How to Treat The Flu Naturally Through Home Remedies

Flu also known as Influenza, is an extremely contagious disease that can be deadly, particularly in high-risk groups such as infants, elderly people, pregnant women and people with constant disease or weak immune systems. It is caused by the virus in the respiratory tract. Flu seems to be more frequent in winter and early spring. Flu affects respiratory system which includes throat, lungs, and nose.

how to treat the flu

What is flu?

Influenza (flu) is caused by infection of birds, humans, and animals. Majority of people are getting common health issues. Symptoms of the disease are identified exactly within one or two weeks.  It gives illness on the respiratory system and 0.1 % of the death rate. Flu symptoms are described in the following paragraph. Common infections of the disease are cold which occurred who infected with a virus. It is the very dangerous disease for children. To prevent influenza taking the flu vaccine every year gives the exact solution. This disease make you feel unpleasant within a week.

In addition, flu is caused by various viruses. Symptoms of the disease begin suddenly and serve person lot. It occurred on the unusual situation while some flu is outbreaks. It has caused more times in earlier years. Influenza is exposed in the human populations that become changed in an effective manner. Outbreaks are mostly on epidemics which preserved in tissue. It was caused forty to hundred million of death in 1918.  This disease is spread quickly over the world. It mostly appears in spring and winter season. Experts know how to treat the flu using medicine

Generally, it lasts for one to two weeks but can be damaging if lasted longer. Getting the flu vaccine is the most effective way of keeping oneself way from the flu.

How Flu spreads :

  • Via airborne respiratory dewdrop (coughing & sneezing)
  • By skin-to-skin contact (handshakes or hugging)
  • By saliva (kissing or sharing beverages)
  • By touching a polluted surface (cover or doorknob)

It will be spread from person to person. People those who have flu might spread disease to person to six feet.  Also it spread via air which sick people cough or sneeze. The virus can be lives up to forty eight hours.  It is propelled to your nose, eyes at short distance. Droplets land on your skin is doorknob, desk, and counter.  However, it is the most common health issue that affecting the wide range of people worldwide. Different kinds of treatment are there to cure the influenza. Flu affected person get treatment from expert doctor. Virus attacks are spreading the illness to the repository system and cause more infections.

What are the symptoms to check flu?

It will be spread from one person to another person directly and indirectly.   It produces sneezing on the starting stage. The person has to undergo laboratory or physical tests to prevent the disease. It is indirectly occurred by droplets land to individuals. People should take treatment within four days to cure the disease.

  • It consists of three types of A, B, and C. Type A is mostly caused by humans.  Symptoms help patient to know the method to cure the flu. It makes chronic health issues to people.  Many people those who suffer to recover completely within few weeks.
  • A patient also increases serious life-threatening of medical complications. Most of the problems are resolved to depend on the situation of the risks.  Typically, flu strain is built to cure epidemic situations.
  • Death will be caused by seasonal flu that prevented by vaccination of influenza. Vaccine technology is created every year to cure the disease. Some of the foods are suggested which listed individuals to recover health issues of this disease.  
  • There is prescribed medicine avail to get the best treatment. A flu vaccine is differing every year and home remedies there to get effective treatment. Drug treatment or flu is changing constantly these days.
  • Timely vaccination is offered to the disease to cure with the simple process. It is essential to control flu and health to be normal.  People must aware of pandemics which cause death individuals sometimes.
  • It is considered an essential part when treating the disease. Conventional flu is more susceptible to circulating viruses. Individuals are finding high risks of flu. It mainly infected with people who close to birds. Doctors provide treatment after confirming results of some tests. The symptoms severe you must have to take treatment to recover your health.  

Symptoms of flu are:

I found people overlooking the flu symptoms and finally getting hit by the same. So below are the major flu symptoms, one should never neglect:
1. Fever above 38°C or 100°F
2. Sore throat and wheezing
3. Severe cough
4. Headache or body ache
5. Sweats and chills
6. Stuffy nose
7. Weakness
8. Fatigue
9. Loss of appetite
10. Shortness of breath
11. Vomiting
12. Diarrhea

These flu symptoms resemble the normal cold, though these occur more rapidly and can go more severe.

Different treatments to cure Flu naturally at home:

how to treat the flu

 If you sick influenza you have to get the right treatment to kill virus soon.  Symptoms appear which lead to other health issues such as pneumonia, ear infections, and bronchitis.  With prescribed method homemade treatment is avail to cure the disease. In such cases, simple remedies help to cure symptoms of flu fast.   It is infected to adults and children who trend in the immune systems. The home remedies are highly secure from most complications and protect issues suddenly.  People those who have issues with flu cure with following home remedies. It helps to cure of your home. If you have idea how to treat the flu you acquire best solution without taking any treatment.

