Top 10 Most Populated Cities in the World

Our earth is experiencing some serious population explosion, making some cities of the countries extremely crowded. Past three to four decades has marked the boom in world’s population due to the advancement in the field of medicines and good food production. However, these most populated cities in the world are ultimately resulting in the excessive use of natural resources like natural gas, petroleum, etc and cutting the trees down for houses and thus increasing the population.

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Sticking to the topic let’s have a look at:

The top 10 most populated cities in the world 2018

10. Mumbai, India

most populated city in the world

Area: 603.4 sq km

Population: 12,442,444 and up

Population density: 20682 people per sq km.

Starting with number ten we have none other than “Aamchi Mumbai”, the capital of the state of Maharashtra. It is also known as the economic capital of India as it has made its presence in the world’s richest countries.

Mumbai is known for it occupation opportunities and cosmopolitan cham making it allure masses and creating a complex blend of cultures. This place is also a home of many billionaires including, super wealthy businessman, big screen stars and politicians making it also the commercial, entertainment and financial capital of the country.

It manufacturers 25% of Indian industrial goods, 70% of the country’s money transactions and bring out 16.6% of Indian GDP.

9. Guangzhou, Republic of China


Area: 7434.4 sq km

Population: 13,080,500 and up

Population density: 1759 people per sq km

In the year 2012, Guangzhou declared a plan to control its population growth but seems like the declaration got a bit delayed ad the city is already standing on the 9 position and has become one of the most populated cities in the world. This place also has a kind of unbalanced boys girls ratio which is around 130 boys over 100 girls.

Being the city with major transportation and job opportunities this place has the population of around 9 million registered and around 4 non-registered residents. Due to rocket uptrend in population, Guangzhou is also facing the shortage in necessary resources and land. As per the estimations till the year 2020, the city’s population can grow up to 18 million if serious measures were not applied.

8. Tokyo, Japan

most populated city in the world

Area: 2191 sq km

Population: 13,513,734 and up

Population density: 6168 people per sq km

Along with the most populated city in the world, Tokyo is also the most populated metropolitan city in the world and the capital of Japan. Even though the city has such a massive number of people residing it has even maintained its population with a very positive grace. The ranks top when we count on amazing nightlife, cleanliness of the city, the safety of the citizens, helpful crowd, public transport, hospitals, job opportunities and above all shopping experience.

It is the great place if you are going to a university student in Tokyo as it provides great education facilities. With gigantic 500 plus companies, this place ranks third in the list of cities with International Financial Development. Being the leading commuter city, the population of the city increases by around 10% during the day and reduce the same during the nights. Which means around 2,200,000 people commute on daily basis. Thanks to the top positioned transportation facilities.

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7. Istanbul, Turkey

most populated city in the world- Istanbul

Area: 5461 sq km

Population: 14,160,467 and up

Population Density: 2591 people per sq km

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, stands seventh in the list of the most populated city in the world. The historical name of this city was Constantinople and it is a place with rich history and culture. Istanbul is not just the largest city in the country, it is also the fifth largest city of the globe.

One of the interesting facts of the city is it is transcontinental, which means it is partially situated in Europe ( the commercial part) and the rest is there in Asia. Currently, Istanbul is developing at the rate of 3.5% which makes one of the rapidly growing cities in the world. This is the reason why the population density of Istanbul is so much more than the total population density of the country (102 people per sq km).

6. Tianjin

most populated city in the world

Country: Republic of China

Area: 11760 sq km

Population: 15,200,000 and up

Population density: 1293 people per sq km

Again a city from China, it is not so much surprising that China being such a huge nation also has the four most populated city in the world and Tianjin is among them. The major reason behind the population of the city is it’s existing job opportunities. This city is divided into two areas, the one has bloomed on the Hai River where the people loves to make their home and the other one is situated on the cost of the Bohai Sea called Binhai.

