alarm clock, or table light.


Regarding shape, consider the table place and what would function in that specific spot. For example, you’ll probably want something square if it needs to get to a specific location. If this isn’t an issue for you, you have other alternatives.

In your space, experiment with different table shapes. Square or rectangular end tables offer a lovely contrast to an oval coffee table. Similarly, if you have a square coffee table, some demi-lune or round-end tables might be an excellent complement. If you decide to choose the same form for all the end or side tables in a room, attempt to add interest by obtaining them in various materials.


People are sometimes scared to blend styles, although it generates visual intrigue in a room. A conventional Lawson or Birch-arm couch may look fantastic when coupled with contemporary end tables. Alternatively, why not combine a modern or mid-century side chair with a conventional side table?

Keep in mind that the end tables don’t need to be identical in appearance. It’s completely okay to have separate end tables on either side of a couch or bed as long as the sizes and designs complement each other.

The Best Modern End Tables

Here you can see examples of some of the best-looking, both elegant and contemporary, end tables for your space.

Bijoux End Table

The Ozzio Italia Bijoux end table is a charming accent item for a modern living space. The table has a geometric and eye-catching tripod base that contrasts with the spherical top. Contrasting finishes on the top and base complement each other and make combining with other items in a room simple. These end tables create a distinctive statement in many sizes and finishes, whether alone or in gorgeous groups.

Discovery End Table

The Naos Discovery end table is a striking addition to any modern house. Its broad, prominent legs make it a striking addition to the side of a couch, sectional, or chair. The metal frame of the legs expands upwards and surrounds the contrasting ceramic finish of the circle accent on its large circular top, which virtually begs to be decorated.

Levels End Table

Tonin Casa’s Levels end table is a modern, practical sculpture that serves various functions in a modern home. A tubular U-shaped base stands on a rounded square foundation. It expands to hold two tabletops at varying heights, thus the term “levels”, mimicking contemporary artistic motifs for overflowing flair. Both tabletops provide plenty of usable areas near a bed or seating solution; keep critical personal items handy and adorn with decoration or illuminate with a lamp to improve the aesthetics of a place.

Pisa End Table

The Pisa end table by Bonaldo combines the antique with the contemporary. Like its namesake, the base of this slant table provides a distinctive and eye-catching design element. A spherical top sits above it, attractively contrasting in shape and direction. To establish silhouette symmetry, it juts out opposite to the base. Place this table at the end of a couch or armchair to adorn with ornaments, illuminate with a lamp, or place snacks for convenience.

Ryazka End Table

The Ryazaka end table’s natural appearance and utilitarian characteristics make it a useful complement to a modern room. A clover-shaped top is effortlessly stylish, adding a fun touch for a breath of fresh air. Each clover leaf, whether in a cluster or on its own, can provide a refuge for décor, reading materials, and refreshments. It makes a beautiful statement when hung on the edge of a couch or armchair.


As you can see, there are no hard and fast guidelines for selecting end tables. The most critical step is to choose tables that are the appropriate size for your room. After that, your options become more wide. Just keep in mind that all the items in the space should be connected somehow.

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