Take A Trip To Top 15 Most Beautiful Countries In The World

most beautiful countries in the world

There’s nothing like seeing the world and traveling to expand your horizons and the most beautiful countries in the world mentioned on this list are breathtaking and they are so amazing that you’d want to pack your bags at once and embark on a trip of a lifetime. Vote up the most stunning destinations or add your own suggestion for the most beautiful country to visit if it’s not listed here already. This list ought to encourage you to travel and witness some of these stunning landscapes by yourself.

Which one is the prettiest country according to you? Share your thoughts in comments and re-rank the most beautiful countries in the world below.

  1. India

most beautiful countries in the world

Home to spectacular places like Kerala, Goa and Rajasthan, India has everything from glacier top Himalayas to the tropical beaches. From the pink city Jaipur, to the great shrine of love called Taj Mahal, to perhaps the best wildlife existing outside of Africa, the colors, diversity and everyday chaos of this country might be overwhelming. Nevertheless, it is unquestionably one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

  1. Uganda

most beautiful countries in the world

The incredible Uganda is called the pearl of Africa. Though it is a small country, it is the root of the most amazing rivers in the world the very longest being the Nile. The river is famous as the one being born in the ‘mountains of the moon’, more famoulsy known as the Rwenzoris, these are some of the mountains you might not have heard of but have to make an effort to see them! Uganda’s Lake Victoria is the most wonderful lake on earth, and the Uganda has one of the finest wildlife in the world on account of the stunning Murchison Falls National Park.

  1. Chile

most beautiful countries in the world

Chile spans approximately from the equator all the way up to the sub Antarctic, which makes it the longest adjoining country in the world as calculated by latitude. Crammed into the approximately 40 latitude degrees are a few of the world’s most gorgeous places. Last Hope Fjord is a stunning place, and the Atacama Desert is beyond belief, partially for the reason that it is the driest non-ice desert in the world. The most attractive of all Chile’s wonders is the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine.

  1. Switzerland

most beautiful countries in the world

Europe’s gorgeous mountain nation covers possibly the most beautiful components of the Alps. The Matterhorn is listed number twelve on the most beautiful countries in the world and number two in the most beautiful mountains on earth list, and the Bernese Oberland has the most stunning highlands on earth. The country’s beauty is almost near-perfection, as it is labeled as one of the cleanest countries on earth. Wandering through the streets of Switzerland’s villages and towns, like Lugano and Luzern, you’ll feel as if you are travelling through the valleys of heaven itself!

  1. Canada

most beautiful countries in the world

The Canadian Rockies are understandably famed as amongst the most stunning in the world. The dramatic view of Twelve Apostles from the Moraine Lake in the Banff National Park is one of the most gorgeous on earth, Vancouver is listed as one of the loveliest cities in the, the Baffin island mountains are not as famous as they deserve to be but are totally not-to-be-missed while travelling through Canada, the country has the greatest coastline on earth, and is featured as the most impressive fjord on earth! And we thought Canada only had Bieber!

  1. The United States of America

most beautiful countries in the world

A large part of the world’s population will agree to count United States of America amongst most beautiful countries in the world. Right from the botanical treasure to the climatic variations and from an incredible variety of wildlife to places of picturesque significance, you can expect a lot when in USA. Destinations you ought to visit in your Lubbock party bus road trip include the Miami Beach, the Grand Canyon, Alaska’s frozen lakes and many more such places that promise extraordinaire!

  1. Argentina

most beautiful countries in the world

From the magnificent splendor of Buenos Aires, rated as one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, to the enormous area of the Pampas, for sure Argentina is a land of reminiscent beauty. The Iguazu Falls of Argentina, are regarded as one of the 2 most impressive and attractive waterfalls on earth. Patagonia is the picturesque scenic highlight of this country. It is a place filled with stunning glaciers and unfeasible towering spears which tear the sky. Argentina is certainly visually astounding.

  1. Australia

most beautiful countries in the world

We all know that Australia is the most favorite destination for tourists, and it is also listed amongst the most beautiful countries in the world. Coasts, lakes, grasslands, deserts, food – all make Australia the ‘ideal package’ for globetrotters to visit here no less than once every few years. Sydney makes a promising sight because of its seashores, and shopping is amazing in Melbourne. With all its innate enthusiasm, Australia is always welcoming you!

  1. Italy

most beautiful countries in the world

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world embracing renowned cities like Rome, Vatican City and Venice. Without a shred of doubt Italy stands to be a favored destination for travelers. Over and above the natural affluence it is bequeathed with, the country also has a special distinctiveness in terms of spirituality. Moreover, some of the finest clothing trends are conceived in Milan – the globally celebrated fashion capital.

  1. China

most beautiful countries in the world

The traditionally relished art forms and cultures may significantly create a center of attention towards China, but there is a great deal of excitement here from a tourist’s point of view as well. One reason to be among the most beautiful countries in the world is China’s capital Beijing which is universally acclaimed for its innate natural richness. However, there indeed are cities like Guangzhou, Shanghai and Peaking that are too astonishing for traditional heritage and of course shopping.

  1. South Africa

most beautiful countries in the world

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is a destination that rules over all the other countries for its wild life, dense forests, oceans and sky scrapping mountain ranges. The instant you’ll land up in South Africa, you will be more than delighted to see how many options you have to go sightseeing. In this gorgeous country that is filled with natural beauty you can spend a wonderful time in the midst of some really out of this world surroundings.

  1. France

most beautiful countries in the world

The list of most beautiful places in the world will remain incomplete without incorporating France. Every traveler and explorer today dreams of going for a holiday in France and this is not just because of the green opulence of this beautiful country but also because the fashion, shopping and delightful food in France. Paris is a world renowned fashion hub and it is equally unforgettable for it delectable cuisines.

  1. Brazil

most beautiful countries in the world

There’s a lot more to Brazil’s beauty and uniqueness than the Brazilian footballers. Brazil is one of the most exceptionally beautiful countries in the world. Famous for being abode to the top football teams in the world, the amazing Iguazu Falls and the Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil is an exhilarating travel destination. From Amazon rainforests in North to the stifling beaches along Atlantic, to Pantanal wetlands and the vivacious metropolises of Southeast there are abundance of fascinating places to see in Brazil.

  1. New Zealand

most beautiful countries in the world

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful island-nations in the world. It is so spectacular that it becomes hard to decide where to start with such a scenically glorious place. Wellington is one of the most beautiful small cities, and Auckland is prominently gorgeous with a number of beaches around its mesmerizing isthmus setting.  New Zealand’s urban centres are extremely enjoyable. New Zealand’s coast is amazingly beautiful, and the Sutherland Falls, in Fiordland, are named as one of the most remarkable waterfalls in the world, and the famous Lake Pukaki is amongst one of the 3 most beautiful lakes on earth.

  1. Scotland

most beautiful countries in the world

Nowhere in the world can you view such an ideal blend of fascinating scenarios, plush greenery, wining & dinning quality, cheering people and of course, wellbeing. And aside from this, it is the heritage and history that are added feathers in its cap. When in Scotland every day, you’ll feel like a dream has come true when you find yourself immersed in such natural beauty that you can’t justify by praising it in words!



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