How Many Ounce in a Quart?


Quart is the unit used to measure liquid capacity or volume. For converting ounce into quart we use a converter multiplier.

How Many Ounce in a Quart

The formula for converting fluid ounce into quart is as follows:-

1 Quart = 32 ounce (According to USA)

That means there are thirty two ounce present in one quart according to USA fluid ounce.

1 Quart = 40 ounce (According to UK)

It means there are forty ounce in one quart according to UK fluid ounce.

How many ounce in a Quart


Note:-Here I have given two conversions first one is according to fluid ounce which is popular in USA and another one is fluid ounce popular in UK. You can use the standard use in USA for your regular purpose as it is quite common.

Quart is a unit of measurement of volume. It considered approximately equal to liter. It is denoted by “qt”.

Fluid ounce is the unit to measure the volume. Do not confuse it with the ounce which is the unit used to measure mass or weight. Fluid ounce is symbolically represented by “floz”.

For more information on this conversion check the video below:-

For your convenience I am writing a table for some popular illustrations of ounce to quart.

Illustration Table (USA, Fluid Ounce)

QuartFluid Ounce QuartFluid Ounce QuartFluid Ounce
132 floz19608 floz1003200 floz
264 floz20640 floz2006400 floz
396 floz21672 floz2508000 floz
4128 floz22704 floz3009600 floz
5160 floz23736 floz35011200 floz
6192 floz24768 floz40012800 floz
7224 floz25800 floz45014400 floz
8256 floz26832 floz50016000 floz
9288 floz27864 floz55017600 floz
10320 floz28896 floz60019200 floz
11352 floz29928 floz65020800 floz
12384 floz30960 floz70022400 floz
13416 floz401280 floz75024000 floz
14448 floz501600 floz80025600 floz
15480 floz601920 floz85027200 floz
16512 floz702240 floz90028800 floz
17544 floz802560 floz95030400 floz
18576 floz902880 floz100032000 floz

So I hope you have liked the post and have learned from it. If you have any difficulty in solving any of the conversion of ounce to quart then please share it with me in the comment below. Till then..Happy Learning!!

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