Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Career, Controversies, and More

Kevin Samuels was a well-known internet sensation in America. His immense popularity reflects from his number of followers on social media platforms such as Instagram (1.2m) and YouTube (1.7m). With such a massive fan following, it is no wonder that Kevin Samuels net worth was a matter of public curiosity.

The internet sensation became famous for his content on contemporary topics such as relationships. While considered radical in his thoughts and ideas, he undoubtedly garnered a lot of traction. This obviously leads to the question: What was Kevin Samuels net worth?

Kevin Samuels net worth 2023

As per reports that have been made public to date, Kevin Samuel net worth was $4 Billion. This is an enormous amount to be milked by someone who was an internet sensation. However, one must recognize that the crowds he drew on social platforms were not always there because they loved him and agreed with him.

As mentioned earlier, he had polarized opinions of relationships and women. So, while Kevin Samuels net worth was humungous, the money didn’t always pour in with a positive connotation.

At the time of his death, the Kevin Samuels net worth 2022 was $4 million. His monthly earning from his YouTube channel alone was a generous $5,000. Apart from this, he also earned it from his image consultation firm. He was known to charge a mighty amount of $10,000 per client for image consultation. Thus, Kevin Samuel net worth doesn’t come as surprising at all.

His unorthodox image as a social media influencer and “self-proclaimed” coach might have earned him immense malice, but it also escalated his earning significantly.

As he died in 2022, the estimated net worth for 2023 remains $4 million.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Career, Controversies, and More

Kevin Samuel net worth: How he built it?

Now that we know what was Kevin Samuels net worth, it is essential to understand how he built it bit by bit. Keeping aside the misogynistic and repulsive side of his personality, it is important to note that he was extremely diligent.

While he had an academic background in engineering, it was during his tenure at a company named “The Real Yellow Pages” that he realized his true calling was fashion. With his enterprising attitude, it didn’t take him long to learn he could milk his passion. Soon he became the go-to person to consult when one had the ultimate job interview of their career.

Once he had established and stabilized his firm, he turned to social media, where his self-worth got that extra nudge to soar higher. With his enormous number of fans finding his content erudite, Samuels continued progressing onward and upward.

Childhood & Personal Life

Samuels was born on 13th March 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Millwood High School and then got a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

He then worked as a Development Manager. However, Samuels turned towards marketing once he entered his professional life.

He was married twice, and both eventually resulted in separation, and he had a daughter.

Samuels was known for his affinity toward high-end vehicles. He owned many, including Lamborghini Uros Mini Cooper amounting to $ 40,000. The notable social media sensation also owned Mercedes, and a Tesla Model X. That’s a captivating list of cars anybody would dream of owning!

Content career

The social media sensation then went into image consulting and started his own firm by his name.

Having worked in advertising and marketing, he understood and valued the significance of aesthetics in every facet of life. His firm imparted consultation for image and personal interviews. The firm also offered consultation on personal style to its clientele.

Kevin commenced his social media journey with Vine videos in 2013. The social media platform was then shut up in 2016.

This was when he started with video content on YouTube. He created content on topics such as “relationships in modern times.” His video content usually pertained to fashion, lifestyle, and relationships. His style online usually was in congruence with his consultation firm in terms of content. This is to say that Samuels offered his followers advice on similar topics online, as did his firm to its clients.

Social media outrage

His perspective often irked the populace and led to social media outrage. His cynical videos on “Are modern women doomed?”, “A world without men?” invited large-scale social media wrath. However, such public outrage was too minute too deter the social media connoisseur.

His views on social and generic issues led him to be tainted as a misogynist. For instance, in a video dated back to 2022, Samuels referred to unmarried women as “leftovers.” This elicited fury among many on social media.

His hyper-masculine personality and perspective rubbed many, especially women, the wrong way. However, his supporters on social media venerated him as an innovative, intelligent, and brave-spirited individual. They hailed him as someone who always had the correct advice on most life-related topics in today’s date and age.

He believed in abiding by bygone social rules and gender roles. He thought pulchritude to be the appropriate yardstick to measure a woman’s worth. Quite the opposite was his belief about a man’s worthiness. He bluntly advised men to judge themselves and their social worth based on the money in their possession.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Career, Controversies, and More

As repulsive as it might seem, Kevin Samuels also believed that men should show adherence to the role assigned to their gender by being assertive. On the other hand, women were to be as submissive as possible. With such loathsome and pessimistic views spreading across his massive fan following of over 2 million, no wonder people felt men listening to him would be conditioned in the wrong way.

While his videos were widely criticized, they also got viewership that ranged from 200 to 400K. Needless to say, he did enjoy a mammoth following. However, it is questionable whether all of these followers harbored positive feelings for Samuels.

