How Many Calories In An Avocado: Substitute For Fat Foods

How Many Calories In An Avocado

How Many Calories In An AvocadoAvocado is considered to be a healthy food which is mainly cultivated in the tropical atmosphere and in Mediterranean climates. It has a green colored covering with a fleshy body. But its shape differs. Sometimes it may be egg-shaped whereas few times it turns out to be spherical. However, there are several reasons owing which avocados are cultivated on an extensive scale. The avocado tree is self-pollinating tree due to which the cultivation has enhanced these days. However, the question still remains why people prefer to consume avocado. People prefer consuming foods that have reduced or no high saturated fat. It is recommended to have food with low calories as it aids in attaining a healthy and fit body. This article explains how many calories in an avocado is present.

How Much Calorie Is Present In An Avocado?

How Much Calorie Is Present In An Avocado

100 gm of avocado is known to have 160 calories. Avocado is thus counted to be the right substituent for that food that contains a huge amount of saturated fat. It is due to the presence of mono and polyunsaturated fat contents, it is counted to be a substitute for heavy saturated fatty foods.

Avocados are also known to consist of 20 different kinds of vitamins, minerals, and some plant compounds. So, it is a prerequisite that it should be taken as an essential part of daily food chart with an eye to maintaining the right nutrition balance.

To know how many calories in an avocado is present, you can look below:

369 calories

4.6g of Protein

19.62 g of Carbohydrate

1166 mg of Potassium

23.o mg of vitamin C

176 mg Beta-sitosterol

0 mg Cholesterol

Total Calories Present In An Avocado:

Total Calories Present In An Avocado

There are Avocado of different size which includes small, medium and large. The amount of calorie differs depending on the size of avocados. If you consider the avocado nutrition value label, it can be said that one small size avocado is known to be similar to 1 ounce. And if you are starting with a medium sized avocado, you are going to have a total of 5 servings or 5 ounces. That is why half of a medium avocado has approximately 2.5 servings.

Avocado, A Nutrient Dense Food:

A food is considered to be an integral part of a balanced diet when it has a good amount of vitamins and other necessary nutrients with sufficient calories. One-fifth of a medium avocado can provide 50 calories and besides this, it contains around 20 important vitamins and minerals too. Thus we can consider Avocado to be a nutrient dense food.

Can We Call Avocado A Healthy Food?

A food that contains a low amount of fat and evolves a body of scientific evidence, supporting health benefits is considered to be a healthy food. And if you look at the nutrients present in an avocado, you will come to a conclusion that it is  one of the most healthy foods that helps you to maintain healthy nutrients balance. It also contains Potassium which is an electrolyte. During sweating the body tends to lose electrolytes. So it can be considered as the fundamental way to restore the electrolytes. In addition to that, this potassium also assists in building muscles.

Avocado And Belly Fat:

Avocado calories And Belly Fat

Eating healthy food helps us to reduce belly fat to a great extent. Avocado is a good food that helps us to reduce belly fat as it replaces saturated fats with unsaturated fats. Also, it is a nutrient dense food. So avocado can easily be introduced into a diet, meant for reducing calories.

So hope everyone finds this article useful to understand how many calories is in an avocado.


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