How To Cut Open A Pomegranate & De-Seed In An Easily Way?

Most of the people are not aware of ‘How to cut a pomegranate?’ You require proper instruction and technique to cut a pomegranate. Following are the ways that will help you to cut a pomegranate without bringing out juice from it.

Pomegranate is one of the tasty and healthy fruits available in the lap of nature. You must be consuming juice extracted from this fruit or simply pomegranate fruit. But, do you know how to cut a pomegranate? Very few people know about the right procedure of cutting this fruit.  Some of you must end up with a mess while slicing it. You need to know the right tool to cut a pomegranate. According to expert chef, there is a step by step process of cutting the pomegranate.  Let us find out the steps to cut a pomegranate.

How to cut a pomegranate with a knife?

Way 1


  • Pomegranate – 1
  • Knife – 1

Step 1

Place the pomegranate over a dish or a base with the flower surface at the top. Now point a knife around the flower to cut it away. Repeat the same process at the bottom to remove the back portion of the pomegranate. Now remove the front and back portions of the pomegranate.

How to Cut a Pomegranate

Step 2

Observation– Before proceeding with the second step to cut a pomegranate you must proceed with some observations. Look at the pomegranate properly. You will find that the fruit is not totally round. You can find some ribs and ridges which are uneven. These ridges many not be of same number in all pomegranate. It will rather vary from one fruit to another. But, you will easily learn from your experience on number of ribs each pomegranate just by looking at it.

Cut a Pomegranate


  • Take a knife which you have used to remove the flower of the pomegranate
  • Sore the pomegranate around its ridges from the top till bottom in a line
  • You must cut in such a way that the skin layer is cut but not the entire fruit. Be careful in cutting the skin as if your knife pricks little more it can cut the juice and lot of juice can come out. This will make your hand totally stay in a mess.

Step 3

This is the step in cutting the pomegranate which you will enjoy. Just like a jack pot coming out of the fruit. Following are the actions you need to go through while cutting the pomegranate.

How to Cut Pomegranate

  • Keep the sore pomegranate over a dish with the portion where flower existed at the top
  • Now hold the fruit in such a way that your thumbs of two hands are placed at the top portion of pomegranate where the flower was cut
  • Now press the fruit from top with thumbs
  • You can see the side peels have become crack
  • Now pull them out one after another
  • You can see lovely dark red color pomegranate seeds inside
  • There won’t be any messy appearance with leakage of pomegranate juice from some of the seeds of the fruit.

Step 4

Now your pomegranate is almost ready to be consumed. You have cut a pomegranate and now it is just a step away from consumption. Below are the actions to be conducted.

ways to Cut Pomegranate

  • You have to use your fingers to separate the seeds from the thin while color pomegranate filament placed inside.
  • Take the seeds out one by one and keep them in a small container.
  • Now have it with a spoon and enjoy the taste of pomegranate.

Way 2 to Cut & De-Seed Pomegranate

There are several ways of removing the pomegranate seeds from the fruit. Do you know how to cut a pomegranate in much easy way? I will give you a step by step procedure related to this. This is the second most effective procedure of peeling out the pomegranate.

Ingredients required:

Pomegranate- 1

Glass bowl- medium size- 1

Knife- 1

Water- adequate to clean


Step 1

Choose a fresh pomegranate from the quantity displayed at super mall. It is better to get pomegranate that is red from outside. Now wash it with water. You can either use tap water to wash the entire pomegranate or take water in a bowl and dip the fruit to wash it. This will help you stay away from bacteria that might have affected the outer cover of the fruit.

How to Cut a Pomegranate way 2

Step 2

Now the next step is cut the pomegranate into half. Remember to cut it from the middle. You need to cut the pomegranate in such a way that the flower of the fruit at the top remains as it is. This means you are making the slice in a horizontal way.

Cut a Pomegranate way 2

Step 3

Now place the glass container and hold the pomegranate above it with your hand. You must hold it in such a way that the cut portion is place over your palm. Hold it in such a way that there are little gaps between your fingers.

Step 4

Now tale the pack portion of the knife/ hard kitchen tool etc. Now beat the top of the pomegranate where you can see the flower. Don’t do this by hitting gently as this won’t drop or de-seeds. You have to give little more pressure while beating it.

Cut a Pomegranate in way 2

Step 5

Now you can see the pomegranate is dropping on your hand and to the bowl from the middle of your fingers. You can repeat this process to make them all de-seed over the bowl. Once the one half is empty, you need to take the half of the pomegranate and go ahead with the same process.

Step 6

You can now keep the glass container inside the refrigerator and eat whenever you wish. It is better to store it inside an air tight container.

Pomegranate is really a healthy variety of fruit that is loaded with all types of nutritious element. This can make your immune system strong along with increase in RBC count in your body. This will help forming blood in your body. Since many people does not know how to cut a pomegranate, we have discussed different ways to take out the pomegranate seeds or de-seeds from it. This have been done without letter the pomegranate juice to come out from the seed. You won’t end up with a mess while cutting the pomegranate.

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