Nissan’s Unveils Its Self-Parking Office Chairs: An Easy Solution For An Organized Life

Nissan’s Unveils Its Self-Parking Office Chairs

Japanese automaker Nissan released a new promotional video this week featuring their latest marvel- self-parking chairs that can react to your clap, for instance they return to their fixed positions, on the sound of a clap.

Nissan’s Unveils Its Self-Parking Office Chairs

The company made a statement – This technology liberates people from the “annoying task” of putting chairs back to their original positions.

Putting chairs away can be a really difficult task! THANK GOD Nissan is here to lend a hand with chairs that can automatically push themselves back to their positions, right? Jokes apart, this is in fact pretty cool. Inspired by Nissan’s autoparking technology, they have put the same magic into office chairs.

Done with the meeting? Just clap, and the chairs are back to their position.

Nissan’s Unveils Its Self-Parking Office Chairs

The so-called intelligent chair can make 360-degree turns, reach its target location, and then park itself literally.

With Nissans self-parking chairs you’ll never see a messy meeting room ever again.

  • Designed with Okamura these wonderful chairs are tracked by 4 motion cameras
  • Cameras are Wi-Fi enabled and they generate a bird’s-eye view to wirelessly send information to the chair
  • Chairs are activated by claps and they slide back to their original position without any human assistance.

In the video, a user simply claps loudly to have a complete group of messy and disordered chairs spur to life and place themselves back to their assigned positions under the table.

The company said, similar to self-parking cars, here also cameras are used to analyze the location of the chairs, and then rollers inside the bottom of each chair are remotely controlled by computers.

According to their spokesman, the technology won’t be hitting the markets just yet. Sadly, Nissan is in no rush to make the self-parking chairs commercially available as yet.

But if and when they decide to commercialize these tech marvels we are sure they’ll have quite a lot of sales from world over, coz accept it or deny it we know you hate putting back those chairs in the office!

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