Substitute For Heavy Cream: A Solution For Your Cravings

Substitute for heavy cream solution

If you find yourself out of heavy cream and looking for a substitute for heavy cream then below are the recipes on substitute for heavy cream to make you eat your most loved snacks without being conscious about its post consumption impacts.Substitute For Heavy Cream

Therefore to eradicate such issues we have framed this article we will be letting you know about Substitute for heavy cream to make you munch your favorite snacks without being conscious about its post intake effects.

NOTE: the substitutes do not guarantee you the taste you get after adding the heavy creams. Therefore it is advisable to first check its flavor, by preparing dishes in small quantities and choose the best substitute according to the dish’s requirements.

Substitute For Heavy Cream:

Substitute for heavy cream solution

1> Homemade substitutes are easily available for those dishes which doesn’t need whipped cream.

2> For such dishes you need to mix along with 3/4th cup of full cream milk and 1/3rd cup of butter (unsalted).

3> In case you cannot have full cream milk and would rather opt for low fat milk, you can add flour so as to make the mixture thick.

4> Skim milk works as an excellent substitute for heavy creams. Since it is not thick therefore, addition of either corn flour or flour can make your paste thick.

5> Evaporated milk with a pinch of vanilla extracts works the best in case of substitutes for heavy creams. All you need to do is to take some chilled evaporated milk and add a little bit of vanilla extracts to it.

Substitute for Heavy Cream for Ice-cream:

Substitute for heavy cream for ice-cream

1> Flavorless gelatin can help you make an ice cream that would be much healthier than the other ice creams available in the market. The benefit of using gelatin over premium creams is that it would had a silky texture without bombarding the ice cream with calories and fat.

2> Condensed milk is yet another excellent remedy to curb your cream cravings. The benefit of using condensed milk is that it adds a different flavor to your ice creams. No matter how much essence and sugars you add to it, condensed milk brings out the best flavor without making it unhealthy and heavy.

3> Butter milk is no doubt a healthy drink, however, it can also do miracles with the taste and consistence of your ice creams. Butter milk surely adds the tangy element to your ice cream which would make it taste even better than the premium ice creams.

Substitute For Heavy Cream for Frosting:

Substitute for heavy cream for frosting

1> Frosting really does makes a huge difference in whatever dish you make. Therefore it is mandatory to opt for the right mode of Substitute for heavy cream that would not spoil your dish.

2> To get the best alternative for your frosting purposes you need to take 3/4th cup of milk, along with 1/3rd cup of margarine or melted butter.

3> Heat the butter and start, mixing milk to it. Make sure that both the ingredients mix well without leaving back any lumps. Once the mixture blends well keep it to chill in the refrigerator, after that you can run it briskly in a mixer, and voila! Your home made and healthy frosting is ready!

Substitute for Heavy Cream to Make Ganache:

Substitute for heavy cream to make ganache

1> For chocolate lovers, ganache has always been a fascinating delicacy, which incubates a never-ending urge to have it. However with high contents of fat in it is not advisable to consume loads of it. Therefore the best solution to avoid unwanted health miseries is to make a ganache healthier yet tasteful.

2> Amongst all the alternatives available butter ganache is regarded as the most friendly and compatible ganache. Another advantage of making a butter ganache is that it is super-easy to make. For this you need to make browned butter (tutorials are available on YouTube). Take equal amounts of browned butter and chocolate and mix them well. Let it set well, and your butter ganache will be ready in no time!

3> Chocolate and coffee make a lovely couple, don’t you think? So here a combination of both these ingredients will give you the most magical taste of ganache you ever had. All you have to do it to manage the amount of coffee. Either you can use water to mix it, or of you want to make the ganache creamier you can add milk to it. Mix the resultant paste with chocolate and let it set.


Therefore these were the best alternatives you can use for Substitute for heavy cream. We hope you try your hands in making the perfect Substitute for heavy cream, and hope it works well for you.


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