It’s a New Year, Time for a New Dealership Website

When you’re upgrading your dealership website, you don’t just need a new look, you need newer and better capabilities. For auto dealers, the internet is only recently opening up its potential due to the latest sales and marketing applications, designed to generate better leads and more sales. 

This means that in the upcoming year, you can get a whole new website with a new agenda to boost your business. The key to upgrading your online presence can be found in dealership digital sales and marketing experts. 

Making a Change Online

Upgrading your website isn’t only about adding features that new customers will appreciate, it’s about a change in the goals that you’ll be achieving online. Ask yourself what your website is currently able to do. 

Likely, your current strategy is based on featuring the latest vehicles in your inventory and advertising special deals. That’s because a website that doesn’t offer a way for new customers to engage in an active way, in order to find what they are looking for specifically, can’t offer much in terms of building leads. 

Achieving More than the Usual Strategy

Most dealerships today are still caught up in the game of using their website to lure online customers to travel to their physical dealership in order to let your sales team take over. If that’s all that you’re currently gaining from your website, however, then you’re likely falling behind the offerings of your competition. All it takes is for another dealership to offer a more engaging online experience and you’ll be guaranteed to lose all of those potential new customers at the click of a button. 

Taking Advantage of Your Online Potential

With the help of more engaging online applications, you can offer a new generation of customer exactly what they’re looking for from your website. For example, when you get online help chat for your dealership website, your potential new customers will be greeted as soon as they come online. 

From there, they can ask questions to an online operator who is ready to guide them through your inventory. Through this process, new customers can be matched with the exact class of vehicle they’re looking to purchase, at prices they can afford. This experience is more satisfying for the customer but it also increases your potential for a sale. 

Connecting with Your Sales Team 

At any point in the online chat experience, members of your sales team can jump in to offer deals tailored specifically to that customer. Not only does this allow your team to develop unique deals in real time, but you can also enhance the communication with photos and video. You can even connect to customers using text messaging to ensure that the conversation continues uninterrupted until your deal closes. 

By this point, you probably have a good sense that there have been many new developments in digital services for dealerships online. Connect with an online dealership software provider today to learn even more about the latest services that you can implement today!

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