Migration from Entourage to Outlook: Easier Than You Think

Increasing numbers of Mac users are migrating to the Windows mail client. Since Entourage has now been discontinued, the transfer of its data is vital. The move, however, is complicated by the clash of file extensions. Whatever method you choose, you cannot skip the conversion step. Luckily, there is a way to make the transfer flawless and quick. 

Using the dedicated Entourage to Outlook tool from is the most reasonable and hassle-free way. The name says it all: devised specially for the purpose, the utility saves time and, most importantly, ensures the integrity of the transferred data. Since the Mac-based client stores information in its own format and has no export tools, you simply cannot do without third-party aids. 

The Core Principle

During the process, the *.MBOX files containing your Entourage mail will be either transformed into *.PST files used by Outlook, or imported into the client directly. With the software, this conversion is incredibly fast. Whether it is 32-bit or 64-bit Windows you use, relocation from Mac to PC is painless.

Basically, all you need to do is select the folder containing the Mac files and transport this data with *.MBOX extension onto the Windows machine. No editing or renaming is required, as the process is automated. Let the system handle everything by itself. 

Advantages of the Software

Here are the key benefits of the mentioned migration tool:

  • Speedy and error-free conversion of files.
  • Intuitive interface that is clear for all users regardless of their experience.
  • No need for specialist knowledge in the IT field.
  • No limits on the size of transferred e-correspondence — relocate as much data as you need. 
  • Automatic transformation of messages, images, and attachments into the *.PST format — minimized user participation.
  • The lightweight of the software — memory will not be cluttered.
  • Guarantee of perfect readability in all versions of Outlook.
  • *.MBOX file recovery — convert even damaged source files with ease.
  • Support of all versions of both clients.

Overall, this is an excellent solution for Entourage users of all skill levels. Not only is it quick and automated. The converter also works with damaged source data and ensures accuracy at a very reasonable price. This is something few mail transfer utilities can boast.

Since the migration may not be completed without a special tool (file converter at the very least), it is best to pick the most reliable all-in-one solution. If you are thinking of retaining the whole volume of email during the operating system switch, this data is probably essential. 

Why put it at risk when a reliable solution is at hand? Besides, the comprehensive transfer tool can deal even with corrupt source files. Keep all your messages and attachments intact and make the migration smooth and simple.


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