Keeping Up Your Curb Appeal: How to Find the Best Driveway Company

Keeping Up Your Curb Appeal: How to Find the Best Driveway Company

A driveway is more than a link to your home’s entrance or garage. It’s one of the first things people notice, which means a driveway defines your home’s character.

If you’re building a new home and you need a driveway built or your existing driveway is in a terrible state, you’re going to need a driveway company. But with some many companies around, how do you find the best?

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips for finding a driveway company that will not only do a quality job, but also leave you deeply satisfied.

Draw a List of About 5 Contractors

The first step to finding the right driveway company is to create a list without about 5 different companies.

You’re probably asking, “But how do I find these companies?”

Good question! If you randomly collect the names of various companies in your area, there’s a chance none of them might be worth your money.

Start by getting recommendations from the people in your circles. If you have a neighbor who has a nice driveway, ask them about the contractor who did the job.

If your offline search doesn’t yield any or enough results, go online and search “best driveway companies near me.” Your search engine will pull up a page comprising the top-rated local driveway companies.

Read User Reviews

The next step is to start eliminating companies from your list – one by one.

To do this, find each company’s user reviews. What are past clients saying about the quality and reliability of services on platforms such as Yelp and Better Business Bureau? If a company has a habit of doing a shoddy job, there’s no doubt frustrated clients will go online and air their views.

So if a company on your list has a collection of low ratings and negative reviews, purge it – even if it’s the one you got from the neighbor with a nice driveway. One quality job doesn’t necessarily mean the contractor nails it each time.

In addition to checking reviews, be sure to keep an eye on how the company responds to negative comments. A reliable company should offer a positive response that puts the client’s needs first.

Ask About Driveway Installation Process

After narrowing down your options to 2-3, it’s time to make contact and talk to the people behind the companies.

Most companies offer a free initial consultation. Use this opportunity to ask about their driveway installation process. How do they source the material they use? If you’re looking for asphalt contractors, for instance, they should tell you where they get the asphalt.

Also, ask whether the contractors do all the work themselves or they subcontract some aspects of the project? Do they offer a service guarantee on their work?

While at it, ask for a quote and determine whether it’s within your budget. Be wary of companies that give quotes without asking to visit your home and do an assessment before giving a quote.

Speak to Previous Clients

Any contractor who’s confident in their services should freely refer you to some of their past clients. Don’t shy away from making contact with those clients and asking about their experience.

Hire the Best Driveway Company

Installing or repairing a driveway is a costly undertaking. It’s crucial to find a driveway company that’s worth the money. Lucky for you, this guide has fleshed out the information you need to find the best contractor.

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