How to Get Rid of Freckles to Have Spotless and Youthful Skin

Light brown spots on the face especially on the nose, in and around the temple of the face really make the appearance of any individual too ugly. All of you want to have a spot-free face with no marks. But there are some factors that can lead to such spots on the face. To be precise we are talking about the freckles. Hence, today we will highlight all the valid facts related to freckles causes, symptoms, and how to get rid of freckles. So stay tuned to catch up on this information at once.

Some facts about the freckles

  • If you want to know whether freckles are harmless or not then note that, it is completely harmless. And it will not affect the skin much.
  • However, at times skin cancer may be confused with the freckles in that a serious observation is required.
  • Remember when the pigmented spots are one or more than one and are uncertain, then the individual needs to see the dermatologist at the earliest.
  • Fair complexioned people need to be very careful, as the tendency of freckles is more on their skin. Freckles easily develop on the skin with darker melanin content.
  • Additionally, when there is an increment in the number of pigmented cells known as the melanocytes, it also contributes to the growth of the freckles as well.

It is not that only elders get the freckles children of 1 to 2 years of age can also have freckles.

As said earlier that the freckles are light brown but besides that freckles may also appear in tan yellow or reddish in color.

The freckles tend to escalate during the winter months.

What causes freckles on face?

Well, there are a few couples of causes, which contribute to the development of freckles. They are discussed in the below bullets below:

Exposure to the sun

Sun is one of the main culprits that can lead to freckles. The more you are open to the sun, the more chances you have for getting the freckles. Whenever it occurs takes place over the large segment of the skin area. During the months of summer, it gets darker. Now, remember those parts of the body that are exposed to the sun like face, hand, arms, neck, back they have more freckles.

Gene of the individual

You should note that the gene of the individual also plays a central part in causing the freckles. As discussed earlier that the darker type of melanin is responsible for the freckles. In this regard, remember that two different types of melanin are generated in the body. One is called the pheomelanin while the other one is the eumelanin. But people with white skin, red hair have more amount of pheumelanin which triggers the freckles. The final note is that what type of melanin your body will produce will actually depend on the gene of the body called the MC1R.

Highlight on the types of freckles

Here we will discuss all the different types of freckles:


These freckles range in size from1 mm to 2 mm and are flat in appearance. These kinds of freckles are common in fair-complexioned people. Mostly appear during the months of the summer.


It is deciphered from the Latin word known as the Lentil. Now medically this term denotes the pigmented spots that are larger in appearance. Note that this type of freckles is rare and they don’t fade away during the winter months. You can also reckon this as solar lentigo.

Will the freckles ever disappear?

Honestly, it is worrying and heart wrenching when you see that beautiful face full of freckles. Many times you end up asking the same question that whether freckles would go away or remain with you forever. Freckles would never stay with you forever especially if that belongs to the normal type of the freckles category. It is because these freckles just disappear with age. However, the case is completely different from the lentigo freckles as they are rare and will escalate more with the age.

But yes, definitely you can try a bit hard to keep the freckles under control. You can try some home remedies which will tell you how to get rid of the freckles. If you don’t get that satisfactory level you can also knock the door of the professionals as well. But in any way you need to keep that patience as and always.

How to get rid of freckles on face naturally?

No need to get frustrated any more as we are here with some of the best natural remedies for freckles. That will give the answer to the question of how to get rid of freckles.

Use of aloe vera

Aloe vera has been considered as an age-old staple recipe for treating the freckles. A kind of component called Aloesin present in the aloe vera is much responsible for clearing out the freckles from the skin. Just pluck the aloe vera leaves and extract the juice from there and then simply use the juice on the affected areas. Leave the juice for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Add lemon juice

When you search for how to get rid of freckles remember this organic kitchen ingredient can just do wonder. Just squeeze the lemon juice and apply it slowly on the freckled areas. If you don’t want to apply it directly you can add a few drops of water as well. Lemon has a lightning agent that minimizes the mark of the freckles on the face.

Use almond oil

Vitamin E and A enriched almond oils also play an important role in reducing the freckle marks as well. Besides reducing the freckles, it also provides ample nourishment to the skin as well. Just apply it in the face for a span of 1 hour and then remove it warm water.

Banana mask

Banana also plays an important role in treating freckles.  Now you may wonder how does banana work so flawlessly. It is because banana consists of vitamin C and A. And these elements help to reduce the marks.


