Look Out for Your Loved Ones: 5 Telltale Signs of Drug Addiction


In a 2017 survey, 30.5 million people used an illicit drug. That translates to 11.2% of Americans aged 12 years and older are illicit drug users. In the same report, researchers noted that 1 in 4 young adults aged 18 to 25 years was a drug user.

Some of the illicit drugs include hallucinogens, inhalants, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Others include prescription pain relievers and heroin. Since 1999, there has been a 300% increase in painkiller sales. In the same report, 3 out of 4 prescription overdose cases are as a result of painkillers.

Drug addiction

Over half of the people who abused prescription pain killers got them from a relative or friend. Others were prescribed the medication but ended up abusing it. The question is, how do you know that your loved one is abusing drugs? Are there signs of drug addiction a loved can exhibit to show he or she is abusing drugs.

Yes, there are. In this article, we discuss 5 telltale signs of drug addiction.

1. Rapid Weight Loss and Changes in Personal Hygiene

Have you noticed any physical signs of drug use like rapid weight loss? Is he or she using a lot of body spray to conceal the smell of drugs? Is he neglecting his personal hygiene? If you note any of the signs above, then your loved one is abusing drugs.

In the case of weight loss, those with addiction issues choose to abuse drugs rather than eat healthy. Why? This is because the user is focused on the next fix to care about his or her hygiene or health.

2. Financial and Legal Problems

Drug abuse is expensive and that is why those who are addicted have financial and legal problems. For instance, you will find that they have maxed out all their credit cards. Other signs include borrowing from family members, relatives, friends, and even a shylock.

When it comes to the law, they have had run-ins with the police and landed in jail a couple of times.

3. Neglect of Responsibilities

Has your loved one neglected his or her responsibilities? For instance, is he blowing off job interviews and appointments without any notices? Is he failing to show up in college or work? Has he preferred to lazy around the house without any meaningful plans?

If he or she has an excuse for behaving this way or acts defensively, those are signs of drug use. The reason for acting defensively is that he feels guilty about his drug problem. To help your loved one, take them to the nearest drug rehabilitation center.

4. Unusual Mood and Behavior Changes

One of the earliest signs of drug addiction is unusual behavior changes. For instance, if your loved one is isolating himself, that is a tell-tale sign of substance abuse.

Other changes include a lack of communication and loss of appetite. Also, he may be stealing money from the rest of the family. If he becomes irrational, violent, or verbally abusive, those are signs of drug abuse.

5. Relationship Problems

Substance abuse can cause relationship conflicts between couples and family members. If you are having frequent fights with a loved one, the culprit could be substance abuse. A lot of drug users break up their relationships. Why? Because they are addicted, depressed and having legal and financial problems.

Signs of Drug Addiction? Get the Best Help for Your Loved One

Wondering if there are more signs of drug addiction? Other signs of drug use include sleeping problems, hyperactivity, impaired coordination, and tremors. If you find these signs of symptoms of drug use, help your loved one.

Often times those who are addicted will never admit their substance abuse. By seeking professional help, you are pushing your loved one in the right direction.

Looking for more tips on drug addiction and treatment programs? Check out our blog.


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