Nicki Minaj son Name, Age, and All You Need to Know

nicki minaj son name

Nicky Minaj is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who lives a controversial yet exciting life. The media often discuss Minaj her relationships, bold statements, and music. However, things are different this time, and recently, the rapper appeared on a talk show where she was seen discussing her one-year-old son. Here, we will discuss about Nicki Minaj son, how notorious he is, and how he gave her a different perspective on life.

Soon after the press release, social media and various online websites shared the details about the interview and how Minaj has evolved from being the center of controversies to the responsible mom.

However, the rapper has remained silent about the baby till now, so there isn’t much information available.

Still, we researched many cues on the internet and checked the information from various resources to find the best information for interested audiences.

In this article, we are covering everything about Nicky Minaj son, relationship, and family. Stick till the end to get the updated information about the raptress life and understand how she has evolved in a few years. Let’s start quickly without wasting much time.

Who is Nicki Minaj?

Her original name is Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, and she was a Trinidadian born on December 8, 1982. She is a self-made singer and rapper who is well-known as an incredible artist and has sharp lyrics that suit her style and accents.

Minaj got popular after releasing her three albums, one in 2007 and another in 2009. Indeed, she broke many records to attain widespread popularity and received various awards. Her tremendous efforts led to superhit and addictive music that topped many charts across the world and got millions of views.

Minaj is loved by her fans both online and offline. She is pretty active on social media, and her Instagram is full of pictures of her personal life, events, relationship, and announcements. We have discussed complete details about her in this article.

Nicki Minaj baby daddy

In earlier interviews, you will find Nicki Minaj talking about living the good life where she can handle herself without needing men. But then something changed, and she found the love of her life, Kenny Petty.

Petty was born on April  1978 and is 44 years old. People don’t like him a lot because of his criminal history as a sex offender. Moreover, he was sentenced to jail for four and a half years. However, Minaj loves him because they both dated as teenagers and separated because of unknown issues.

In October 2019, they both got married, and since then, she has shared various sizzling pictures as a couple and family.

Minaj’s Instagram is full of pictures showing how close they are. Almost after a year of the official confirmation of their relationship, Minaj broke the internet by sharing her baby bump and officially confirming that she was pregnant in July 2020.

Petty is the father of Minaj’s son, and things didn’t go well after the couple broke the good news.

Petty was guilty by the federal court of not registering a sexual offender for sexual assault and was convicted in 1995 in New York.

During his trial, he believed he would serve at least 10 years in federal prison for breaking the law. Still, things have fallen in his favor.

In July 2022, Petty was punished with one year of home confinement, a fine of $55,000, and 3 years of probation for not registering as a sex offender while moving from New York to California.

nicki minaj son and father

What is Nicki Minaj son name and age

After officially confirming her delivery, Minaj shared a sweet audio of her son’s voice, which further confirmed that the rapper had given birth.

With that, she shared a few other details about her baby. That’s all information known about him so far.

Recently, she appeared on a talk show where she discussed hilarious and mischievous activities about her newly born son, but still, there weren’t a lot of details available.

What is Nicki Minaj son name?

No, the official name is not out yet, but fans have taken it far by claiming that they have guessed the correct name of her baby by themselves.

Some fans confirmed that they found Minaj referring to her baby ad ‘Isaiah” in a viral TikTok video. Surprisingly, a more extensive audience is convinced by this theory.

However, the unofficial name is out, and the baby is named ‘Simba’ by Nicky’s Barbz. But Nicki herself refers to her son as ‘Papa Bear.’

Let’s consider Papa Bear the name for the little one for now and wait for an official announcement by the couple.

Nicki Minaj son age

According to our sources, Nicki Minaj gave birth on September 30, 2020; currently, her son is two years old.

The couple celebrated their child’s first birthday with a star-studded Kung Fu Panda theme and made a few headlines with a grand celebration. Indeed, it was before Petty got sentenced to one year of house arrest.

Papa Bear has been going viral after his momma uploaded reels and images as he turned two. This year, the birthday theme was Minion, and Papa Bear had a t-shirt written ‘two in a Minion’ on it. The theme looked great as the proud parents shared several pictures from the event.

nicki minaj son

What do we know about Papa Bear?

Minaj recently appeared on a show sharing details about her life and a few glimpses of her life after being a mother. She said motherhood made her see better in the universe, and her life changed much better after papa bear came into her life.