As we are talking about how to get rid of freckles? Then how can we forget about the natural remedies and pertaining to that turmeric is the most essential ingredient. Turmeric actually prevents the intervention of melanogenesis. Finally reducing the spots when used in a routine manner. If you want you can even add the honey to the turmeric powder as well.


Curd has lots of privileges definitely when consumed it boosts the digestive system. On the other hand when applied topically also it works very deeply on the freckles. It is because of the presence of lactic acid. On top of that, it also prevents the interference of the tyrosinase and puts a check on the hyperpigmentation.

Application of essential oil

Essential oils have always turned out wonderful when it comes to skin treatment. Like you can consider the Pomelo oil it is a type of essential oil. It is enriched with anti melanogenic properties which minimize the distribution of the melanin on the skin. Therefore it works the best on the freckles. In addition to that, it also has the presence of antioxidant factors that is also quite necessary in protecting the skin from the free radicals. No need to apply in huge just add two to three drops of the oil. Make sure that you mix it with any of the carrier oil as well.

Cocoa butter

As you know that the freckles are due to the exposure in the sun, therefore if you use the cocoa butter regularly, you can see the possible difference. The presence of the bioactive components in the cocoa butter provides a kind of protection from the sun. Additionally, it minimizes the impact of sun damage as well. To use it just take a little bit in your finger and rub it gently on the freckled parts. To, see better result ensure that you apply it in the night.


When it comes to how to get rid of freckles? Obviously, the answer is nothing works more perfectly and for the long term other than the natural remedies. Therefore, eggplant can also be a consideration as well. But the point is why Eggplant? Well, note that eggplant is rich in antioxidants, phenolics, as well as vitamins. In order to apply on the face, you will have to take two slices of the eggplant, just smash it to extract the juice. Then apply the juice in a circular motion on the freckled zones. Over time, you will see that the appearance of freckles is almost gone.

Kiwi fruit

Do you know exactly that the Kiwi fruit can create a miracle on reducing the freckled spots? If not yet then know that it has flavonoids such as the quercetin that reduces the work of the tyrosinase which reduces the spots. In order to make it act effectively, you will need a full kiwi fruit. Just smash it and apply the paste on the spots.

Other treatment methods that highlight how to get rid of freckles

Application of sunscreen

When the sun is the primary cause of getting freckles, then how can you deter yourself from applying sunscreen? But keep in mind that sunscreen can’t reduce the existing one but it can provide a shield to the face and block the formation of new ones. make sure that you should apply sunscreen which is more than SPF 30.

Laser treatment

As you know that there are various types of freckles, therefore professionals resort to particularly engineered laser for treating the freckles. The most sought after in the list is the 1064 YAG laser, this is considered the best among all. It is always recommended for treating the lasers as well. Prior indulging in mass production the scientists did carry out a test and as per which they found 60% of the individual got flawless results with this particular laser treatment. You don’t have to worry about the treatment side effect as the scarring effect is quite less. However, here are some of the things that you may face like infection, redness, swelling, itching. Now it is not mandatory that you will get all of these, some may face these. But overall, the side effect is very less.

Freckles topical cream

One more thing that can always serve you to the fullest is the topical cream. Now, these creams are there in the market and are basically used to treat the scars only. You can acquire these creams either as prescribed medicine or else can also ask for the over the counter drug as well. Talking about the composition of the freckles reducing cream you will see that it has hydroquinone, which minimizes the production of melanin. In addition to that also lighten the pigmented areas as well. But at the same time, you need to be careful that with the application of the cream you may face side effects like burning, inflammation, and dryness.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is one of the recommended processes to treat the freckles on the skin. The skin peeling is famous because of the presence of the trichloroacetic acid or the glycolic acid that penetrates deeply into the central layers of the skin. This process mainly targets to remove the damaged skin. dermatologists do prescribe this method to foster the growth of fresh skin which will no doubt enhance the glow of the skin. The problem is that chemical peeling also comes with its own set of side effects as well. Like, you can see dryness, irritation of the skin, redness, swelling, crusting, swelling, etc.

Can you get rid of freckles permanently?

This is one of the most common questions, which everyone asks. Once you undergo the treatment, the chance is less to get back the freckles. But once you expose the skin to the sun and with the regular aging process, the freckles may reappear.

Final thought

Sharing the final thought on the freckles, we have reached the conclusion; freckles are harmful to the skin. However, you need to pay attention to its formation. Go for natural remedies at home otherwise; you can also seek professional treatment as well. Finally, now you know how to get rid of freckles.

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