Preparing for a Bootcamp: The Dos and Don’ts


Military men and women move differently compared to the rest of us, the civilians. Turning someone into a soldier takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and investment from the government. By the time you dorn the military uniform and get shipped away to the battlefront, you will have undergone some of the most brutal training programs known to man.  Military training takes place in boot camps. They are isolated locations where you spend extended durations of time doing nothing but back-breaking training and tasks. One of the many purposes of boot camps is to maintain fitness and prepare the body for even harsher conditions on the frontlines. If you are preparing for a Bootcamp scheduled on your to-do list, here are some of the Dos and Don’ts you need to be aware of.

The Dos

Delegate Duties

Taking part in a boot camp means being cut off from the rest of the world for days and even weeks. To improve focus, boot camps try to recreate the same conditions one would face in war; therefore, the maximum focus is vital. Before leaving for that boot camp, delegate all your duties and roles to a family member—things like paying your bills, taking care of your children, or collecting mail. Life has to continue, even when you are not around.

Streamline Your Healthcare Plan

Streamline Your Healthcare Plan

Although most militaries provide full healthcare coverage for their soldiers, it never hurts to have a backup plan just in case. Ensure your health insurance payments are covered in advance since you never know what might happen at the boot camp. 

Taking tests beforehand to make sure your body is healthy enough to handle the training is equally important. Make sure the full, exhaustive tests are done by the best healthcare providers that you can find. The last thing you would want is to be turned away at the gate because you caught a flue whose symptoms you ignored.

Be Sufficiently Motivated

Sufficiently Motivated

As earlier mentioned, boot camps are brutal. You will need steely nerves and real mettle to see it through to the end. The first day can especially be very hard as the body will be trying to keep up after being dormant for months. With time, however, you get acclimatized to the high physical demands. To boost your morale, give yourself goals, something to look forward to, and the boot camp might become more manageable.

Be Familiar with the Boot Camp Itinerary

Drinking or Carrying Alcohol

If you are attending the first boot camp in your life, you will be best positioned to know the full itinerary of the program. The waking hours, when the training starts, break and mealtimes, and the time you break for bed. You should also have all the rules of the place internalized to avoid getting into trouble with your superiors. The military has a stringent code of discipline that every soldier is expected to adhere to.

A common military phrase that gets thrown around a lot in boot camps goes like, “If you are going to be ignorant, you better be strong.”

Carry the Gadgets That May Help You

Carry the Gadgets

Boot camps are another great way of exercising. To make the most of it, pack all the tools that you will need to enhance your fitness with. For instance, an excellent smartwatch that will help you keep track of physiological functions like heart rates, metabolism, sleep cycles, and respiratory rates. You can carry a portable blood pressure monitor from Raycome Healthcare to keep tabs on your blood pressure every time you engage in extreme physical exercises. 

Ensuring that your body does not break because of overdoing things is very crucial.

The Don’ts

Drinking or Carrying Alcohol

Drinking or Carrying Alcohol

When you subject your body to the harsh training regiment that is the hallmark of boot camps, your body will need a lot of nutrients. Therefore, you will need to eat a lot of energy-rich food so that your body can repair itself every night. The one thing you should not touch is alcohol and there a good reasons for that. It is the antithesis of everything that pertains to training. Alcohol will not only disorient you and undermine your focus, but you may also get yourself kicked out since it is forbidden within training grounds.

Carrying Unauthorised Weapons

A boot camp consists of members of your unit. Carrying weapons that may be used to inflict harm on others is not only wrong but a serious offense. Weapons are only supplied by the army under strict controls. When packing for the boot camp, you may be tempted to carry that hunting knife with you, refrain from that as it would only bring you nothing but trouble.

Hiding an Injury

The desperation to join the army should not override your safety. People are known to hide existing injuries that they may have suffered some point in their lives while joining a boot camp. Failure to disclose such information is illegal and can lead to further injuries. The kind of training you may undergo makes it hard for anyone to hide an injury for too long because you will be found out eventually. It is hard to hide that limp after doing a short run.

Do Not Carry Expensive Personal Items

 Expensive Personal Items

Jewelry, cameras, cash, laptops. All these things are unnecessary distractions. Everything you need for sustenance is provided at the camp. Carrying expensive items with you will only keep you in a state of worry as your mind will keep drifting to them, fearing for their safety. The training camp usually takes between 7-12 weeks. You can survive that long without any of these items.


Boot camps are not playgrounds. The only thing that should be on your mind when going to one is training. Any other nefarious reason will only lead to you getting injured or worse. Give your all like you mean it so that by the end of it, you will have achieved all that you had set out to attain.


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