Richest Company In The World – Apple, Market Value $700 Billion

Apple has become the richest company in the world in 2015. It is first U.S. Company with above $700 billion market value, adding to an already long list of accomplishments for the electronics giant. Apple’s shares rose nearly 2% reaching up to $122.02, pushing its market capitalization to almost under $711 billion.

richest company in the world

The market capitalization i.e. the value placed on the richest company in the world by investors – was measured by multiplying share prices with the number of shares outstanding. Apple’s snatched the title of richest company in the world and the most valuable business from all of its rival companies.

Richest company in the world 2015 list had other strong contenders including Oil giant ExxonMobil  XOM 0.27%  with a market capitalization of $382 billion. Whereas, Google GOOG -0.37%  valued at $365 billion and Microsoft  MSFT 0.44%  was came in at $349 billion.

richest company in the world

The value of the richest company in the world 2015 Apple had increased radically since it began to turn its business around a decade ago with the introduction of iPod. Since then it has conquered tablets and mobile phones, and is maneuvering to take on nascent Smartwatch category as well.

However a while back, Apple shares were on a rip. From 2000, they’ve continued to rise almost 120-fold. Just 4 years ago, the market value of Apple crossed $300 billion for the first time. At present it’s more than double. No doubt, Apple has broken a number of business records. For instance, not long ago, Apple reported $18 billion in its quarterly profits, based on documented sales of 74.5 million iPhones.

Apple’s has been floating in a $700 billion market value since a long time now. It momentarily crossed the verge during mid-day trading in early December and mid November 2015. However it failed to hold these gains through the closing stages of the day.

richest company in the world

Now that you know Apple (AAPL -0.45%) is the richest company in the world 2015. What’s more is that for the first time, Apple has not only made a mark for the largest market cap, but also for the largest profits, assets and sales among the biggest technology companies in the world.

In 2015, Apple’s rival company Samsung Electronics came in on 2nd position in the richest company in the world 2015 list, leaving behind American titan Microsoft (MSFT +0.44%), IBM (IBM +1.75%) and Google (GOOGL -0.39%). With $22 billion in profits, $210 billion in assets and $195 billion in sales, Samsung held a firm 2nd position in all 3 metrics, not including market cap where its American competitors came forward (Google, Facebook, Microsoft) and the e-commerce titan of China – Alibaba.

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