Parallel Parking – Its History, Geography & Mathematics

Traffic all the places. God only knows what to do. Well I know you all are irritated because of traffic you do not know what to do with it?? Even if you go somewhere then there at parking area as well you find traffic and you do not get space for your vehicle. God only knows what to do with this traffic

People park there vehicles randomly. Nobody knows what to do with it. Hey wait.. I have a solution for you people. PARALLEL PARKING . You must be thinking parallel parking?? What is it?? What I am talking about?? How to do it?? How much space is required for parallel parking?? Wait Wait….I have some patience in next few minutes I will answer your each and every question.


So let us begin our journey of parallel parking!!

What is parallel parking?

So let us begin with the most basic question. i.e what is it. So let us begin. Parallel parking is the parking of the vehicle parallels on the road with other parked vehicles.

Parallel parking initially involves driving little slow to few steps past, then you have to drive to the parking space parallel to the parked vehicle, but keep in mind that you have to maintain the safe distance from other vehicles and also from any barrier or wall if any. For the adjustment into that space you might need to use reverse or forward gears, that you manage accordingly. Now lets talk about how you can signal parallel parking. Lets begin it to the next section.

How you can signal parallel parking?


So now let us talk about how do you signal it. Now for parallel parking signaling is quite important. If you put on your right signal if you are about to park in the right side otherwise go for the left one and once you are done in the space then open all the blinkers. These are necessary so that everybody would get to know you are parking and there will not be any parking issues or accident issues.

How big is the space for parallel parking?

The approximate space for the parallel parking is approximately 2.76 meters that is 9.1 feet wide by 6.1 meters that is 200 feet long. Make sure that during constructing it make sure while deciding the parking space you keep variety of factors in your brain. Because most of the times what happens is to avoid high cost of land people go for small dimension for parallel parking space. So while keeping the space for it always keep various other factors in mind.

specific dimension

When was parallel parking introduced to the driving test?

Parallel parking was introduced in the driving test in the early 1990s. Young generation find it most difficult to parallel park the vehicles. according to a statistics 77% of the young people does not know how to do it. This test was first passed in 1994-95.

How to parallel park step by step?

Now last but not the least I will tell you how to do it in a step by step procedure:-

  • Check out for the space first. If you have got the space then check if your car can perfectly get into it. And if you think you are not comfortable parking here then move around and find another space. The required for parking should be more than your car.
  • Now next step is check your rear view mirror. Also open your side mirror. You need to check both to maintain the distance from the side cars and also to check that no other car is riding on your tail. If you see that some other car driver is also there then open your window and try to tell him with your hand as they might not realize that you are trying to park. Always signal the space you are trying to park your car in.
  • Now after you have fitted your car inside the space then check on your sides. Do not get to close to other parked vehicles that you scratch other vehicles or do not even maintain a very large distance. A distance of 2 or 3 feet would do the best. Then align your bumpers.
  • Now always park your vehicle in the reverse position. Check your rear view mirror to check that the street behind you is clear of vehicle so that when you will take back then their would not be any hindrance.
  • Now adjust the steering wheel accordingly to completely fit your car into the parking space without any issue.

Guess what the job is done. You have successfully parked your car. But make sure parallel parking requires lots of practice even the people who are very smart sometimes do mistake in it so take care about it and before you start parking it in a congested area try out it in a little less suffocated area.

Hope you have enjoyed the complete text. I have tried to cover everything you need to know about parallel parking. How you have liked it. Still if you have any queries or any issues. Please comment on below. Happy Driving!!♣♣

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