Top 4 Scandinavian Countries to Visit in 2019


Are you looking for an authentic travel experience? Why not enjoy the Nordic experience? While planning for a family vacation this year, the Nordic region is among many tourist top choices. This is because one is sure of getting memories that will last a lifetime. The region has several countries that are worth a visit. Below we highlight Scandinavian countries that you should pay a visit.


  1. Denmark

If you are planning to have the Best Scandinavia Tours & Trips 2019, Denmark should be among your top choice. It has 400 islands and a thousand-mile coastline. It has beautiful beaches, especially for water lovers. Denmark coastline is one of the cleanest swimming areas in Europe. This is a large tourist attraction site especially in summer where people enjoy when the sun comes out.

  1. Sweden

The country has beautiful landscapes, cities, and villages. One can visit the town of Sigtuna. It’s an amazing old town that dates back to the Viking era over 1000 years ago. It’s a popular destination for hikers in the summer or takes a walk along the clearest lake in Sweden, lake trolls Jon. Why not go extreme and decide on caving this year?

Lest we forget the country has a sublime index of quality life and happiness, thus making it a fantastic place to visit during holidays. One can enjoy their delicious meatballs, classical music and a wonderful taste in fashion.

  1. Norway

You definitely want to consider this region especially due to its breath-taking landscape and ancient Viking heritage. It’s a land of spectacular fjords. Geiranger fjord is one that you definitely don’t want to miss. It’s popular among tourists as it is part of the national tourist routes. It’s a UNESCO protected area in Norway.

To enjoy the vibrant way of life one can visit Oslo, Bergen, or Stavanger. Here one can enjoy historic and urban tours.

One can enjoy the majestic mountain peaks and waterfall by taking the incredible cruises. In Norway, a tourist gets to enjoy nature, design and architectural designs such as Oslo opera house, open-air statues museum in Vigeland Park and historical Viking ship museum.

  1. Finland

It might be cold due to winter but be sure to enjoy the famous sauna, as it’s an everyday ritual.  It also has beautiful towns and villages that make a tourist enjoy the true spirit of local life. One can make a point of visiting the famous medieval city Turku. Its ancient and one can see the castle and cathedral. You can spend time walking along the Aura River. There are fantastic restaurants, beautiful buildings, and resting boats. One can get to enjoy the various artworks and take sunny afternoon walks to meditate and enjoy the fresh air.


These four countries should be among your choices if you want to have the Best Scandinavia Tours & Trips 2019. Each country is unique. This one is likely to a heavenly experience. Scandinavia region offers a friendly vibe and atmosphere. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this on your next trip.


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