How many Tablespoons are in a Cup?

How many Tablespoons are in a Cup

Do You Know: How many Tablespoons are in a Cup?

Today let us learn how many tablespoons are there in a cup. There is a conversion formula which is generally used for the conversion of tablespoon in a cup. The relationship between this conversion is as follows:-

1 Cup = 16 Tablespoons (USA)

1 Cup = 24 Dessert Tablespoons (USA)

Here 1 Cup contains exactly sixteen fluid tablespoons according to USA measurement and if dessert spoons are used then it contains twenty four dessert tablespoons.

1 Cup = 14.05 Tablespoons (UK)

1 Cup = 21.11 Dessert Tablespoons (UK)

Here 1 cup contains a little greater than fourteen Tablespoons according to UK measurement and if dessert tablespoons are used then it contains approximately twenty one tablespoons

Cup is a liquid capacity or dry capacity measuring unit. In common language it used to measure volume of anything. It is generally used a measuring unit in the kitchen or in day to day things like milk, oil sugar etc. It is symbolically represented by “c”.

Note:- I have written two conversions because there is a slight difference between USA measuring system and the one used in UK. In regular day to day life, the one used in USA is common and considered as accurate.

How many Tablespoons are in a Cup

Tablespoon is another measuring unit used in kitchen to measure quantity in cooking recipes. One tablespoon is approximately equal to 0.5 of fluid ounces. Symbolically, it is represented by “tbsp.” or “tbs”.

For more information you can watch the video given below:-

Following Table is given with some conversions to directly help you with the conversion of tablespoons in a cup. Here, in the illustration table conversions are dome using USA normal tablespoon size method as it is the most regular one used in the day to day conversions.

Illustration Table (USA Standard)

1/443 + 3/4607 + 1/4116
1/284647 + 1/2120
3/4124 + 1/4687 + 3/4124
1164 + 1/2728128
1 + 1/4204 + 3/4768 + 1/4132
1 + 1/2245808 + 1/2136
1 + 3/4285 + 1/4848 + 3/4140
2325 + 1/2889144
2 + 1/4365 + 3/4929 + 1/4148
2 + 1/2406969 + 1/2152
2 + 3/4446 + 1/41009 + 3/4156
3486 + 1/210410160
3 + 1/4526 + 3/4108
3 + 1/2567112


So I hope you have liked the post and your purpose of reading this post has been served. If you have any difficulty in solving any of the conversion of how many tablespoons in a cup then please share it with me in the comment below. Till then.. Happy Learning!!


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