Top 10 Lewd Anime Series to Feel Ecchi and Emotional

Remember the time when we came back from school and Shin Chan was our most-viewed anime? The incessant laughter, the mother-son banter, and Action Coming. Well, as we grew up we figured there was a darker side to his story. Like everything that has a black and a white side lewd anime is now gaining popularity much like emotional anime like Naruto.

What is lewd anime?

Lewd anime refers to Japanese cartoons in which characters wear scant apparel or make explicit sexual remarks. Some make erotic jokes, while others express openly and you have to understand the pun-intended.

Nobody will watch anime solely for the erotic content. This list of the naughtiest anime was ranked based on quality, character style, and erotic content.

The fun part? Anime is not censored!

Best lewd anime to experience ecchi

Here are anime series you’d want to watch if ecchi is what you like:

Strike The Blood

24 Episodes
Studios: SILVER LINK., Connect
Action, Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Vampire, Supernatural,  and School are some of the genres covered
Season 4 premiered on April 8, 2014, and aired from 4th of October, 2013 to 28th of March, 2014

After a crucial incident, Kojou Akatsuki’s days as an ordinary high school student comes to an end, leaving him with incredible talents. He has vampire-like abilities, and a truth even worse is revealed to him. He is the fourth primogenitor, a powerful vampire that many people mistakenly think is only a fiction, which attracts a lot of people to him.

It also contains great action and ecchi elements, and it provides exactly what you should expect: a regular person has superhuman abilities who saves the day, and also has a lot of ecchi sequences along the way. This anime is ideal to watch if you are looking to transcend in a different world. The drama’s episodes skillfully combine a variety of interesting elements to keep you interested.


13 episodes
Diomedéa Studios
Comedy, Harem, Ecchi, Magic, Fantasy, and Romance are some of the genres covered
From 6th of July, 2012, to 28th of September, 2012, the show was broadcast

Campione is one of the greatest lewd anime! It has an enthralling plot, complex character development, and appealing characters. Furthermore, the protagonist isn’t a snob, and the feminine characters aren’t obnoxious, too aggressive, or princesses in need of saving.  They’re all adorable knights who belong on your favorite girl lists of lewd anime girls.

Kusanagi Godou, our 16-year-old main lead, emerges victorious from a fight with the Persian God of Victory, Verethragna; and therefore, he got Verethragna’s incredible powers, and is dubbed the Campione!, or God Slayer. He is then tasked with bringing all the Gods gone berserk under control. However, his abilities and elevated post starts getting a lot of noteworthy attention from lady preachers.

Erica Blandelli, their sword mistress, is especially eager to indulge in some “unconventional” (read: obscene) practices. This drama has it all: action, engaging people, a growing romance, and plenty of filthy stuff.

Haganai, I Don’t Have Many Friends


Kodaka Hasegawa is about to attend a novel school. He is excited to make new friends there and hopes to meet a lot of new people this year. Kodaka Hasegawa’s new life appears to reach to the end, however, he is labeled a delinquent due to his blonde hair and gloomy manner. In the last month, Kodaka has made no new pals.

But his destiny begins shifting as finds Yozora Mikazuki, a hermit like him. In a deserted classroom, he discovers her speaking with an imagined acquaintance. The two rapidly become friends and decide to start the Neighbours Club to assist others in overcoming the problems of acquiring friends.

Daily activities at the club include training members and more socializing activities. It’s for folks who don’t have any friends. A number of eccentrics soon joined the organization. The plot concentrates around their misadventures and intimate talks as they fathom that the companionship they sought grows along the way.

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

12 episodes
Harem, Supernatural, Mystery, Romance, Comedy, School, and Shounen are some of the genres covered
Dates aired: 12th of April, 2015 – 28th of June, 2015

Yamada Ryu is a problematic student with a violent history who is delinquent. Ryu meets Shiraishi Urara while climbing the stairs, who has a totally different personality  than Ryu—a perfect student who is quiet, gorgeous, and scholarly. Yamada awakens in the campus hospital, realizing he was somehow in Shiraishi’s body because he shoved her aside, leading the two of them to tumble and accidently kiss.

Toranosuke Miyamura, the sole member of the Club for Supernatural Studies, scouts them once they discover that a kiss awakens the power. After Miyabi Itou, a pupil with a deep interest in the paranormal, joins the group, the group sets out to uncover the Seven Witches of Suzaku High, a group of seven girls.

Although this anime contains explicit moments and outstanding fan service, it does not detract from the quality of the story or the series’ ability to keep a highly motivated plot. It offers a good mix of academic and mystical aspects, humor, and ecchi, thus keeping us interested.

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

12 episodes
Studios: Lerche
Action, Romance, Harem, Fantasy, Supernatural, Ecchi, and Mecha, are some of the genres covered
The show aired from 11th of January, 2016, to 28th of March, 2016

Lux Arcadia, a prince of the Empire of Old Arcadia and the most powerful Drag-Knight. Drag-Rides are old mechanical armoured equipment discovered in ruins around the world. But the throne was overthrown, and he was labeled a criminal by the New Empire. Five years later, the uprising, he inadvertently enters a female hostel and ends up naked in the shower next to the newly crowned princess of the realm, Lisesharte.

