How To Choose The Best Fitting Swimsuits Based On Your Body Type?

Best Fitting Swimsuits Based On Your Body Type

Selection of the ideal swimwear based on your body type can be a troublesome affair for most. Women are of all body types and shapes, and there are plenty of verities of swimsuits out there in the market to consider. In fact, wearing the best swimsuit will make you feel invincible at the beach, look stunning on a photo shoot, and most importantly can make you more comfortable over a longer period.

Choosing The Right Swimsuit For Your Body Type

Choosing a swimsuit is not an everyday affair. However, that single day on the weekend or once in a while when you wear it can make a huge difference in your confidence level. So, always be careful while out there to purchase one to add to your wardrobe. In this article, we will cover some proactive steps in order to ensure that you buy and wear a perfectly stunning and comfortable swimsuit.

Identify Your Body Shape.

Swimwear which perfectly fit to and flatters your body is much easier to choose if you know which standard body type you have. The whole point is to ensure that you choose the swimsuit, which makes you more confident and comfortable. If you are looking for the best one piece bikinis, these are some of the best ones at Swim Outlet that will look good at the beach.

Knowing your body shape will help you pick the right pieces which are made to perfectly complement and optimize your style and comfort. The idea is not to give you another body shape but to accentuate your existing body type and present it in a perfect way. For those who are unaware of it, body shape is something visible from the front view of an individual.

It is easy to assess your body shape by yourself. Stand before a mirror, naked in private. Even underwear or shape-wear can change your look. Then closely observe your torso and check the proportions to find the actual shape.

  • Shoulders: Get someone’s help to take the measure high around the shoulders. Let the measuring tape sit around the shoulders loosely than pulling it tight.
  • Busts: Take the measurements around the across the fullest bust part around the back. You can keep the tape taut, but not hard pressed into the skin to get a perfect reading.
  • Waist: Run the tape around the smallest part of the natural waistline. It is ideally a few inches above the belly button. Don’t pull the tape tight, but just pressing.
  • Hips: Start from right below the hip bone and run the tape around the largest part of the butt. Keep the tape loose enough, but not to slip.

Write down all these measures which will help you understand your exact body shape and match these measurements while trying to purchase the best dress models. The top measures are of your hips, bust, and waist in order to figure out the top match among standard body types. Let’s explore

Swimwear For The Hourglass Body Type

Hourglass or curvy body type is deemed to be best among body shapes, which is identified with well-defined waistline with hips and bust of the same size. In typical hourglass type, the shoulders may be a bit rounded, and there will be a well-balanced appearance overall. The waistline will be clearly defined, and the overall look will be of an hourglass. Considerations to make at BabeAppeal while choosing swimsuits for hourglass type are:

  • Choose suits which will accentuate the body shape. Any swimsuits will work for this type, and you can give more emphasis to the feature you want to give a boost.
  • Look for models which will help accentuate the waist.
  • Choose color-blocked swimsuits which feature retro options.
  • Monochrome one-piece may fit exceptionally well, or you can consider a deep V-neckline too.

Pear Body Shape

Triangle or pear type body is identified with larger hips compared to busts. Pearl shape individuals may have a beautiful neck, slim arms, and shoulders.

  • Best swimsuit picks maybe those with top details to accentuate the movements.
  • Choose a fringe, ruffle, with plunging neckline.
  • It’s okay to go for some eye-catching colorful varieties.
  • Give preference to some clean-skirted type bottoms. Try to avoid extra fabric at the bottom.
  • Pear-shaped should avoid wearing any skimpy bikini-type tops, which may emphasize your bottom part.

Apple Body Shape

Those with apple body have rounder physique. There may be a lack of clear definition at the waist, and measurements may come heavier around the waist. Rounder shape will feature much wider hips and butt, which is in fact, not a negative if you choose the right swimsuit.

  • While choosing swimsuits, apple shapes may tend to hide the mid-portion with some material. The top choice is a swimsuit which may skim over the midsection than pressing it to bulge the bulk.
  • Try for optical-style bathing suits which can help lengthen the torso.
  • IT will be ideal to consider lightweight cover-ups as long sarongs or deep V-necked kaftans.
  • Try to go for concepts which provide an emphasize t the busts or the hips and legs than eyes get stuck midway.
  • Options like side printed one-piece swimsuits may also be good.

For Straight Or Rectangle Body Type

In fact, these two body types have an only minimal difference in measurements. At different parts, the difference may be 5% or lesser. With this static measurements, those who are with rectangle body shape may appear a bit bulkier and shorter than they actually are.

  • In the choice of swimwear, it is best to go for two-piece or single-piece swimsuits by choosing voluminous details like ruffles or other embellishments at the bottom and top.
  • Bikini bottoms with side tying may accentuate the waist shape.
  • While looking for a better cover up, wear a sarong too, which is wrapped loosely around the waist.
  • Advisable to avoid any bandeau tops, which will give a wider look to the chest.
  • High-cut bottoms may also help to get an overall taller look and also can give a nicer shape to the bottom part.

Going further, for inverted triangle body shape, fringe and ruffles are the most popular choice. Halter tops can also fit best to this body shape. If you feature a larger bust, then look for swimsuits which give add-on support to the cleavage. High backs and thick straps can add on more to the comfort. For small bust, look for swimsuits with extra embellishments on top like bold colors, ruffles, bows, or patterns.

In fact, choosing a perfect swimwear becomes much easier after understanding your body shape, but still, it can be a bit intimidating affair with a lot of options available. In case of confusion, you may always take the support of an expert at the shop or get some online help to choose the best options for you.


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