How To Make Holidaying In Jamaica More Fun

When you are traveling to Jamaica, you should plan to visit amazing locations, have fun activities to do with the family, and enjoy the sights that dot this beautiful island. You can travel to Jamaica with a full itinerary that will help everyone have a good time, and you could pay for some of your activities ahead of time. Continue reading to learn how to create the best vacation experience in Jamaica.

Head To Montego Bay

Montego Bay is the most popular resort location in Jamaica. This town hosts several resorts that will help you have a good time, and you can charter a boat for fishing, sun on the beach, or shop in the many shops around town. You could go to an all-inclusive resort that gives you everything you need, or you might want to try a resort on a busy beach that allows you to meet new people.

The Bob Marley Museum

If you are coming to Jamaica, you should visit the Bob Marley Museum to learn about this island’s most important citizen. This museum is a great way for you to learn about Bob Marley’s influence in the world of music and even politics. He is an icon from this island that you will come to love after seeing the museum for yourself.

Visit Kingston

Kingston is the capitol, and it has a number of resorts that sit down by the beach. Plus, the capitol has a posh shopping district, five-star restaurants, and local food carts on every corner. Coming to Kingston is a bit like visiting a big city, but this city is not overcrowded. You can truly enjoy the capitol as part of your tour of the island.


You can head to the west coast of the island and the resort town of Négrillon. Négrillon has many different amazing resorts that you will love. You can stay on this side of the island because it keeps you away from some of the normal tourist traps. Plus, you can stay in some private resorts that offer quiet villas with beach access.

Charter A Fishing Boat

When you want to go fishing for the day, you can charter a fishing boat that will take you a few miles from the coast. The fishing boat captain can rent you all the gear that you need for fishing, and you can cook the fish you catch in your villa that very same night.

Figure out how to send money to Jamaica before your trip starts so that you can pay the charter boat captain and rent your gear. Everything will be taken care of when you get there, and you will not need to worry about paying for your experiences when you get there.

Schedule Some Surfing Lessons

You can schedule some surfing lessons with your family, and you could spend some time on the waves off Montego Bay. This is also a popular celebrity attraction where you might see famous people from movies and TV. Learning how to surf in Jamaica is an experience that your family will not forget.


When you are taking a holiday in Jamaica, you should plan all the experiences above. You can stay in an amazing resort in one of the largest cities on the island, and you can go fishing, learn how to surf, and learn about Bob Marley in his own museum. These experiences are an exciting way to see the whole of the island, and you will want to come back every year to try something new. You can catch more fish, enjoy a private resort, and roam the streets of this island’s largest cities.

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