Top 10 Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

Mumbai is called the city of dreams, but BEWARE, coz the city of dreams can also give you nightmares! This city can give you some sleepless nights too. Mumbai is tantamount to the glitterati, allure and fashion however you cannot overlook the dark side of the city. Such is the charisma of this Mumbai city that even ghosts tend to have a kinship towards this city! The eerie Stories that about Mumbai will send a chill down your Spine!

Among the various ghost stories about haunted places in Mumbai, we at Scoopify bring for you

The Top 10 Most haunted places in Mumbai.

St. John’s Baptist Church – Andheri East

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

St. John’s Baptist Church is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai, this Portuguese Church is centuries old and was once a dwelling for the spirit of a bride who used to torture people coming in the neighborhood of this church. Just one mass is held in a year. Locals tell that an exorcism was performed here in 1977 to get rid of the poltergeist but it turned out to be a horrifying experience for those who were present there on that moonless night. As lines were read from the Bible, people heard weird laughter, and then earsplitting wailing. The weeping of the mysterious voice at last stopped, and all of a sudden there was a deafening splashing sound from the pond close to the church. Then everything fell silent. The next morning, all the fishes in that pond were dead.

Grand Paradi Towers:

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

Grand Paradi Towers is located at Kemp’s Corner in the middle of the city, one of the most aristocratic locations of Mumbai and therefore it is hard to think that a flat on the 2nd floor has stayed unsold for a number of years. The reason behind this is that, since 1979 when the building was built it has had 20 cases of suicide. The most well-known haunted house in Mumbai is located in the Grand Paradi Towers. A succession of strange suicides since 2004 drew awareness to what appeared to be a shocking pattern of deaths and mishaps in the building. The story behind this most haunted place in Mumbai is that in the year 2004 an elderly couple jumped out of the window of one of the apartments in this building. Their children followed the same pattern within a year. 3 generations, living in that house committed suicide in the same manner. Many other cases occurred in the building since them including children and even a servant-maid who jumped or fell out of the window. The haunted house still remains unoccupied.

Tower of silence:

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

One of the most famous haunted places in Mumbai is The Tower of Silence which is in fact a Parsi cemetery located rather quaintly in South Mumbai on Malabar Hill. The Parsi’s leave the bodies of the dead for vultures to feed on. They don’t cremate or burn the bodies of the deceased. They believe everyone should return to nature in the same way they have taken from it. The zigzag road which leads down to the hill is mostly deserted and creepy at night and the place has become known as a chilling consort. Locals report they have heard eerie sounds from a unoccupied cottage on 12th Road, Juhu. The cottage is still unoccupied and unsold.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park:

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

Situated on the north fringes of Mumbai, this large secluded area is generally a place people go to see wildlife. The leopards feed on people staying in forest land. However, bizarrely people here don’t dread the beasts to the extent that they fear the alleged ghost of a hitchhiker who wasn’t able to put up with living in Mumbai. People have seen sightings of a ghost hitchhiker who asks passersby for a ride. Doubtful as this may sound, forest guards claim that this is true.

Mukesh Mills:

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

Mukesh cotton mill is among one of the most haunted places in Mumbai closed in the 80s and is at present abuzz with poltergeist stories. The Mukesh mill, in Colaba, is a place where numerous films have been shot. But in one ill-timed shooting, the actress was possessed by a poltergeist and started speaking in a male voice. Abandoned and in bad condition, Mukesh Mills is a handy set for Gothic shows and horror films. Many actors, directors and producers turn down to work here after sunset. One TV actress claims that she had a really bad experience where her female co-actress suddenly began talking in a masculine voice, as if she was possessed, ordering the crew to leave the building immediately. Others say that the mill is doomed and people always lose their things in the mill like wallets and phones.

Mahim – Nasserwanj Wadi

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

Nasserwanj Wadi is close to the Mahim railway station and is haunted by the ghost of the murdered owner, who was cruelly burnt till he died. Locals don’t visit there post midnight. They believe that people get haunted and possessed by a spirit and are beleaguered if anyone crosses path with the ghost of the owner of the property. The property belonged to a Parsi named Nasser, who was cruelly burnt inside the compound. It’s been 16 years since the horrible murder was committed, however the Parsi landlord still takes daily walks over here past midnight, keeping an eye on his property, above 7 people have lost their lives in this building.

Aarey Milk Colony

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

Established in 1949, Aarey Milk Colony is a huge area in the city with green pastures. This is the only area in Mumbai where ample green coverage is seen. This milking estate was made for the employees of Aarey Dairy. People often come to this place over the weekends for picnic. It is also used as a location for shooting. Aarey Milk Colony is well-known for startling ghostly images. Many actors get scared and refuse to work here after dark. Ghost of a woman in white sari, old man vanishing in thin air, a child crossing the road and then vanishing, ghost of an hurt woman chasing etc. are seen commonly.

Thane – Vrindavan Society

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

A man had committed suicide in a building in Building No.66 B of Vrindavan Society. The security guards watching the area have come across bizarre happenings since that time. They have been slapped on the face in seclusion and have been scared by ghostly whispers while patrolling at night. The place still remains one of the most haunted places in the Mumbai.

Taj Mahal Hotel

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

The Taj Mahal hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the country. Yet, some paranormal activities have been observed here as well. After a large number of incidents in a number of the rooms at the Taj Mahal hotel, it is declared to be haunted. After designing the hotel, the architect Chambers went back, France. When he came back he discovered that the hotel was built in reverse direction!! The distress was too much for him and he ended up killing himself, however it is reported that his ghosts roams on the floors of the old wings of the hotel.

The D’Souza Chawl – Mahim

Most Haunted Places In Mumbai

A ghost of a dead lady roams in the corridors of D’Souza chawl and has been seen several times near the well. The Well used to be a source of drinking water and other household chores, however it is not in use anymore, and it stands deserted!!! Locals tell that once a woman while trying to get water from the well fell into it by accident. She died straight away. Since then her ghost haunts this place but doesn’t harm anybody. The spirit disappears at sunrise.


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