Is Male Enhancement Bad for You?

Penis enlargement is something that almost every man has desired at some point in their lives, but can they actually do more harm than good?

While it depends largely on the method, penis enlargement techniques may not be as detrimental, or as helpful, as they are made out to be.  With the help of an industry leader, we navigate the often confusing world of male enhancement. To learn which techniques can work for you and which may actually be working against you.

“Men struggle with many of the same image issues as women.” A spokesperson for Adult Products India, one of the leading providers of sexual enhancement and penis enlargement products, confides. “While society provides women with makeup, pushup bras, and various other types of enhancing products, there are very few options for men. We look to close that gap, and offer men products that they would like to use that will help boost their self-image. At the same time, keeping them safe and healthy.”

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis enlargement pumps are a bit of a double edged sword. Use them too often, or too aggressively, and they can actually cause damage to the delicate tissues (corpora cavernosa) that engorge with blood during an erection.

Using a penis enlargement pump effectively requires the user to be aware of what pressures are safe. When a user has applied a safe amount of vacuum pressure to their penis, it is then suggested that they use a device, commonly known as a cock ring, to secure the base of the penis and prevent blood from escaping.

This device should not be used often or aggressively. The cock ring should be removed within 30 minutes of application so as to not damage the tissues of the penis.

Penis Enlargement Creams and Pills

Most penis enlargement creams and pills aren’t necessarily used for visual enlargement, but prolongation of sexual congress. “For some men that we speak with, concerns over their penis size isn’t so simple as that. They also have concerns with performance. In these instances, creams are suggested as a first approach.”

Most creams and pills on the market work in one of two ways: Either they have a desensitizing element, so that your sprint becomes more of a marathon. Or they have a compound that encourages blood flow to your member.

Remember that it’s always incredibly important to consult your doctor before taking any type of pill or supplement. Many penis enlargement pills can interactive severely with other medications. Always check with a physician before taking them and never take more than is recommended. If you’re choosing the cream route, try a small amount before you engage in sexual activity to make sure you and your partner don’t have any sensitivities.

Penis Enlargement Sleeves

Penis enlargement sleeves are a great way to boost your sexual confidence. “Sleeves work for everyone. They are non-invasive and a fun way to spice up the bedroom”

Sleeves come in any number of colors and styles, allowing for you to step up your bedroom game in any way you see fit. Sleeves work similarly to condoms, as you slide them over the shaft of an erect penis. Penis enlargement sleeves also add a bit of desensitization as well, so they can not only improve the size of your erection, but also the duration of your activities.

Some penis enlargement sleeves come with optional additions such as vibration or perineum massagers. These penis enlargement techniques are some of the best, as they have next to no side effects. They’re also incredibly easy to use at any point during play.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Surgery is almost never suggested in terms of penis enlargement. Unless you’ve been diagnosed with the real health condition of a “micro penis” it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find a reputable surgeon who would even get close to you with a scalpel. Penis enlargement surgery is extremely dangerous and can have disastrous side effects. Including disfigurement and long term disability.

There are semi-surgical options available, such as implants or piercings, but even these aren’t suggested. “Going to such lengths [as surgery] are often wildly unnecessary. There are many ways to improve your performance and confidence in the bedroom without turning to surgical practices.” Adult Products India spokesperson suggests trying out any number of toys or even considering therapy prior to going under the knife. “It’s just incredibly dangerous, and sex should be fun. Undergoing surgery takes out all of the adventure of experimentation.”

His personal thoughts? “Talk with your partner and take your time finding what works for you. Taking your time to experiment with new positions and additions is sometimes more fun than finding that one thing you thought you needed.”

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