Some Of The Most Mind-Blowing Interesting Luxembourg Facts

interesting Luxembourg facts 1

Luxembourg is a small and dazzling European country which has an affluent cultural history mainly in the field of painting, music and photography. Throughout the year, lots of festivals are celebrated here, which represent that the traditional legacy of the country. Architecture as well, with extraordinary edifices like the Echternach Basilica and the Vianden Castle, exemplifies the beauty of the civilization that once passed through the hands of Germans and Romans. Though small in size, this European country dreams big, and that will be evident by the interesting Luxembourg facts that we have put together for you.

interesting Luxembourg facts 1

Captivating and interesting Luxembourg facts:

1. ‘Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn is the motto of Luxembourg it means ‘We want to remain what we are’.


interesting Luxembourg facts

2. Luxembourg is the only stable sovereign Grand Duchy of the world and it is among the smallest countries of Europe.


3. Luxembourg has world’s highest GDP per capita and its GDP is roughly 3 times the average GDP of EU.


4. Luxembourg is famous in Europe for its largest television and radio stations: with 34 television stations and 33 radio stations in almost 12 countries which includes of M6 channel of France and Channel Five of the United Kingdom.


5. In addition to this, Luxembourg is also the uplink house of SES, which is a carrier of major European satellite services in Britain and Germany.

interesting Luxembourg facts


6. One of the most interesting Luxembourg facts is that, Luxembourg contributes the highest trade of alcohol in the European GDP.


7. Although it is a secular country, predominantly Roman Catholics exist in the country.


8. German is the first language of the country, which is taught in the schools and is also used by the media and Church. However, businesses dealings are done in French language.


9. You’ll be surprised to know the next entry in our list of interesting Luxembourg facts – Luxembourg has a trilingual education system; in the initial stage primary school students are taught in Luxembourgish before changing to German, while secondary school students are taught in French.


10. The only university in the country is the University of Luxembourg.

interesting Luxembourg facts


11. The main industries of Luxembourg are banking, steel and iron, chemicals and food processing.


12. It was selected as the 3rd leading European country for business efficiency in the year 2005.


13. Luxembourg is amongst the founder members of NATO, the European Union, the Western European Union and the Benelux. It is the bench of many agencies and institutions of the EU.


14. Luxembourg is the least populated country among all the member countries of EU. It is also the 20th smallest country of the world amongst the 194 independent nations.


15. An American company, The Heritage Foundation, ranked Luxembourg as the fourth in the world and first in Europe for economic freedom.


16. Luxembourg has two regions: The Oesling in the north and the Gutland in the south. The Northern part of the country is comparatively less populated.


17. National Day of Luxembourg is celebrated on 23rd June; it is also the birthday of Charlotte, the Grand Duchess.

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18. One of the most interesting Luxembourg facts is that, as a result of their banking secrecy laws, Luxembourg has got the reputation of a tax haven.


19. It is listed in UNESCO World Heritage site because of its momentous history in Roman and Spanish kingdom.


20. Luxembourg was titled as the ‘European Capital of Culture’ for the first time in 1995and then again in 2007.


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