How to Lose Weight Fast : 15 Tips and Weight Loss Diet Plan

Overweight is something which none of us want to have. You cannot lose weight in a day, it’s not a piece of cake. But with a healthy diet, exercise and routine schedule, you can transform yourself as a fit and fine person.

Losing weight is hard but that does not mean that you will not be able to achieve it. There are many people who freak out when they tend to gain weight. In fact, one in every 5 people all over the world is searching for the answer to the same question as you do.

Why do you gain weight?

Weight gain can occur due to multiple factors. Some might be due to the choice of leading your own life while others can be due to extreme conditions inside the body. There are many people in the world who are so overweight that they are completely bedridden. Some of the normal factors of weight gain are –

  • Obesity
  • Genetical Obesity
  • Eating too much junk food
  • Excessive intake of carbonated drinks
  • Insulin
  • Intake of certain medications
  • Improper bowel movements
  • Leptin Resistance
  • Thyroid
  • Lack of physical exercise and so on.

It is very important for you to understand that as per your age you have to maintain the BMI weight. Body Mass Index is important to make you understand whether you are getting overweight or not. Though this you will be able to categorize the weights for every age and how can you lose weight to relieve yourself from severe health problems.

The best ways to lose weight

how to lose weight

Different experts will say different words if you ask this question. The best and the most common answers are –

  • Walk in the morning or evening (whenever you find it is suitable)
  • Work out more
  • Control the carbohydrate-based diet
  • Depend on the protein-based diet
  • Talk to the doctors for any health-related issues
  • Dependency on a fiber-based diet may help you
  • Eat whole or single-ingredient foods
  • Drink more water (to keep yourself hydrated properly)

Some of these suggestions would certainly work but you should know that the effectiveness of these suggestions is also based on some specific factors. To be more precise, let’s delve into 15 most common ways of losing weight easily.

How to lose weight fast – Top 15 ways

how to lose weight

1. Do not skip your meals 

Skipping meals will bore you no fruits in losing weight. Rather it will affect the physical and mental condition of your body. When you tend to skip meals, it is normal that you will be eating more once you start having a certain food which might not turn out to be healthy enough.

2. Avoid Alchohol

Cheat days are always okay. But grabbing a drink right after you work is a big no-no. Alcohol especially beer is filled with calories and fat which tends to ruin your healthy lifestyle. Not only this, drinking too much alcohol will not only affect your stomach but will increase the chances of growing paunch and weight gains.

3. Do Aerobic Exercise

best way to lose weight

Performing cardio at least for 30 minutes a day is going to bore your great results. Aerobic exercises are known to be one of the easiest ways of shedding excess weight as well as losing belly fat. Fats near your belly areas and other organs of your body will tend to make you lethargic which in turn can affect your health. Performing 30 mins of cardio every day can help in losing weight easily.

4. Take the stairs

Whether you are going for work or somewhere else, skip the plan of taking the elevator. Use the stairs to reach your destination. Studies prove that if you are using the stair for at least 8 to 10 times a day, there are chances of you to lose weight easily. The Centres for Disease Control quote that taking the stairs for a minimum of 10 minutes can be as effective as losing 10 pounds in a day.

5. Go jogging every day

best way to lose weight

One of the best ways to lose weight naturally is to opt for jogging every day. 30 to 45 minutes of jogging will help in the formation of sweat which results in fat loss. This means every day if you start jogging you will be able to lose weight fast up to 300 calories a day.

6. Skip prepared food

The most important mantra of weight loss is that you have to lessen the intake of sugar. And that could be possible by skipping prepared or packaged food. If you are still looking forward to purchasing prepared food, hunt for the alternatives like salad dressing, ketchup, mayonnaise which has less content of sugar in it.

7. Do not sleep right after your meal

This is one of the worst habits of sleeping or laying down just after having your meal. After having your meal, at least for 2 hours, you should not make an effort to sleep. Start walking before your meal and eat the right amount required for your body. Before going to bed, perform certain yoga therapies that make an effective result in weight loss naturally.

