10 Religious Places In India Where Woman Are Not Allowed


India is a nation with a rich culture and has been giving birth to some of the most intelligent personalities from the earliest starting point. Shockingly, some of the population is unwilling to change with the evolving times.

The thoughts and convictions that once appeared well and good are currently out of date and senseless to continue. While woman face discrimination in numerous circles of life everywhere throughout the world, one of the main dominant faces in India can be found in religious and holy places.

All over India, there are beliefs and myths to bolster the act of banning entry of females in numerous temples, mosques and different religious spots. Let us look at the 10 religious places in India where woman are not allowed.

1Lord Ayyappa Temple – Kerala

The temple confines the entry of females around 12 and 50 years, those who are in their productive age, inside the temple. Lord Ayyappa was a celibate in his younger days, when he was once asked for by a young lady Nila to marry her. In any case, the ruler Ayyappa surrendered the proposal and referred to his guarantee of being a deep rooted celibate.

2Lord Kartikeya Temple – Haryana

This temple additionally observes Brahmachari form of Lord Kartikeya and subsequently, bans females from entering the sacred spot. The structure is exceptionally old and goes back to fifth century BC. In light of myth, any ladies entering the shrine might be cursed regardless of the possibility that their thought process of the visit is to look for the blessings of the lord.

3Shani Shingnapur Temple – Maharashtra

Females are not permitted to pour oil on the idol in this temple.

4Mawali Mata Mandir – Chattisgarh

Shyamlal Sahu and Shiv Thakur of the Mawali Mata Mandir had one time heard from a pastor that he saw the heavenly nature ascend from the earth. The deity then told the priest that she was still a spinster. This is the explanation for woman not being permitted inside the temple to pay their visits to the Goddess.

5Patbausi Satra – Assam

The Patbausi Satra religious residence in the state of Assam forced the law of not permitting woman into this place till the year of 2010. Then again, this law was modified when the then Assam Governor JB Patnaik went to the Vaishnavite temple’s inside sanctorum with around 20 woman, performed rituals in addition to offered prayers to God.

6Jain Temple – Rajasthan

One out of the five most essential Jain pilgrimage, this fifteenth century development in Rajasthan restricts the passage of woman in their productive age.

7Sree Krishna Temple – Kerala

The custom of forbidding woman to enter exists from hundreds of years and was built up since the time two Pushpanjali Swamiyars of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple needed to stay for six months at the Malayinkeezhu temple. Since they were celibates, regarding woamn as outlaws turned into a custom.

8Nizamuddin Dargah – Delhi

Woman are confined to the entryway of the tomb and are not permitted to enter the chamber.

9Jama Masjid – Delhi

Females are not permitted to enter a specific area without being joined by men.

10Haji Ali Dargah – Mumbai

The presence of females close to the grave of a Muslim Saint is considered as a wrong doing.

10 Religious Places In India Where Woman Are Not Allowed
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