How to Get Rid of Your Used Items


    Yeah! You are changing your house. You are shifting to a better place next month. That’s really happy news. But is there everything happy about moving? Well, most of the things being on the positive side, there’s a negative aspect as well. You need to get away with the used stuffs.

    There are two things that you can do with the used items –

    1. Throw them in the bin
    2. Use them in a productive way so that you gain something from it

    Well, the second option sounds better. Another bitter aspect of moving is that you have to clean the house.

    Chalk out a plan

    Before you land into throwing all items, it is better that you plan out first. In the very first stage, you have to determine what the things to be sold are. The selling can either be online or by conducting a garage sale. Else, you can generously give away some things to the poor and the needy. Sometimes, some people like to donate things to the charity houses as well. It is good to see somebody else getting benefitted from your things. However, this decision is entirely your discretion.

    After you have allotted the items for donation, ensure that those things are usable. They have to be in good condition and clean as well. Next, list down all your belongings and decide where you want to take those items.

    Given below is a list of items along with the names of places where you can allot them:

    1. Clothes, bedding, furniture, kitchen supplies and toys

    • Consignment shop

    Generally, the consignment shops specialize in vintage clothes. You can sell out your clothes here at a certain percentage of discounts. Make sure that the clothes that you sell here are worn by you few times and are in absolute good condition. These shops either pay you only after your items are sold or offer you a handful of cash right at the time sell your belongings.

    • Thrift shops and non-profit stores

    This is inclusive of charities or non-profit organizations who serve the community at large. These organizations work with the local NGOs and help people with proper clothing.

    • Shelters and support agencies

    Again, the beddings and stuff find a better place in the support groups of local agencies. Check out and study your locality to get hold of a community organization.

    2. Books, magazines and office supplies

    • Used bookstores

    Slightly worn out books can be exchanged often either for books or cash. When you are moving out, you probably do not want books in exchange. Cash is a better option. The popular magazines too can be sold out.

    • Libraries and literacy groups

    The public libraries generally do not accept used books. You can freely donate them to literacy groups. However, you can ask your librarian if he is willing to take used books.

    • Shelters and support groups

    Sharing is caring. Many shelter homes and NGOs have their own libraries. If you have to reach out to them, make sure that you get hold of them first and ask them if they are okay with used books. Seek if they are ready to pay you in exchange of used books.

    • Office supplies

    While moving out some or the other office supplies remain that are worth not selling out. Again, you can donate these items to non-profit organizations or to any charity house or to a place of your choice.

    3. Cars

    Well, selling out junk car is a big affair. There are various junk car companies where you can exchange the cars at the right price. These companies do not settle for less. You can be assured to get the right price. The cars are sold under eco-friendly environment. Everything is settled without any hassle. Further, the companies do not pressurize you to sell your car. So, you get ample time to think about it.

    4. Computers and electronic gadgets

    Just like the other items, the computers and electronic gadgets too can be sold either in any day care centers, community organizations or thrift stores.


    Follow the above strategies to get rid of your used items. In this manner, you can make moving from one house to another easy and tension free.


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