8. The aim of taking 1000 steps per day

To keep a track of such a record is tough. But if you want to obtain natural weight loss then take up the step tracker or download similar apps on your mobile phone and get going. Try t increase the steps with every passing day which will result in shedding your weight.

9. Eat Home Made Food

Homemade food always tends to be healthy. You tend to eat more than two in larger plates when you are outside or dining out in a restaurant. On the other hand, when you are at home, you will be able to assess the right amount of food that you should intake and eat healthy which will help in your natural weight loss.

10. Work on your abs

People who tend to go to the gym are always heading for the transformation of their body. But in case if you are unable to work out in the gym, you can start exercising at home. The most basic part of weight loss is to burn fat as well as shedding your belly fat. In order to do the same, there are several online pages that you can follow as well as there are online apps which you can follow and workout on your abs to lose weight naturally.

11. Smash the morning allergy

After the workout and a whole tiring day, a proper 8 hours of sleep. And for that, you need to follow a proper diet. If you are aloof to lose weight fast, the first and most important thing is to be a morning person. Losing weight becomes easier when you start your day early with exercise or yoga or running anything that will let you shed your sweat. This means you will be in a proactive state rather than being reactive.

12. Flush out the C.R.A.P from your life

C.R.A.P stands for, Carbonated Drinks, Refined Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners and Processed Food. To lose weight fast, this is the first thing that you need to kick out of your pantry. The C.R.A.P tends to be a disaster in your weight loss mantra. Intake of such chemicals tend to make your body fluffy, depressed, increases more insulin as well as leads to diseases. Thus to avoid that switch yourself with other alternation.

13. Use Smaller bowls and plates

best way to lose weight

Another way to naturally shed weight is to switch to smaller plates and bowls. Wondering why? Well, when you flatware is smaller, the food quantity to tends to be smaller. At times you see a larger quantity of food in a big plate and you feel like relishing it all. In this case, this won’t be happening. Intake of food to maintain your BMI weight is important and is one of the most important mantras of weight loss.

14. Opt for a 30 days challenge

This weight loss challenge has been trending on most of the social media platforms. There are fitness fanatics who are looking forward to throwing a 30 days fitness challenge where you tend to follow their routine and view the change in your lifestyle. The first week might be quite tough for you but gradually, you will be able to notice the change by yourself in this natural weight loss formula.

15. Follow and implement online fitness programs

There are many fitness packages that you will be able to receive by the fitness experts online. Instagram and Youtube is one such platform where you will be able to know more about your body and what are the techniques and how should you maintain your lifestyle to lose weight naturally and keep yourself healthy and fit.

Some Simple weight loss exercise

1. Lunges

weight loss exercise

Plain jane forward lunge is one of the most effective exercises for weight loss. This works on multiple muscles that result in huge calorie burn and sheds weight.

– Stand straight with hip wide apart. Place your hands near your hips.

– Lower your body, straighten your spine and bend to the 90 degrees with your left leg forward.

– Hold it, then come back to repeat the same with your right leg.

– Repeat the process 10 times on each leg and continue till 4 sets.

2. Plank

weight loss exercise

Plank is another most effective exercise which helps in tightening of muscles as well as increases the strength in your body. Known as one of the most effective weight loss exercises, if you can do Plan every day for 30 seconds to 1 minute, it is highly effective for shedding weight easily.

-Rest your body on your elbow and lie down on the tip of your knees

– Make sure your body is straight enough especially your spines.

– Rest in that position for nearly 30 seconds. If you cannot do that start off with 15 secs and slowly increase.

3. Squats

weight loss exercise

Mostly effective for your legs and your lower body, performing squats on a regular basis will showcase effective results of weight loss.

– Stand straight and widen your legs at a one hand distance.

– Make sure the feet are straight and not in a shape of V.

– Perform the situps slowly making sure that you do not bend your spinal cord.

– Repeat the process 10 times for every 3 sets.

