How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bite-Remedies For swelling And Scars we will discuss  How to get rid of mosquito bites?? Mosquito bites, a common problem especially during summers and monsoon time. You might not even notice at that time but it gets into notice because of the red bump at that area and also because of continuous never ending itching.

Mosquito bite

Generally mosquito bites does not harm you much. But people allergic to mosquitoes always think about how to get rid of mosquito bites fast in no time. Mosquito have a sharp pointed proboscis which is suitable for sucking fluids. The swelling and itchiness on your skin comes from an anticoagulant which is injected by the mosquito to prevent your blood from clotting, which in turn causes an allergic reaction to your skin causing rounds and red bumps.

Mosquitoes are attracted by heat, carbon dioxide and also by some scents. There are several severe problems that can cause happen due to mosquito bites.

Following are signs and symptoms associated with it:-

  • Increased itching with more irritation.
  • Rashes at the affected area.
  • Inflammation of lymph
  • Formation of red bumps later which will convert into scar.

Generally you can carry long sleeves shirts and full pants to avoid mosquito bites. But there are certain no of remedies as well which you can use to get rid of of mosquito bites. Today I will a few of those home remedies as well as medicated ointments which you can use and apply to get rid of mosquito bites and its scars.


Before using medicated ointments you consult your doctor in case you are allergic to any particular salt.

Here I have listed some of the remedies to get rid of mosquito bites and also some methods to prevent the former.

Remedies To Get Rid Of Mosquito Bite:

Wash it

Once you realize that a mosquito has bitten you wash it properly using soap and water. After that dab a little using an alcohol on a cotton

Calamine Lotion

Apply calamine lotion on the red bump it will help in reducing itching and reddish.

calamine lotion on mosquito bite

Hydrocortisone Cream

It has small amount of steroids in it which helps in reducing itching to a greater extent.

Witch hazel and underarm deodorant

Witch hazel has certain anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing red bumps. Deodorants have ammonium chloride which helps in the same.

witch hazel on mosquito bite

Take some antihistamines

Dab ice cubes on red bumps and then take some antihistamines like basil. Boil some leaves of basils and apply gently on the bites. Basil leaves will reassure the skin that foreign agent causing red bumps is not something it should fight for.

basil leaves on mosquito bite

Essential oils

Essential oils can give you instant relief provided you have chosen the right oil for you. Oils like lavender oil, tea tree oil etc. gives better relief compared to other essential as some might attract bees.

Banana peel

Wash the affected area with the hand sanitizer. Peel off a banana keep the banana aside (for later use or whatever you want to do with it) Take the banana peel and rub it on the affected area for some 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you will notice an instant relief in itching and redness.

Tenderizer powder

Mix one tablespoon of water and tenderizer powder and apply it on the affected area for instant relief. If you don’t have tenderizer powder available at your home then you can use pineapple or papaya’s pulp as its substitute.

Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish also works awesome for mosquito bite. Apply it on the affected area; let it dry for 5 minutes. Peel it off after 5 minutes. Reapply it if necessary.

nail polish on mosquito bite

Organic cedar vinegar

Apple cedar vinegar works excellent on mosquito bites. There are two ways to apply it on the mosquito bites. You can apply it either in liquid form or in paste form. For liquid form mix it with warm water, soak it in cotton ball and apply on the affected area.

For paste form mix it with corn flour. Apply it on the bites, allow it to dry and wash it off.         You will get instant relief from itching and it will also help in reducing hives.

Cold Tea bags

Dab cold tea bags on the bites you will get instant relief from itching.


Make a paste of oatmeal along with Luke warm water. Apply it on the affected area. It will relieve you from itching and swelling

oatmeal on mosquito bites


Dab a small drop of honey on the affected area. It helps in reducing itching.

Aloe Vera Gel

Apply a little of aloe Vera gel. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing swelling and hives.

aloe vera gel on mosquito bite

Baking soda

Make a paste of baking soda just like the oatmeal paste. Add equal amount of water and baking soda. Apply it like a paste on the bites. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Preparation H

This is an ointment for mosquito bite. Try it on the affected area before sleeping. It helps in reducing swelling and itching.

preparation h on mosquito bite


Make a paste of aspirin with water. Apply this paste on the mosquito bite. It is well known for giving instant relief.

Clay with vinegar

Mix a paste of clay with a few drops of vinegar. Dab it on the bites. Allow it to dry for some time than wash it off. Apply it till it disappears. After some time you will notice that the mosquito bites are gone.

Lemon Juice

Cut lemon juice in two equal halves. Rub the juicy part on the affected area or you can also apply lemon juice on it and allow it to dry for some time or you can also make a paste of lemon juice along with basil leaves and use it as a paste for the bites.

Garlic or onion

Apply onion or garlic directly on the hives. Leave it as it is for some time and wash it off. It help in reducing hives

garlic and onion on mosquito bite


Make a paste of table salt along with a few drops of water and apply it. Or if you live near a beach than directly take a bath or go swimming in the natural salt of water.

Now I will tell you how you can prevent mosquito bites:

  • Avoid standing water in your locality so that mosquitoes have no place to lay eggs and reproduce fast and if there is any ask municipality people or your local sweeper to clean it.

standing water

  • Repair holes in windows and doors to avoid their entry in your house.
  • Try a daily dosage of vitamin B1 capsule as it will change your body odor which will reduce your chances to attract mosquitoes.
  • During evening, morning and going out try wearing full clothes to cover you completely.

full clothes for mosquito bites

  • Go for a regular pest control in your house to avoid mosquitoes and other infections completely.

So here I have told you everything about getting rid of mosquito bites and also about how to prevent it. Hope you have enjoyed it. Do not let mosquitoes destroy your beauty and your precious outing with your family. Try these remedies if you have any, it will surely help you. Share your experiences with these remedies or any other effective remedy you have experienced before. You are important for us..!!♥♥♥♥

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