  1. Use Honey:

 Honey is the effective ingredient to improve the immune system. It also decreases common symptoms of influenza.  Honey contains antimicrobial and antibacterial which used for a healing process. It gives the valuable solution to kill flu virus.

  • You have take 1 tablespoon of honey and glass of water.
  • Mix honey in the hot water, add lemon juice if you need. Drink it to boost your muscle and minimize itchiness and irritation in the throat.  You should drink it twice or thrice per day.
  • Take onion juice and honey equally mix it together.  Intake one table spoon of mixture 3 times in a day
  • You may also combine the juice with extracted ten to fifteen basil leaves. You take it once in a day.

2. Mustard:

  • It is one of the healing properties that assist to treat influenza symptoms.  It has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory to recover health risks easily.
  • You have to make mustard as the paste, take 1tablespoon of dry mustard and 4 spoons of flour, one egg white, and warm water.
  • Make it as paste and add olive oil on chest and other muslin cover and leave it after fifteen minutes.
  • It improves blood circulation and removes flu within few weeks.  It will do for four to six hours regularly.

3. Lemon:

  If you don’t know how to cure the flu, look this tip. Lemon has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.  It assists to cure flu in your body.

  • First squeeze lemon in warm water.  Drink it three or four times every day.
  • Take lemon juice and   1tsp of honey, rum to boil water. Steep it for few minutes and drink twice for few days.
  • You Pulp and skin of lemon to boiling water, and steep to five minutes.  Drink it 3 or 4 times regularly until symptoms subside.

4. Garlic:

  • It is available on all home kitchens. Garlic helps to increase immune system is consists of antibacterial and antifungal, antiseptic properties.   
  • Crush 2 or 3   garlic cloves and put one cup of hot water. Steep it for ten minutes and drink it as tea. Intake this three or four time per day
  • Otherwise, chew one garlic several times in a day.  It gives the exact solution for the flu virus.

5. Ginger:

  • It is most popular natural home remedy to cure various health risks. It is great anti-inflammatory properties to treat symptoms of flu. It boosts strengthen your immune system and fight virus of influenza.
  • Ginger tea gives the best solution to treat this disease.  Take one-half teaspoon of garlic and put to boiling water,  leave it for few minutes. Then add honey and take it 3 to four times daily.
  • Mix two spoon of a grated ginger root, one teaspoon of cayenne powder and bayberry bark. Add boiled water and steep for thirty minutes and strain it.

Look at the causes of influenza or flu to verify the disease:  

Flu viruses are changed continually over time in viral RNA. Depend on a process of workflow this disease is treated by specialist doctors.   

  • A, B and C type of flu is cause various health problem to individuals.   A and B are significant which are different from C. Death rates of flu are increased on all three types.  
  • Type C cause’s mild respiratory risks do not occur in epidemics. A and B types control the impact of flu and not severe of public health impact. Moreover, it infected to create antibodies and recognize changes in the new virus. It offers the best protection from any other health risks. A type of virus is split into subtypes.
  • It is varied on a viral surface of the protein known as hemagglutinin.  Those who are compromised on the virus might cause stress to people. A surface of protein occurs in different combinations.  
  • If flu is not killed with an immune system, it again occurs on the respiratory system. Many changes are occurred by type B with a gradual process. The subtype of proteins is emerging and not causes pandemics. It is caused to adults and kids in these days. Type A virus is modified on both.

Various tips to cure flu fast and quick without medicine:

  1. Take rest at home:  

If you have flu, you take rest which gives the exact solution to you.  It reduces stress and does work on your home elegantly. Rest is the essential one for everyone in the world.  You have spent time with watching movies, cat napping, reading some story book and other. It makes you feel better and cure symptoms faster with no treatment.  If you take rest few days, you might result in few weeks.

2. Drink fluids:

You must have to intake more liquids. It keeps your respiratory system to be normal and remove virus entirely from your body.  It builds up your lungs and boosts strength. It will split out flu easily and get good health. The respiratory system is to be hydrated and remove a cough.   It turns to be healthy and protect from any other disease.

3. Care about your cough:

It is best way to treat the flu and caring about a cough gives the efficient solution to a patient. If you know the level of a cough you find the way how to treat flu convenient way.  It counters treatments and keeps muscle to be strong. Over the counter is not given to kids who under 4. It is one of the ways to get relief from influenza in these days.

4. Avoid smoking:

Smoking causes many health problems to individuals; you need to quit smoking first.  It makes the person die situation. If you are nonsmokers keep your health to be strong always.  It is especially on flu virus occurred. You will feel physically active and get good sleep.

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