Kevin Samuels controversies

Though Samuels started with content related to fashion and lifestyle, he gradually started delving into controversial topics. Some of the most contentious issues on which Samuels spoke via his YouTube videos are: “One thing that keeps women single and unmarried” and “Biggest reason modern women aren’t married.”

Infuriatingly demeaning towards women, his videos amassed disapproval from netizens. A video on his YouTube page, “You are average at best, ” became infamous. Released in 2020, the video shows an interaction between Samuels and a woman. Samuels is heard telling the woman that she is average and that women who seek anything beyond their limits end up dying alone.

While the video gathered immense viewership and criticism, Kevin Samuels ensured he remained unperturbed by the condemnation surrounding him. He was always heard defending himself on all public platforms with utmost confidence and fervor.

Yet another video from Samuels deserves mention in this column for its sheer obscenity. The obscenity particularly comes from Samuels in the video when he is heard saying that women who do not manage to be married by 35 are best termed as “leftover women.”


As per the New York Times, over 1700 people had subscribed to his newsletter and paid various amounts of money for the same. However, his social media content’s vile nature didn’t go unnoticed. Roughly 33,000 people had signed a petition on to seek the removal and suspension of his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

In May 2021, a critical piece about Samuels appeared in the Grio. Written by Eartha Hopkins, it vehemently criticized Kevin’s belief that he represented the “average black man” in his opinions and perspectives. He was labeled as someone with a regressive outlook towards women and treated them as scapegoats at his convenience.

The social media enthusiast once again gained criticism when he appeared in Future’s music video of “Worst Day.” Justifying the move of casting Samuels as a creative one, Future expressed his indignation by saying, “he would never have cast the notorious personality had he known” before the video was shot.

Talking to The Oklahoma Gazette in 2016 about how his interest in fashion rose, Kevin mentioned that he had been quite particular about his clothing since childhood. He also attributed his knack and eye for style to his mother.

After his death, journalist Ernest Owen tweeted, “Kevin Samuels has made a career off of shamelessly disgracing black women for profit. He emboldened the most toxic individuals to project tired and harmful narratives about black women. Dead or alive, what a disgraceful life to live.”

Kevin Samuels death

Samuels died on 5th May 2022 in his hometown in Atlanta, Georgia. His mother, Beverly Samuels-Burch, had confirmed his death to NBC News. Sadly, she said, she had learned of her son’s demise through social media. However, she expressed reluctance to share any further information about her son’s death.

Per Atlanta Police Department, they had received a call from an unknown woman about an “unresponsive black man on the floor of his apartment”. On interrogation, the Atlanta PD found out that the woman had spent the previous night with Samuels. She had also informed the police that he had complained of chest pains before collapsing.

He was around 56 or 57 years old at his death. Per the autopsy report prepared by the Chief Medical Examiner in Georgia, the YouTube star died of hypertension. Karen. E Sullivan, the Chief Medical Examiner, also reported that the death was natural.

Sullivan further elaborated in her report that Samuels’ heart chambers were thicker than usual. This condition is ventricular hypertrophy, marked by the thickening of the heart’s left and right ventricles.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth, Career, Controversies, and More

Kevin Samuels death cause

As per the Toxicology tests, he had the amiodarone drug in his blood. This drug treats abnormal heart rhythms. Remnants of another drug called atenolol proved that he was undergoing treatment for hypertension.

An interesting point to note here is that almost 55% of black Americans suffer from hypertension. This is a reasonably high figure compared to Africans suffering from the same issue in any other part of the globe.

Samuels death ushered intense criticism from some notable personalities like Journalist Ernest Owen. But many renowned figures who were friends with the star expressed their anguish. Some friends and well-wishers are Gangsta Boo, Pierre “P” Thomas, Joe Budden, and Jean Deaux.

The renowned rapper, T.I., took to Instagram to express his grief. He posted, “Rest Well, Big Dog. May God be pleased with and accept your service, brother. Speaking your truth on behalf of the unnoticed was truly a thankless task. I am thankful that we have had an opportunity to celebrate success and exchange philosophy together. Love and Respect King.”

Kevin Samuels’ last social post

Best known for being a polarizing YouTube star. Even the last social post from him can be termed denigrating at best. Titled “Modern day women are a party of 1?”, he talks about the importance of women being domestic.

In his interaction with a female guest, he mentioned that a woman’s dexterity at domestic chores went a long way in proving her mettle than her academic qualification or professional success.

Sadly, Samuels also stated in the video that culinary skills qualify as one of the highest parameters for judging a woman. A woman lacking in domesticity will most likely remain without a partner all her life.

Samuels clearly left no stone unturned in expressing his belittling thoughts even hours before his death. This Instagram video was the last piece of content from the Youtuber.

Hence, most people had ambivalent reactions to Samuels’ death due to his ruptured views on society and women.

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