How To Prepare for a Themed Zoom Party


Social distancing is causing our creativity to soar. This includes our ability to have parties. The bars and nightclubs may be closed, but we can still have fun together without ever leaving home. A themed Zoom party is the perfect way to spend some virtual time together! All it takes is a well thought out guest list and a little creativity.

Different Themes for a Zoom Party

Just like any party, picking a theme is a great way to get started. Have a spa night. Remember all those beauty products you never have time to try? Now is your chance. Gather everyone around their screens with a nourishing face mask on and pour a mimosa.

A superhero party is a fun way to get even more creative. Make a costume from stuff around the house or dig into that old box of Halloween costumes. Put on your swimsuits, mix some cocktails, and turn up The Beach Boys and you have an instant beach party. Can’t go nightclubbing? Have everyone turn their living rooms into a dance club complete with loud music.

Low on ideas? There is always the come as you are pajama party or simply choose a decade like the 50s or 80s. You can choose that decade’s greatest hits for music, dig out your old clothes, and Google popular recipes from back in the day.

Make Sure You Have all of the Food and Alcohol You Need

You might think that planning a menu is odd for a virtual party, but it adds to the atmosphere and allows everyone to feel connected. Start by planning a menu in the same way you would for any gathering and then get everyone in on the prep work. Share a recipe ahead of time that everyone can make for themselves. Make a game out of it by judging whose came out best and who has the worst. You could also all order take out from the same local restaurant. Supporting these small businesses makes your Zoom party even more meaningful.

Do the same when planning drinks. Have everyone agree on a few favorites beforehand so you all have everything you need to mix your drinks at home. Check out the local wine shops to see if they offer curated packs that you can all pick up.

How to Look Your Best

The best part of a Zoom party is that it doesn’t take long to look amazing. Your friends are only going to see you from the waist up. Focus on your face and hair. Start with a nourishing oil to give your skin a healthy glow. It also makes the foundation go on smoothly. Use contouring powder to define the jawline and cheekbones so your face doesn’t appear flat on your device’s camera. Skip the detailed eye makeup as shadows and mascara can get lost in the online image. Focus instead on the brows and a bold lip color.

You may have been neglecting your hair while staying at home, but that is easily fixed when you use lace frontals. A lace frontal wig is lightweight with a natural hairline that allows you to easily experiment with your length, color, and style.

You have picked your theme, stocked up on food and drinks, and your hair and makeup looks great. It is time to enjoy a Zoom Party that you and your friends will love. Your pre-planning and creativity is about to pay off as you make memories in today’s world of social distancing. 


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