How Many Calories In A Banana: Your Banana Calorie Counter!

How many calories in a banana so you might have gained some unwanted weight, which might be making you feel ugly and off course might be lowering your confidence. You hunted every possible page on the internet and maybe some clinics too. After the huge hunt what you concluded was to ignore a carbohydrate rich food and start surviving on proteins, in short go on dieting!!!

How Many Calories In A Banana

Well the idea of dieting didn’t work out well for you as you got confused when you were suggested to have bananas as a part of your dieting plan.

So below we have jotted down every possible measure of a banana when consumed in various forms like how many calories in a banana, milkshake, without skin, split, muffin, and bread. Stay tuned to learn more!

How Many Calories In A Banana:

  • In general you might have been told that a hundred grams of banana consists of 89-100 calories. However this is just a general idea. To have a more comprehensive outlook at its nutritional content below we have jotted the calorific value of a banana at several measurements.
  • In case of an extra-large banana which can measure around 152 grams has a calorific value of 135.
  • A large banana which weighs around 136 grams consists of a calorific value of 121.
  • A medium sized banana which weighs around 118 grams consists of a calorific value of 105.
  • A small sized banana which weighs around 100 grams consists of a calorific value of 90
  • An Extra small banana which weighs around 81 grams consists of a calorific value of 72.
  • Slices of bananas which weigh around 150 grams consists of a calorific value of 134.
  • Mashed bananas which weights around 225 grams consists of a calorific value of 200.

So this was a complete breakdown of the calorific values of a raw banana, below we would be discussing about the calorific values of banana when consumed in various other forms.

How Many Calories In A Banana Milkshake:

How Many Calories In A Banana Milkshake

  • Usually banana milkshakes are considered to be a rich source of calories, however it is just a myth! The truth is that the calorific values of a banana shakes can vary from the preparation mediums, where the ingredients used to prepare the milkshakes affects the colorific value the most.
  • An addition of banana to milk can gear up the calories however the nutrition gained from the banana milkshake is unbeatable!
  • Ice creams are considered to be another form of milkshakes where the calorific values can be different.
  • A half a cup of serving of ice cream of a premium brand can add up to 300 calories to your body, whereas the ice creams which are produced by some inferior quality brands can serve half the amount of calories.
  • Since milk is considered to whole heartedly raise the calorific value exponentially therefore the highest contributor becomes whole milk which adds to around 150 calories or maybe more when taken just a cup.
  • Now when the bananas would be added to the whole milk along with some sweeteners, you can understand what miracles it would do afterwards with those multiplied calories!

How Many Calories In A Banana Without Skin:

How Many Calories In A Banana Without Skin

  • Taking in consideration a raw banana when consumed without skin, people assume that they have consumed a protein rich food which is going to benefit their bodies without adding those annoying calories.
  • Truth is that yes you have supplied your body with nice amount of proteins, however no form of banana can ever be free from calories, and it would be the best if a brief note is made on its calorific values.
  • Starting from the minimum amount of a banana which can be taken in general that is just a 100 grams, then in this case the total amount of calories added are 95!
  • Ladies and gentlemen here we were talking about a single serve of 100 grams, the calorific values can increase exponentially!!!

How Many Calories In A Banana Split:

How Many Calories In A Banana Split

  • A split is a perfect example when it comes to a nice royal dessert!
  • A split can be prepared using chocolates, caramels, butterscotch etc. however banana being a natural ingredient is misunderstood to be a healthier ingredient, and the truth is that it adds bundles of calories to your body which you were trying to pamper from such a long time, however could not prevent it from fattening due to the cravings you could not resist!
  • We don’t wish to surprise you, however to bring to your kind notice a single banana split can result to a striking 1000 calories which amounts to around 30 grams of fat!!!
  • The most common banana split consists of three heaped scoops which can amount to 411 calories!

How Many Calories In A Banana Muffin:

How Many Calories In A Banana Muffin

  • Muffins tastes so good, when they are bitten by the lips and the sponge melts in the mouth. These yummy moments can make you feel melted for a couple of moments however the resulted effect would seriously shock you.
  • The calorie count for a banana muffin cannot be assigned static values as the brand and amount of muffins consumed along with the ingredient used to prepare the muffins can make a difference in its calorie count.
  • However if we talk about an ordinary muffin exclusively prepared at home, can make you add around 220 calories to your body! Shocking isn’t it? Well the worst is yet to come, when you adorn your delicate banana muffins with icing, chocolate chips and nuts, they add even more weight to the calories score! Only a quarter ounce of walnuts used to adorn you muffins can add an extra 50 calories!!!

How Many Calories In A Banana Bread:

How Many Calories In A Banana Bread

  • These breads tastes so good when they melt in the mouth, and why not when the best baking techniques are applied to mashed bananas the result would off course be sweeter. However the end result which is expected after the consumption of the banana breads is not the sweetest, instead it is the most bitter calorific value you ca ever count on!!
  • To bring to your surprising notice just a 60 grams of the delicious treat can add up to 200 calories! Even the proteins present in the delicious treat contribute to a whopping ten percent of a total fat produced!

So this was a complete breakdown of your calories questions you have been asking at various events.

We hope you got your answer to how many calories in a banana for various means of consumption, and now you very well as to what all should be included in your updated dietary schedule. All the best!!!

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