How to Read a Ruler Marking – Basic Measurement??

Hi Brainy Heads..!! In this article we will learn about How to read a ruler markings. Learning to read a ruler is an extremely simple task. By the time you will finish this post you will be expert in it provided you will follow it sincerely.

In Earlier days people used to call it ruler. In dictionary both rule and ruler share the privilege of same meaning. You can use whatever you want to according to your convenient, for this article i will use ruler. Now let us begin our journey of reading i will cover all types of rulers along with methodologies involved to read the respective rulers.

How to Read a Ruler in Metric Ruler:

It is quite easy to deal with metric rulers. It only deals with the easy concepts of centimeters and millimeters. The only concept used in reading this type of scale is the conversion of centimeter to millimeter. This conversion relationship is as follows:
How to Read a Ruler Marking metric ruler

 1 centimeter= 10 millimeter

Now let us take a look at this metric ruler. Here big lines denote the centimeter lines and the small lines denote millimeter lines. Since 1 millimeter is 1/10th of a centimeter so if you will measure five big lines and after that two small lines then it is equivalent to 5.2. You can also go through this YouTube video for its tutorial.

How to Read a Ruler in English Ruler:

Now coming to English ruler is a bit difficult to read. All the calculations involve in it deals with the fractions and fractions are something which we are not much comfortable with. It comes with two markings. One is with 8 markings and other one is with 16 markings. In first one every mark is 1/8th of an inch and in the second one every mark is 1/16th of an inch. The first smallest mark with two big lines is ½. The next is 1/4. Then it is 1/8 and then 1/16.

How to Read a Ruler Marking english ruler

While reading the ruler first mark down the whole inch and then mark down the fractions. Then combine both of these to get the exact reading. Also while converting it into calculation you need to separate out the fraction part from the whole part. For illustration if you have 3/2 as a reading then write it like 1+1/2.

Also you can go through this YouTube video to learn more about reading English ruler:

So guys hope you have enjoyed learning How to read a ruler. I will come back with more different topics..The only way to get an edge of it is keep practicing of what you have learnt. So till then Keep Practicing..Happy Learning!!

Loves to write and keen learner to approaches follow.

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