5 Things to Consider When Picking a NBN Plan

Living in the digital age, it’s almost impossible not to have an internet connection established in your home. Now, setting up and purchasing an NBN plan can be incredibly frustrating, confusing, and, at the same time exciting. When you look at the vast number of available NBN plans today, it can be overwhelming and easy to quickly sign the first contract that sounds good. However, there are many different things that you must take into consideration when selecting an NBN plan. Today, we are going to share precisely five of the most important aspects to consider ensuring you get the best NBN plan for you. Let’s begin!

Securing the Best NBN Plan


It’s evident that one of the most important things to consider when evaluating different NBN plans is what your budget is. In fact, this is a crucial step to take before purchasing any service. It’s vital to know that, depending on your budget, will depend on the quality of the service. As far as NBN plans go, consumers can find an assortment of plans for as cheap as $30; however, these offer the bare minimum services, data, and speed. Additionally, when you choose cheaper budget NBN plans, you can anticipate higher start up fees and purchasing your own modem. If you are wanting to bypass many of these unneeded stresses, it may be worth considering upgrading your budget to a higher-service provider.


In order to pick out the best NBN plan for you, it’s critical to figure out what type of internet speed and connection you are going to need. For traditional fixed line NBN customers, there are four different speed options, all of which cater to different types of users.

  • 12 Upload to 1 Download: This is the most primitive form of the internet. This is beneficial for individuals only seeking to use social media, surf the internet, or check their email.
  • 25 Upload to 5 Download: This is optimal for a smaller household that plan to stream video content or use video chat software.
  • 50 Upload to 20 Download: This NBN Speed is great for a larger family who plans to stream high-definition videos, music, and use the internet more frequently.
  • 100 Upload to 40 Download: This is the best and fastest speed available. Access 4K video streaming, online video games, and large file downloads.

It should be said that, the faster the internet speed, the more money it is going to cost each month. This is why it’s important to establish your budget before-hand so you know what you are willing to spend.


If there is anything more important than speed it would be data. When selecting a NBN plan, you are going to be require to pick a data allowance package for how much data you can use each month. Again, it’s important to know that, the more time you spend on the internet the more data you are going to use. So, when picking out a plan, you should always consult and figure out how much you are planning on using the internet. If you watch Netflix for three hours a day, that’s nearly 2,100MB a day. Combine this with other internet activities and you can start to figure out how much data you need.

With this, you should also take the time to address how many people are going to be using the internet. Signing up for any NBN plan does not mean only you will have access. In this, if you have people in your home that are going to use the internet more, stream video or music, or surf the internet, you should include this in your mathematics.

Home Phone

More than before, NBN plans are trying to get homeowners to set up an NBN phone. Now, you don’t have to if you don’t want to; however, you should get clear in advance before going through with the process. Typically, purchasing a home line under an NBN plan will cost a nominal amount each month and there are specific packages that you can choose from. However, if you are an avid mobile-device user, you might find it easier to make your mobile phone your home phone to cut this cost.


During the process of weeding through NBN plans, it’s important to look at what type of contracts these plans and companies are offering. It’s common for NBN plans to be offered in contracts between 12-24 months. With this, consumers have the opportunity to either pay by month or have a no-fixed term agreement. One presents the idea of lower fees and charges and the other has no contract, meaning you can cancel at any point in time at higher fees and charges.

Whatever is best for you, like any contract, we highly suggest taking the time to read through and evaluate before signing. NBN plans can be trick it’s important to know if you are getting a good deal.

Getting Connected to the Digital Age

Today, there are dozens of different NBN plans, which is great news for you. This provides consumers with the opportunity to select the best plan that speaks to them. We hope that this article shined light on the most pertinent areas to consider when sifting through NBN plans to make sure you get the best deal. On top of this, we hope you see selecting a plan as not as complicated as many make it seem to me. As long as you are prepared, getting connected is as easy as one, two, and three!

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