Signs a Russian Girl Likes You

You may be looking up Russian women for marriage because they are widely acknowledged as being impressively beautiful and make able and faithful wives. However, if you never met Slavic women before, the cultural differences might puzzle you.

Signs a Russian Girl Likes You

Have you ever left after a date with a beautiful Russian woman asking yourself: does she like me? Women might have an inherent talent for keeping their secrets well, but there is some evidence to reveal their true feelings. In this article, we are going to describe the seven definite signs that show a girl likes you.

1. Laughing at your jokes

It is a well-known fact that perfect partners must have a similar sense of humor. The girl may laugh at your jokes just to express her affection. You may not be a good comic, but try to be natural – many women appreciate sincerity.

2. Trying to move closer

If the girl is interested in you, she will make unconscious moves to get closer. She will turn to you during a conversation and won’t close her arms and legs. Actually, your date may even play some tricks to cut the distance between you.

3. Increasing sexual attractiveness

Russian women are aware of their own sexuality and use it often to get the attention of persons they find attractive. So, if she catwalks to your table, “accidentally” touches your hand, or you spot an attractive scent of new perfume, this girl definitely tries to seduce you.

4. Struggling to look as beautiful as possible

Russian girls tend to keep their feelings hidden, but they have another way to express their interest in a man. Fashionable clothes, attractive makeup, and trendy hairstyle are the most obvious signs she likes you.

5. Body language

It is another source of valuable information that may reveal her secrets. So, how you know a girl likes you? She will try to imitate your movements, mirror your gestures, and even match her breath tempo with yours.

6. Willingness to communicate

Russian female will make everything to learn more about the object of her interest. So, if she asks many questions about your life, or invites you out to meet her friends, you can be sure that you have definitely sparked her interest.

7. Eyes sparkle attraction

Our list of 7 signs a girl likes you won’t be complete without mentioning eye contact. When the Russian girl is attracted, her eyes will instantly affirm the truth. A flirty stare or a shy glance may reveal more than a direct conversation.


We hope that you will never again ask “How to know if a girl likes me?” The Russian woman may look mysterious, but it is a part of the game for her heart. Just try to analyze her behavior, the way she looks and how she talks to get a better understanding of her feelings. Remember the seven signs we have shared with you; if you have spotted some of them while communicating with your Russian date, you are definitely a lucky man!



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