How to Style Elevator Loafers

Style Elevator Loafers

Loafers are not just for pretty boys, but they sure do make everyone look stunning when worn the right way. Loafers are slip-on shoes that came into the fashion industry as casual shoes but people wear them in varying occasions these days ranging from formal business meetings to garden weddings. Elevator loafers are just as sexy as loafers with the bonus of extra height to help you stand tall. The slip-on style of loafers mean that they do not have laces or any add-ons to secure the foot tightly unless for decoration purposes. GuidoMaggi elevator loafers come in a wide range of styles, designs, and materials ranging from leather to suede, hence you have a tone of options to suit your wandering palette.

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Minimalist penny loafer

The penny loafer has a simplistic design that makes it versatile enough to fit into a myriad of styles and occasions. For starters, you may purchase a classic brown loafer that will go well with jeans and shorts. To make the penny loafer a tad bit interesting, you may opt for vibrant colors from the GuidoMaggi line such as blue, light grey and mustard brown. Emanuele Briganti gives a nod to the penny loafer, which is pretty obvious from the options available from GuidoMaggi shoes that make you taller.

Tassels anybody?

Tassels are cute and fun, which is the right combination you need to add life to your loafer. Tasseled loafers are often made from leather. As such, they are ideal for formal outfits but not a straight two-piece or three-piece suit. For a business situation, you may opt for a blazer to pair with your elevator tassel loafers in order to break the seriousness of a suit.

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Let your loafers do the talking

When it comes to styling loafers, you definitely want the shoe to be as visible as possible and necessary. For pants, ensure that your pants fall just at the ankles or better yet, right above the ankles. This way, your elevator loafers will be on display for the world to see. Chinos are perfect for this look and you may go further and pick bold-colored chinos to take your outfit to the next level. Alternatively, pick up your favorite pair of shorts on a casual weekend and rock it with your loafers. The shorts will leave enough leg room for the loafers to stand out and make a fashion statement for you.

Should you wear loafers with socks or without? Well, the truth is that this choice depends on the type of loafer, type of socks, and your personal sense of style. Ideally, loafers are worn without socks because the shoe is visible in its entirety hence the socks will also be visible. The good news is that there are no-show socks that sit neatly inside the shoe without being visible because they only go up to your heel. As such, you will be comfortable wearing your elevator loafers during the day when it’s warm.

GuidoMaggi scarpe con rialzo offer classic fashion with the bonus of elevation hence short men can now explore the world of loafers and benefit from the extra height.


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