Reality dating Shows: What to watch while being at Home

Reality dating Shows

Reality dating shows have become a form of thrilling entertainment that has captured our attention as viewers. We are experiencing something so satisfying with some of the famous reality shows. People in similar situations are happy to keep a close tab on such reality shows since they can relate to the contestants’ struggles. Another reason why such shows have grown in popularity is due to the fact that streaming platforms have embraced the dating shows and the thrill they provide, which has seen them drop premiere seasons. The desire to break the monotony by the viewers has also instigated an increase in the admiration and demand of the reality dating shows. 

Below are some love-verified reality dating shows that you could check out. 

90 Day Fiancé

The show follows a long distance couple’s journey in their bid to haunt for love and tie the knot. We have a contestant who is a non U.S. resident who enjoys hospitality via the K-1 visa. The visa allows nonresidents to live in the country for a term of three months. The challenge of the show is usually bound on the time factor where the couples are expected to tie the note within the 90 day period. The experience is intense and real since it considers a couple of issues related to finance, trust issues, and others. The couples have to overcome all those challenges as they journey together. Some face language barriers and culture shock; if the challenges overwhelm them and they are unable to forge forward with the marriage, the visitor goes back to their country after the 90day stay. 

Age Gap Love

The reality show, a British television series, is an interesting one since it captures couples who have huge age gaps. The show is also available on Netflix, and it shows that true love still exists in couples who have huge age differences. The reality show has been entertaining a huge following ever since 2014 in the U.K. and recently the U.S. 

Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey

The show available on Netflix captures the journey of seven men and women hunting for love. The show is unique since it’s one on wheels. It is based on a longtime Japanese cable series that challenges strangers to embark on a cross-country road trip in a van. The show works in a very simplified format where an individual confirms to have a feeling for another they provide the suitor with a plane ticket to Japan. If the potential suitor feels the same, the couple abandons the road trip and fly back to Japan. The road to dating and later marriage begins in Japan.

The Bachelor

The show is regarded as a classic reality dating show. The show also follows a direct and straightforward script where a bachelor goes out on dates with potential suitors competing to win over his heart. On a weekly basis, the bachelor hands out roses to women he would love to know better. The potential suitors who end up without a rose are sent packing. The show continues until the bachelor picks one lady and proposes to them at the end of the show. The show is available on Netflix, on HBO Max, and Tubi.

Dating Around

The show entails bringing singles on the show facilitating blind dates. The reality show is available on Netflix as it captures the thrill and sequence of events that follow when potential suitors go on blind dates. Every episode captures a main contestant’s experience going on five blind dates. Everything is expected where some connect and click while others don’t work at all. The show is not only exciting but also relatable to modern dating trends. 

Love Is Blind

The show is available for streaming on Netflix, and it became a pop culture phenomenon. The show is a sort of experiment where 30 singles are fixed in pods where they get the chance to interact with one another on one on one sessions. The show aims to see whether some singles build strong emotional connections without necessarily seeing each other. The pods are designed to hear what the other person is saying, but you can’t see them. The couples must engage until one manages to bring their love outside of the pod for the first time. When two singles connect, they engage and are given a period of several weeks to know each other better. If the couple feels they suit each other, they work down the aisle and tie the knot. 

Married at First Sight

The show has been running for some period now since it’s around the tenth season. The stakes are high, and the experience is quite different compared to other reality dating shows since love experts merge couples. The love experts consider a number of factors such as goals, wants, ambitions and desires. The couple sees each other later as they walk down the aisle. The couple together for some weeks and later come back to decide whether they want to remain married or divorced. The reality show has a discouraging success rate, with only eight couples still married to date. However, the show is entertaining and thrilling, which makes it one of the best dating reality shows.

Too Hot to Handle

The show lives up to the expectations where ten hot and sexy singles live in a single unit together. The contestants praise each other for their sexy appearances at the beginning of the show. The twist of the show is echoed by Alexa-esque robot who recites the rules. The number one rule is no sexual contact between the members which includes kissing. The goal of the entire exercise is to help the members develop deeper connection for the purpose of finding true love. There is a $100,000 common prize for all and the robot deducts the cash reward whenever there is sexual activity. The show has horny roommates who have the option to control their sexual desires or risk losing the $100,000 cash prize.

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