Top 10 Truly Romantic Valentines Day ideas for her

Does she know how much you love her? Just saying those three magical words isn’t enough. You need to step up your game, need to make her see that you really love her. Most men are very not so good at expressing their love in a proper way. Regardless of how much you love you her, the love is of no use if you can’t express it. Women love to know how much they are loved. So this Valentine’s Day remind her, how much she means to you. Conquer her heart with these unique and truly romantic Valentines Day ideas for her.
These romantic Valentines Day ideas for her will surely help you both of feel more connected and it’ll and bring you a lot closer!

1 Show some spontaneity

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Planned romantic dates are great. But at times, a spontaneous burst of romance can be much more fun. Whether you leave a sexy message on her voicemail or explore a new city together, or pretend to be strangers at the bar or perhaps go for skinny dipping no matter what you choose it’s the spontaneity that counts!

2 Candlelight dinner

valentines day ideas for her

Plan a candlelight dinner at home, or at a fancy restaurant. Candlelight dinners are one of the most Valentines Day ideas for her; they help you express your love towards your beloved spouse. The warm glow of candles make the whole world seem so calm and mellow, the soft lights will make you both feel more in love!

3 Small gifts

valentines day ideas for her

Give her a special gift every so often. No need to be extravagant, even the smallest gift you give, be it a chocolate bar, a single rose flower or even a soft toy or movie tickets, any small gesture you do will show her that she’s always on your mind.

4 Take her somewhere she loves to go

valentines day ideas for her

Take her to her favorite place, anywhere she’ll feel happy. If she loves to shop, then take her to the mall, don’t be selfish we know how much you hate going shopping but if you really love her you can make an exception once in a while. Just do what makes her happy to make her realize that her happiness is your number one priority.

5 Love letters

valentines day ideas for her

Love letters are the best Valentines Day ideas for her and they are by far the most romantic ideas that last for your whole life. Love letters are really unique and meaningful. If you are clueless about how to write one, don’t get anxious just put a pen on paper and let your feelings pour out on that piece of paper. Soon enough, you’ll end up expressing all your feelings about her and how glad you are to have her in your life.

6 Surprise her

valentines day ideas for her

Plan some surprises for her from time to time. You can either plan a surprise birthday party for her or a romantic anniversary celebration. Or you can surprise her unexpectedly by doing something for her; don’t hesitate from doing some of her chores or preparing breakfast in bed for your sweetheart these small surprises will not only win her heart but will also make her see how much you care for her.

7 Cook Dinner for her

valentines day ideas for her

What could be more romantic than a home cooked dinner? This is certainly going to impress her, cook something she really likes. If you don’t know how to cook, or you have no idea what her favorite meals is then pick up that phone and call her bff for some advice.

8 Make some romantic memories

valentines day ideas for her

Go out and create some romantic memories with her. To create such special memories you can enroll for some activities that you guys haven’t done yet. Few examples would be, enrolling for a salsa class or trying ice skating for the first time, horseback riding, skiing — the possibilities are infinite. Every memory you create with her will be another exciting chapter to add in your book of love.

9 Make a Photobook

valentines day ideas for her

Everything that’s amazing in our lives is nothing but a collection of fond memories. What could be better than to keep those memories close to your hearts, by gifting her with a photobook that is filled with pictures of you guys together? Every time she’ll see the book, she’ll remember your romantic Valentines Day ideas for her.

10 Write a poem for her

valentines day ideas for her

Write her a poem, and then use Google Translator to translate it into some foreign language either Italian or French. But don’t print it; rather write it down on a piece of paper with the translation on the back.

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