She sounded happy and fulfilled about her relationship with petty, and indeed, she is happy with her baby boy. Minaj continued to speak about how her son had grown and how hilariously curious he was. He says, “What are you doing” all day long, and Minaj looks fulfilled while talking about her son on the show.

We hope it goes similarly, and hopefully, he keeps Minaj away from the controversies and problems she faced in her before life.

Controversy around Nicki Minaj son name

In a regular event, a user took to Twitter to post Welcoming Jeremiah Maraj-Petty. You are a blessing to us, and we love you so much. He also added the baby’s photo dressed in turquoise with the caption.

The Tweet went viral and received over 116K likes. Minaj’s fans thought it was someone she knew and believed the information.

This brought Minaj’s attention to the tweet where she confirmed that it was not her baby, not his name and with a warning, “imagine doing this.” She requested the user to delete the inappropriate tweet from his page.

The user apologized and deleted the tweet with an apology saying he was sorry about what happened and took the blame if anyone was offended. He also apologized to Nicki for offending her and requested her to forgive him for his silly mistake.

Twitter soon resolved the issue, and the minor controversy never gained media attention. It was just a silly joke that went viral. People shared it widely because they believed it was from someone known to Nicki.

The news is pretty old; these days, you can find Nicki herself openly talking about her child on Media and chat shows.

Is Nicki Minaj planning to have more kids?

As we mentioned, Minaj has remained silent about her kid and kept him safe from media attention until now.

However, a news article posted on Yahoo News says that she is excited to have a sibling for Papa Bear, but there aren’t any updates about when this will happen.

Minaj wasn’t speedy to announce her relationship or pregnancy earlier. So, we guess even the news for the sibling is still very far.

Every small piece of information about her quickly gets viral on the internet, and you don’t need to search for her sibling lately. The news will automatically come to you.

We recommend you check her official Instagram account and another social media handle for updates. She is active online, and mostly, you will find Minaj replying to fans via Twitter or updating her sizzling shoot videos on Instagram.

Some articles on the online claim that Minaj already got a daughter, but we researched, and currently, the rapper only has one kid. So, if you search for “how old is Nicki Minaj daughter” and get to know about some details, it’s fake.

nicki minaj son

Nicki Minaj doesn’t want her son to rap

The little one is just two years old, and with limited information, it isn’t easy to guess the line of work he will choose. However, his mom wants to keep him from being a rapper or anything in music. A similar article on Yahoo news also revealed Minaj saying the little one shows off, but she is not going to let him rap.

Minaj is happy about being a mother and said when she looks at him, sometimes she stresses about something unimportant right now. She continued talking and spoke.

There is no more incredible blessing than having a kid, so there was no point in worrying. She lives a fulfilled life and says, “I laugh much more than I used to.”

It’s good to know that Minaj is already thinking about the little one’s career. However, it’s a bit early to know anything about his line of work.

It is also evident that the rapper knows the struggles of being in the music industry and wants her son to be better off. It could also be the reason why she wants to protect her son and hopes he chooses to outshine in something else.

Controversy related to Papa Bear

A series of incidents made people believe Minaj was hiding something about the kid. Her relationship was controversial, and no one expected her to announce the pregnancy. However, when Minaj flaunted her baby bump on Instagram, it took the internet and made instant headlines.

She was late in announcing her pregnancy. Even after giving birth, Minaj remained silent for a long time. This behavior made her fans believe the rapper might be hiding something about the kid. You can find conversations related to the same on Twitter, YouTube comments, and blogs related to Papa Bear.

People started building conspiracy theories and developing their versions of guesses. However, nothing came to be accurate, and she wasn’t hiding anything about her kid.

Recently, Minaj has started appearing on TV shows and podcasts where she shares various information about her baby boy. So, there is nothing wrong with Papa Bear, and the couple is not hiding anything beneath. All the conspiracy theories on the internet were wrong and just a fan build-up.

Final thoughts

We hope you got to know everything about Nicki Minaj son. Despite limited resources, we tried to find updated and relevant information about him.

For an extended period, Minaj remained silent about her son and kept him away from media attention.

Still, she regularly appears on shows to share information about how naughty her son is and other details. But to get up close and personal details, you have to check her Instagram account!

Minaj feels more fulfilled after having a kid and now sees better in the universe. Everything is going well in her life, and she is even planning for a sibling.

What are your thoughts about Nicki Minaj’s son? Did you find the information you were looking for? Please share your comments.


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