The Uses Of OCR Technology In Your Business

Have you heard about what an OCR solution can do for you document management systems? OCR technology has been changing the way that corporates and small companies conduct their business operations.

OCR Technology

Since its inception in the 1990’s, OCR technology has continually improved as the internet has gained in popularity. Today, most companies are online and this enables them to implement an OCR system to their document management system.

OCR works by scanning incoming emails and faxes, looking for keywords in the document that allow the smart technology to classify the contents of the document and accurately index it before uploading to your DMS. OCR can discern text from the document background and can read font in any language, it is also capable of recognizing various symbols and characters as well.

Have you ever received a document with images of poor quality? OCR can clean them up for you before reinserting them back into the original document and upload it to the company’s DMS. Are your desk and those of your employee’s overflowing with paperwork? What would happen if you needed immediate access to client files? Would you be able to source the document easily? Most probably not.

There is so much downtime involved with manual document storage systems. With An OCR solution, you do not have to wait for the file clerk to have her lunch break before she finds your document. Everything you need is right at your fingertips and immediately accessible with an OCR.

OCR has assisted thousands of companies around the globe with the effective and efficient management of their document archives. Change your workplace to a paperless environment and never have a document misplaced or lost ever again.

All of this sounds great, however, OCR is so much more than just a simple document archive, it has amazing functionality that can assist you in a wide variety of document handling, sorting, and processing tasks. Here are some examples of what you can expect from implementing an OCR in your business.

• Get rid of all physical documents and replace them with a virtual database.
• Improve productivity and eliminate downtime waiting for documents to arrive.
• Save document storage and handling overheads.
• Eliminate manual data entry and never lose a document.
• Improve the security around the storage of your documents and their handling.
• Stay in compliance with data storage laws.
• Your OCR system can be customized and updated as your business grows.

OCR has some pretty impressive features, however, the functionality does not end there. OCR has applications that you can use in other areas of your business that are related to document storage, handling, and processing. Here are a few examples of where you can implement OCR in your business.

Combining Cloud Technology with OCR

Combining Cloud Technology with OCR

The cloud is the technological breakthrough that businesses have been waiting for. There is no longer any need to keep physical documents on hand. Using an OCR in combination with the cloud you are able to immediately upload your documents and make them instantly accessible on any mobile device. The cloud offers a secure method of virtually storing all of your documents, eliminating human error that may lead to lost or misplaced documentation.

Creating Automatic Forms for Business Processes

Do you use forms in your business? With OCR, you can create virtual PDF forms such as client registration, invoices, and statements. With customizable PDF to Excel conversion settings, you can alter the format of any document you like. After the form is completed it will be scanned by the OCR and filed automatically in the correct category of your data management system. The system will also update any relevant team members that may need to work on the documents.

The Last Word

Don’t sit back and watch the technology pass you by while you struggle with manually processing all of your company documents. Your business needs to improve to advance and implementing an OCR solution is a fantastic way of bringing your business into the information age. Speak to an OCR consultant and arrange a consultation to understand the direct benefits of a customized OCR solution for your business.

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