Lux is forced to enroll in the all women Drag Knight academy after a fierce Drag-Ride duel with an enraged Lisesharte. This anime does an excellent job of staying true to the outdated action-ecchi formula. This lewd anime series’ plot is deep and interesting.


12 episodes
A.C.G.T studio
Action, Drama, Science Fiction, Ecchi, , Seinen, Martial Arts, Harem, Romance
The show aired from 8th of January, 2011, to 7th of April, 2011

The plot is set several years in the upcoming time. The Novas are a foreign clan that has encroached on Earth. To win over the infiltrators, humanity implanted stigmata, which gave them superhuman skills, into a variety of female and male. Young men and women known as “Limiters” and “Pandoras” are trained to collaborate in military academies.

This series includes a lot of sexual moments, a meandering storyline, and ecchi makes up for what it does not have in fights. Despite the fact that the scene appears to be action-packed, the main themes are school drama, love, and, of course, ecchi.

Date A Live

AIC PLUS+ Studios
12 Episodes
Sci-Fi, Romance, Mecha, Harem, and School Comedy
Dates aired: 6th of April, 2013 – 22th of June, 2013

The series introduces us to “spatial quake,” an event including mysterious space vibrations. Such events happen quite often and can be quite damaging. Such quakes are caused by spirits, and their appearance sets them off. Shidou Itsuka hurries to rescue his sister Kotori’s city, Tengu City, which is in peril due to an earthquake. He is in the middle of an explosion, though, and encounters a mysterious female who is a soul.

Then after, he finds himself in the heart of a struggle between the Spirit team and the Anti-Spirit Team, a brutal attack team on the lookout for Spirits. As a result, an unknown party, known as “Ratatoskr,” becomes embroiled in the fight and dedicates himself to the preservation of the Spirits.

Kotori, the little sister, is unexpectedly in charge of them. Under duress, she enlists Shidou and teaches the Spirits a new method of working with them, prompting them to be lovers. He now must utilize his dating skills to both save the world and win the hearts of the spirits.

High School DxD

TNK Studios
Genres: Harem, Ecchi, Romance,Comedy, Demons, School
From 6th of January, 2012, to 23rd of March, 2012, the show was broadcast

Despite the fact that it is not at all underappreciated, this anime should be on any list of filthy anime. High School DxD, in spite of this anime being lewd, features action, mystical aspects, and a plot. Despite dealing with a wide range of emotions, action, and  drama, it manages to keep the spectator engaged.

Kuoh Academy, which was previously a girls-only high school, is now coed. Issei Hyoudou, a pervert student, is excited to begin his stay at the school. This guy spends his entire day gazing at ladies and fantasizing about having his own harem, but the moment a cute girl invites this guy out, things start to get interesting.

Rias Gremory resurrects Issei like her worker and admits him to the school’s Occult Research Club. Issei is thrust into a new realm of devils and angels, and he then fights and lives while keeping his new identity hidden from his friends and family. Rias Gremory is a senior student and a top-tier devil. He is resurrected as her servant. With each successive voyage, he must encounter greater challenges, form stronger friendships with his pals, and encounter amusing and filthy scenarios.

Why the hell are you here, Teacher?

Tear Studio
12 episodes
Comedy, Seinen Ecchi
Dates aired: 8th of April, 2019 – 24 of June, 2019

Kana “The Demon” Kojima, the severe Language teacher of Japanese, loads the show with illicit pleasures and every masculine desire imaginable, frightening even the courageous school miscreants. Ichirou Satou, a high school student, inevitably finds himself in unwanted situations and private moments with her.

Kojima and Satou happen to meet paths in the washroom one fateful day, and they wind up and share a passionate encounter. Each and every episode has a handful of brief scenes observing the two as they go about their daily lives, becoming closer and closer each time. Despite the lack of a story, the anime has a lot of ecchi moments.

Many sexual experiences can be ticked off your list, including ass-magnet, boob planting,  beach episode, Santa costume, and many more. So this anime is one of them raunchy anime showing off those lewd anime figures you should watch!


Episodes: 13
Studios: 7 Arcs
Action, Comedy, Super Power Ecchi, and Harem
From July 4th to September 26th, 2010

The mysterious MBI has created 108 Sekirei humanoids with exceptional combat skills for The Sekirei Project, a massive battle royale on the roads of Shintou Teito. The “Ashikabi,” or teachers, who can control and unlock the Sekirei’s power, will be sent into the city to hunt them down.

The Sekirei fight in pairs, and a single group wins and takes home the secret reward. The excellent first season focuses on Minato, a clever but failed student who is thought to be of not worthless in the eyes of everyone.

Final thoughts

Although every ecchi anime is obscene, fans are concerned with much more than simply lewdness! They want interesting stories, amazing animation, and adorable characters. These lewd anime are the greatest if you’re looking for these elements in bold ecchi anime.

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