How to Keep Track of Your House Keys When Traveling

Traveling reduces stress, boosts creativity, increases happiness, and can even help you live longer. In fact, men who don’t travel annually show a 30% greater risk of heart disease than those who do.

However, nothing is more stressful than realizing you’ve misplaced something important while on vacation. After all, what can be worse than getting off the airplane only to realize that you can’t find your keys anywhere?

House Keys When Traveling

Luckily, there are a few easy ways to keep track of your house keys (and everything else) while on vacation.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to learn our top tips for staying organized while traveling.

Keeping Your House Keys Safe and Sound

Your keys are one of the most important items you have, so it’s vital that you know where they are at all times. The tips below will help ensure that they don’t get left behind or lost.

Leave Them at Home

The easiest way to ensure your keys are safe and sound is to just leave them at home. If you’re traveling with your family or roommates, you only need one set of keys. So, everyone else in the house should be sure to leave them on the counter or on key hooks.

Leave Them in the Hotel

So, what do you do when you’re the one who has to bring keys on vacation? You may feel the need to leave them in your purse or pocket to keep them safe.

However, this is an easy way to lose them. They could fall out of your pocket or you may even take them out and forget them somewhere. If this happens, you’ll have to learn more about locksmiths during your vacation and make an appointment with one just to get in your house.

Instead, the best plan is to just leave them in the hotel.

Give Them a Special Compartment

Unfortunately, your keys can still get lost, even if you keep them in your hotel room. While you’ll have a better chance of finding them here, you’ll still have to spend your precious vacation time searching through drawers, suitcases, and cabinets.

That’s why your keys should have a special compartment in your luggage. This way, you always know where they are. Other important things, like your passport and extra cash, should also be kept here.

Get a Key Finder

If you’re prone to losing your keys both on vacation and at home, you can’t go wrong with a key finder. These work by placing a tracking device on your keyring and using a special remote to locate them. However, there are newer models that use an app on your phone, so you won’t have to worry about keeping track of the separate remote.

These typically have a rather short range, though, so if you lose your keys outside of your home or hotel room, it may not work.

Keeping Track of Everything Else

Although your keys are one of the most important things to keep track of, you don’t want to lose anything when you travel. By following the below tips, you can ensure that you leave with everything you came with.

Do Room Sweeps

When your vacation is coming to an end, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to pack. Preferably, you’d want to pack almost everything the night before and then pack your toiletries and anything else you need to get ready the next morning.

Make sure you leave time for a final room sweep when this is done. Open up all the drawers and cabinets in your hotel room, check under the bed, and look in the bathroom. Ask everyone to do the same to double and triple check that nothing is being left behind.

Avoid Setting Things Down

One of the quickest ways to lose something is to set it down somewhere and walk away. To avoid this, make sure you keep everything on you or in a designated spot.

For example, instead of setting your sunglasses down by the side of the pool, keep them on your head or use a strap to keep them around your neck. You could also place them on your towel or in your bag.

If you use your phone while you’re at a restaurant, make sure you put it back in your pocket as soon as you’re done with it. Before you leave the restaurant, pool, or beach, consider doing a sweep of your area to ensure you have everything.

Stay Organized

Does your hotel room end up looking like a tornado ran through it halfway through your vacation? It’ll be even harder to keep track of things when they’re scattered across the room.

Instead, make sure you’re staying as organized as possible. Keep your clean clothes in your suitcase or organized in drawers. Your dirty clothes should be kept in a specific pile on the floor or in a travel laundry bag.

Shoes, jewelry, and any other miscellaneous items should have a home too. Consider keeping small things in a specific pocket in your suitcase and larger things in the same area of the room. For example, you may line your shoes up against the wall next to your bed, keep your phone charger in the outlet next to your bed and anything else you need on your bedside table.

Keeping Track of Your Belongings While Traveling

Don’t risk leaving something important behind. Instead, follow the above tips to help you keep track of your house keys, passport, clothes, jewelry, and everything else.

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