4. Double Jump

weight loss exercise

Modification of traditional squat jumps increases the chances of weight loss fast. The movement will tend to increase your heart rate. In the first days, you will be able to feel the pain in your legs, abs, and butt. But slowly it will help in your fitness goal and will also showcase effective results for losing weight.

– Perform deep squats and then jump.

– Land in a position of lunges and perform the same.

– Continue the process 10 times in 3 sets every day to see the effective results.

5. Mountain Climbers

weight loss exercise

One of the most amazing ways to burn fat, mountain climbers can be performed with the help of bands as well as without the support. The motion of the legs targets on the legs, abs and butt muscles.

– Get in a position of the plank but this time get the entire support of your body on your palms.

– Bring your right and left knee forward alternatively towards your chest.

– Repeat the process for 1 minute or 30 secs and perform it for 3 sets.

6. Twist

weight loss exercise

Another effective exercise for losing weight for the entire body. During the first days, there might be a pain in the abs but gradually you will be ok with it.

– Stand Straight.

– Get on your toes and start twisting on your hips

– To control the posture to move your hands simultaneously.

– Continue doing it for 30 seconds for 3 sets.

Weight loss meal plan

how to lose weight

The best diet to lose weight

1. Have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you want to lose weight, it is important to keep in mind that you should never skip your breakfast. It should be heavy and healthy for your body.

Food to intake during breakfast

  •  – Oats with Banana, flax seeds, and berries. Along with that, you can also have fruit juice.
  • – 2 Pieces of brown bread, one egg, cucumber, dates, coffee or green tea.
  • – Oatmeal with fresh or frozen fruit
  • – You can also have yogurt, peanut butter, and eggs.

2. Drink Plenty of water

Weight loss meal plan

Another most important intake to shed weight is to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Drinking water not only clears the functioning of your digestive tract but also flushes out the toxins from your body.

3. Have Green Tea

best way to lose weight

Green Tea has an oxidizing ingredient which highly supports weight loss. So, if you are planning to lose weight, rather than having sugar intake, switch to green tea without sugar.

4. Detox Water

weight loss diet

Post workout, detox water is something that is highly beneficial for your body as it helps in weight loss. There are several detox water recipes that you can try from. Water remains the constant part of the detox water along with then you can mix up any fruits or other ingredients.

How to make detox water for weight loss –

  •  – Squeeze fresh lime juice and concentrate with normal water.
  • – Put some freshly picked mint leaves.
  • – Add some ice cubes and you are good to go.
  • Apart from lime detox water, you can also try watermelon, raspberries, as well as orange.

5. Eat a lot of veggies

Rather than having a heavy lunch with rice or chapati. Include loads of green vegetables and salads in your diet. Rich in protein and vitamin, intake of veggies has the power to make your skin glow as well as help you in losing weight easily.

What can you have for lunch to lose weight?

  •  – For the salad, you can have cucumber, lettuce, onions, tomatoes.
  • – Mix 2 cups of mixed greens that can include broccoli, beans, leafy green veggies
  •  – Along with that, you can have one cup of dal (if required)
  • – You can mix the veggies and boil it or simply have the vegetable stew.

6. Snacks

If you are hungry in between your work or during the evening, rather than having outside and unhealthy food switch it with fruits and nuts. Fruits and nuts have the capacity to lessen your hunger pang and helps in the weight loss formula.

7. Drink fresh fruit juice rather than packaged ones

Packaged fruit juices have too much of sugary substance which is not good for your body. Rather you should intake fresh fruits that will not only be healthy for your body but also help in shedding weight. Some of the best fruits for weight loss are –

  •  – Banana
  • – Watermelon
  • – Grapes
  • – Apple
  • – Orange

8. Dessert

We are not saying that you are not allowed to have desserts. But then there is an alternative to what you will love. You can have fruit custard or frozen greek yogurt which is highly helpful in losing weight.


Losing weight is not that easy. You need to work hard to achieve the desired results. We understand at the time you might have the craving of having something but not always. So a cheat day once a month will not affect your body that bad unless you are into healthy eating and proper scheduled diet plans.

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