How To Stop Your Period? Natural And Safe Solutions

How To Stop Your Period- Natural And Safe SolutionsIn the midst of the wedding season the get-togethers, the parties and the celebrations, all girls might be shopping really hard to make themselves standout!!!

So all preparations are made, and you are all set to groom yourself, carrying yourself with the best posture, however what would you do if it happens to be your first day of periods!!!

Well, of course you will have to quit the idea of being the star of the show and will either have to stay back because of the bloated tummy and cramps or you will have to abandon your dress for which you made so many preparations and will have to go for something which would be SAFER!

So here we have framed this article How to stop your period so as to put you at ease in such unwanted situations.

How to stop your period?

How to stop your period naturally

  • This is one of the most frequently asked questions specially by women who are into some kind of professional which needs there physical activeness to its peak, say a business woman who has to attend conferences and meetings, or maybe model who needs to pull of dresses especially those figure hugging dresses or maybe those sports women, who’ve got to run kilometers in the race tracks. So in such circumstances its best to avoid your period for a couple of days!
  • Therefore we have provided you with some easiest tips in various categories, which would definitely help you, conquer the fact of controlling your periods without any side effects!

How to stop your period for a day?

How to stop your period for a day

  • This section is especially for the ones who need to delay their periods only for a day.
  • For this purpose you can rely on Gelatin. Gelatin is an amazing technique in case you are in need of postponing your periods for a day or two.
  • To draw the maximum benefit, you need to mix a whole packet of gelatin in a glass of water, drink it all at once without giving breaks.

How to stop your period from coming?

How to stop your period from coming

  • Alright, if it’s not a matter of a day or two, and you need to be active for more than a week
  • Contraceptives – Contraceptives can be in the form of pills or injections are on one of the most popular techniques to alter menstrual cycles. Contraceptives are also known as birth control pills, but can be safely used to delay periods. It can help you stop your periods for quite a long time with the condition of taking them regularly and wisely.
  • Beware! You just can opt for a random contraceptive, you will have to consult the doctor first and then you can start your dose of the prescribed pills.

How to stop your period for a day home remedies :


  • Parsley leaves: Parsley leaves are considered to be an amazing natural technique to avoid periods at unwanted timings.
  • In order to prepare parsley leaves for the purpose of avoiding periods you need to first prepare them. The preparation is super easy so would be having any difficulties. All you need to do is that you have to first get a bunch of parsley leaves from you nearest grocery store. Afterwards wash them well and add them to boiling water. Boil it for almost twenty minutes. After boiling it the water will acquire its flavor. Strain the water, and add honey to it. You can take this parsley tea for two times a day, depending on for how long you want to avoid your periods.

How to stop your period naturally:
How to stop your period naturally

  • Drink loads of water: Drinking water can also aid in delaying your periods. Especially for the ladies who do not drink enough fluids, you can get your body exposed to a number of complications by not providing it with the right amount of fluids. Therefore start by having loads of water throughout the day. You will also notice that your urine’s color will lighten which proves that your body is hydrated.
  • The right amount of water will make your periods late, and whenever they occur they will be painless and lighter!
  • Lemon to delay your periods – Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin c along with citric acid and other natural acidic properties which helps in delaying and, making your periods easy and lighter.
  • Another advantage of having lemon is that it would improvise your periods by eradicating tenderness in specific areas. All you have to do is that you have to chew it fiber slowly hand swallow the juice. Also you can add lemon juice to water and drink it.
  • NOTE: do not take lemon during your periods else it would increase your pain.

How to stop your period once it starts naturally:

  • Unfortunately ladies, there is no solution for this situation. The most you can do is use the above given remedies to delay your periods and you can also reduce your cramps and other complications but once they have started naturally there’s no stopping them.

Ending with this post, we would like to say that do not practice anything about which you are not sure about.  Merely internet is not enough to know about a particular solution.

You need to consult a physician before using any new products. Our advice to all women out there -> you really can’t take much risk as the reproductive systems health can be really fragile.

Take care!

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