Say goodbye to your lovely car without regrets


If you are thinking about selling your old or broken car, which is dear to you as a memory or as a souvenir, you definitely need to turn to professionals. We work all over America except Alaska. If you have a favorite car that requires urgent repair or sale, you can always turn to professionals who will buy it from you. A very popular car brand in America is Buick. Many people this car falls into the soul, everyone finds something of their own in it. But when it’s already getting old, gets into an accident, or you just want to change it to a new one, you need to do something with the old one. One of the options is always to sell Buick yourself, perhaps to place on some car sites. However, if you do not have much time or it is for example not in your yard, but on a paid site, you have very little time. We can scrap a Buick car, sold or simply taken to a salvage. Our company deals with everything at once.

Junkcarsus has been on the market for more than 10 years, in this area for the purchase of broken and faulty cars. Reviews about our company, and recommendations already confirm our status of reliability and safety, you can see them on our feedback page, where customers left their written thanks with photo reports, when working with us, and in general about our work done, also on an independent review service. We work officially, according to the laws of the country, as we value our reputation, we have our own lawyers, we conduct all transactions with official documents. The staff employs professional appraisers, so we buy cars after an accident, faulty or emergency, with an offer at a price of over 20% than competitors, trade-in, dealers or car dealerships. We have our own tow trucks, so we pick up cars at our own expense, for you free!

Always in touch, ready to advise on all issues of interest, we are available for you, take a call on the phones listed on the site, instant messengers work on these numbers, you can call or write to WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, you can also send a question, information about your car, with photos or videos to email, or fill in all the data immediately on our page Online car assessment,  and we will provide you with a reply within 1 hour. 


  • Buying cars from individuals and legal entities.
  • urgent redemption of broken cars Different models and brands, in any technical condition.
  • Sell a broken carWe carry out urgent transactions that imply payment within one hour.
  • Sell a broken autoAssessment of residual value is carried out by a specialist on the spot. You will not have to worry about further storage and transportation.
  • We offer the most favorable price, taking into account the competent assessment of the damaged transport.
  • Buy up broken autoBerem obligations to draw up documents. The calculation is made immediately after their signing.



Selling a wrecked car in the automotive market is difficult. There are a lot of offers, but the demand is small. Trying to get more, you lose precious time. We work without breaks and weekends, quick redemption.



Turning to intermediaries to carry out the sale, there are no firm guarantees of a collision with fraudsters. With us, the need for third parties does not arise.



It is difficult to adequately carry out this procedure on your own, it is difficult for a simple driver. You will have to turn to specialists, and this implies unforeseen expenses. With the self-sale of your car for such a service, the car owner will have to pay a decent amount of money.


We will take care of the costs of direct assessment of the parking of the car, as well as for the departure of the specialist.



We help customers with the transportation of a faulty machine. Your broken car will not pointlessly occupy space in the garage for a long time.


Buying up broken Buick: stages of the transaction


We carry out the redemption according to the standard algorithm:


  • Make an application on the site in any convenient way. For example, you order a callback or call a toll-free hotline.
  • You can also take a video or photo, and then drop it on our number in instant messengers for a preliminary assessment. Supplement the photos with information about the mileage, engine, year of manufacture. The duration of this assessment is up to 20 minutes.
  • Visit a specialist of our company throughout America to inspect the car. We do not seek to bring down the price by any means, we look only at the condition of the vehicle.
  • If you are satisfied with the price and conditions, we are on the spot. On the day of application, we conclude a deal, draw up all the documents and give the money.


We pay the seller in any way – in cash, transfer to a bank card, current account or e-wallet. We buy cars in any condition. Not infrequently, car owners sell their cars entirely for spare parts. And this does not depend on the state of the car, whether they are broken, burned, or intact. There are many reasons for this. We constantly offer the redemption of such machines on very good terms. After all sorts of accidents and breakdowns, we buy not only cars. We are also interested in light commercial trucks and buses. Our company, of course, is not “Columbus” in this business, but such activities in the market of used cars, nevertheless, are not very popular. Our company has been engaged in the redemption of broken trucks and buses for a long time. You can read our reviews on the website and hear from our customers if you want. People’s reviews are the surest sign to sell your car in our company


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