Binhai is a place serving as a seaport gateway to Beijing. Binhai is also a place where most of the industries have been formed and also the place of China’s financial services. The smart and rapid industrialization has provided this with a boom in population helping it to cross the line of 15 million. As per the records around 10 million people are the permanent resident of this municipality and the numbers are increasing continuously.

5. Lagos

most populated city in the world

Country: Nigeria

Area: 1171.3 sq km

Population: 16,060,303 and up

Population density: 13712 people per sq km

Lagos is the capital city of Nigeria and formed for four islands called Lagos island,Amuwo-Odofin, Apapa and Eti-Osa. Lagos is not just the rapidly developing city but also the largest city in Africa. When it comes to the GDP this city is at the top position in the African continent.

At Lagos, approximately 68% of the population comes from the slum area. Which means this huge number of people do not have access to electricity, roads, transportation, garbage removal and above all no clean water to drink. Yet what makes this city the highly populated one is its busy port. The port of Lagos is the most working port in Africa and also the ground of occupation for the residents. As per the stats, the population of Lagos in the coming 25 years will touch the point of 300 million, which is equivalent to the current population of the United States of America.

4. Delhi

most populated city in the world

Country: India

Area: 1484

Population: 16,787,941 and up

Population density: 11,313 people per sq km

How can we count on the most populated city in the world and leave the National Capital Territory of India, Delhi behind. This metropolitan city is —– most populated city in the world. Delhi is a Union Territory, grown on the bank of river Yamuna. Delhi is a city with rich cultural heritage and long history, it has been the eye-candy since the Mughal Empires came to India and made Delhi their centre for the activities.

Just like Mumbai, Delhi is also a home for many business owners and politicians making it the second richest city of India. This Union Territory has embodied many small towns like Alwar, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and other making this place even more populous. 81% of the Delhi people are Hindu and the crowd has the literacy rate of 86% with the female to male ratio of 867 females over 1000 males. Currently, Delhi is struggling with excessive population growth, population and massive land shortage.

3. Beijing

most populated city in the world- Beijing

Country: Republic of China

Area: 16410.5 sq km

Population: 21,526,000 and up

Population density: 1311 people per sq km

Beijing is the second most populated city in the Republic of China and also the capital city of the country. Since 1960 the city has shown a steady population growth of 20% per 10 years. However, between the year 2000 and 2010, the population showed a boom of 45% which is a breakneck speed of population explosion.

The factors making this place truly crowded is the healthy public transportation facilities, highways, and greater job opportunities. When it comes to the development part even though Beijing is a municipality city, it is good with speedy trains called bullet train, expressways and infrastructure.

This place has second longest and world’s busiest subway system. World’s second airport for air passenger traffic that is Beijing Capital International Airport is also hosted by this city. Beijing has 14 districts and 2 countries out of which Dongcheng District is most densely populated.

2. Karachi

Country: Pakistan

Area: 3527 sq km

Population: 23,500,000 and up

Population density: 6663 people per sq km

Karachi is the economic and industrial centre of Pakistan also known as the”City of Lights”. Karachi was also the capital of the country until the crown was given to Islamabad.

Karachi’s airport is the busiest one in the country. Karachi is located around the Arabian Sea and has Pakistan’s two busiest ports that are Port Bin Qasim and the Port of Karachi. When it comes to the tax payment the city stands third. Between the year 2000 and 2011 Karachi has shown a population explosion of 115% which the record fastest in the world.

1. Shanghai

most populated city in the world

Country: Republic of China

Area: 6,340.5 sq km

Population: 24,256,800 up

Population density: 3826 people per sq km

Shanghai is the most populated city in the world and among the oldest city in the country. Even though it is the most populated city in the world with respect to its area the population density of the city is very much lesser. Shanghai is also known as the Paris of China with beautiful natural beauties like parks and artificial beauties like skyscrapers.

Shanghai is a shopping, trading, shipping and administration hub of the country which is located on the Yangtze River. China has adopted the one-child policy and thus taking some serious measures to control the population growth in the country.

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