14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion

14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-5

While pregnancy is one of the best phases in a couple’s life, yet some may beg to differ if the same pregnancy is unplanned. Many a times unplanned pregnancies ensue where the couple is not ready for the baby because of a lot of reasons. In that case, they prefer to abort the child. It seems like an offence when seen from the perspective of humanity however if, you are not prepared to handle the responsibility of a child and you have decided for an abortion, it is better to use natural abortion methods for the purpose as compared to the surgical methods which may lead to certain side effects.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-1

The below mentioned home abortion methods are some of the most successful ones to be used for home abortion. Check them out and hope you achieve the desired outcomes.

1. Angelica:

This is a natural product which helps to activate contractions as well as monthly periods. Take it four times a day in a cup of lukewarm water. You need to use only 5 to 15 falls of this natural product. It is surely help you achieve the goal.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-2

2. Hot Shower:

Regular hot showers are also found to successful for natural abortion. This can be combined with the consumption of herbs or other natural products mentioned below. This will definitely help to get the right results in a safe way.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-3

3. Black and Red Cohosh:

This herb makes the uterus ready for abortion and it has to be followed by consumption of red cohosh. Word of caution – there could be some side effects related to the herb however they are temporary only. You can try this method of home abortion but we still suggest that you consult the dose with some recognized herbalist.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-4

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4. Food rich in Vitamin C:

Food items that are rich in Vitamin C have natural properties of working like a contraceptive and this is one of the safest natural abortion methods. Vitamin C foods include citrus foods. Intake of food items rich in Vitamin C should be done especially when during your monthly periods time.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-5

5. Papaya:

The easiest way out as far as home abortion methods are concerned is to have papaya. Papaya is found to be a reason for miscarriages in several women and is the correct way to get natural abortion.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-6

6. Sesame Seeds with Honey and Water:

There are 2 ways on which you need to consume a mixture of sesame seeds, honey and water. One way is to soak a handful of sesame seeds overnight and then in the morning strain the seeds and gulp down the water and continue the same process for a month to see results. Another method is to mix honey with fried sesame seeds and eat heavy portions of this mixture for good results. Both of these methods produce positive results for natural abortion in the first and even second stage.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-7

7. Pineapple Juice:

Pineapple fruit is one of the finest home remedies for abortion. Since pineapples have huge amount of Vitamin C and other chemicals and enzymes which act inside the body of pregnant women and consequently cause miscarriage without any unfavorable effects on the body. This is a commonly used solution. All you need to do is peel a cut it in pieces, put the pineapple pieces in a grinder with some water and then make juice, now drink this juice on a regular basis. You also try eating a bowlful of pineapple daily.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-8

8. Parsley Leaves:

Parsley herb’s green leaves are used extensively as a home remedy to abort pregnancy. This herb successfully causes natural abortion in the early stages of pregnancy and it is also an excellent regulator of menstrual cycle after a missed period. The herb causes loosening of the cervix resulting into abortion. You can have parsley in a many ways, you can either make some juice out of fresh parsley or you can just pour it in a cup of water and have it a couple of times on a daily basis. You can also take dried parsley in the form of tea.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-9

9. Aspirin Pills:

Aspirin Pills are sure shot natural abortion remedy, they can also be taken for regulating period cycle. You need to take at least 5 to 6 pills with water along with aspirin pills you need to follow other home remedies as well. If you are taking these pills your diet must include ingredients like ginger, parsley, cloves, figs, avocado or any other herbs mentioned in our list of home abortion methods.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-10

10. Chamomile Tea:

You may feel surprised to know that chamomile tea is also a home abortion remedy as most of us are aware that doctors advise pregnant women to take this. For abortion you simply need to abuse the regular amount of intake. If you take in quite a lot of cups of dried chamomile tea then it’ll result in an abortion.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-11

11. Acacia Pods with Shoots of Banana:

The blend of acacia pods with shoots of the banana is known to be a successful home remedy for abortion. It is not a commonly known method. To use this you need to mix pods of acacia as well as shoots of banana in a bowl and mix them up very well but don’t add any water. Now put the bowl in the sun to let it dry. Later bring it to shade and add sugar. Next step is to make a fine powder of all the ingredients. Once it is prepared you need to regularly consume spoonful of this powder with some water and several times a day till you start bleeding.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-12

12. Pennyroyal Drops:

Also commonly known as American Pennyroyal, this herb is one of the medicinally tested natural abortion methods. It is widely used in contraceptive pills. You can also use penny royal oil and consume it regularly. It has a heavy reaction on the body, leading to contractions and as a consequence a natural abortion.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-13

13. Dong Quai:

Technically known as Angelica Sinesis, it is a Chinese herb and is a well-known home abortion remedy. It is also one of the safest remedies for abortion. You can get Dong Quai in powdered form in a chemist shops, but its availability is rather rare. If you find it, take the powder in a bowl and add some water, for best results you must consume it a few times in a day.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-14

14. Heavy Exercise:

Generally pregnant women are advised by their doctors not to do a lot of physical activities or lift heavy object, but if you are trying to abort you must do the opposite of the doctor’s advice. For home abortion you need to engage yourself in rigorous workout or you can also try climbing of stairs.14 Simple and Natural Home Remedies for Abortion-15

In view of the fact that pregnancy is not really a blessing for everyone, you can try the above natural abortion methods. However, it is advised that you consult with your doctor before trying these methods, just to be safe.


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